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Sitakot Vihara lives  is an archeological site situated on Nawabganj up in Dinajpur locale of Bangladesh. The place is privately known as the home of Sita. Through ordinary unearthings in the yrs 1968 and 1972, 1974, an old Buddhist cloister was found in the place. The cloister dates from a comparable time span to the close by Somapura Mahavihara and Halud Sitakot Vihara .


Sitakot Vihara

The cloister wannns based on a feather area from 65 meters.

On the northerly and southern sides thither was enormous open space in the limit. The external door was in the northerly side and thither were two gatekeeper rooms inside the limit. The internal passage entered to an entry lobby. The lobby is connected with religious cells. There lived 41 mobes in this cloister: 8 in the northerly wing and 11 cellulars each within the three different wings. The cells were practically equivalent in size of it (3.66 meter by 3.35 meter). The thickness from the front walls from the cells equaled 1.08 meter, back fences 2.59 meter and parcel fences in 0.91-1.42 meter. Every cell has an entryway ahead side and specialties on three side fences in.

A 2.59 m wide verandah went through the border of the cloister and the cells werend the cells were associated with it through an entryway of 1.68 m distance and 1.07 m breadth.

There is a yard in the religious community that action 42.38 m *41.16 m. Three rooms situated in the centers of E, west and to the south wings weren the middles from east, west and in the south wings were utilized as petitioning heaven rooms.

Artifacts found

sitakot vihara

Two bronze pictures were tracked down on the site. 1 is from Bodhisattva Pad of paper and the other from Bodhisattva Manjushri. Fill pots, earthenware toys, elaborate blocks, and a great deal of pot sherds were likewise uncovered during the removal.

Artifacts found

The site is under assurance of the Branch of Prehistoric studies and Exhibition halls, Administration of Bangladesh. The place isn’t very much kept up with and rebuilding work is required.

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