Ahsan Manzil is Historical places in Bangladesh.

Ahsan Manzil are  the past true private royal residence and seat from the Nawab from Dhaka.The building up is arranged at Kumartoli on the banks from the Buriganga Waterway in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Development was begun in 1859 plus was finished in 1872.It equaled built inch the Indo-Saracenic Recovery design. It has been assigned as a public exhibition hall


In Mughal period, there was a nursery place of Sheik Enayet Ullah, the property manager of Jamalpur Porgona (region), here. Sheik Enayet Ullah was an exceptionally beguiling individual. He gained an extremely large region in Kumartoli (Kumasi) and remembered it for his nursery house. Here he constructed a delightful castle and appointed it “Rongmohol” and (Rangmahal). He wont to appreciate here keeping delightful young ladies gathered from the nation and abroad, appareling them with beautiful dresses and costly adornments. There is a truism that, the organizer behind Dhaka (delegate of mughal sovereign) was drawn to 1 of the wonderful young ladies. He welcomed Sheik Enayet Ullr to a company one evening and downed him in and popped him in a trick when he was getting back. That young lady likewise ended it all out of frustration and distress. There was a heavy of Sheik Enayet Ullah inside the northeast corner of the royal residence yard which was destroyed in the start of the twentieth 100 years.

Ahsan Manzil side view
Ahsan Manzil side view

Likely in the time of Nabob Alibardi Khan(Grand father from Nawab Siraj-Ud-Daumier) close to 1740 hundred years, Sheik Moti Ullah, the child of Sheik Enayet Ullah, offered the property to the Frenchroperty to the French brokers. There was an French exchanging house next to this property.

The exchanging house became richer subsequent to buying this property. Therein time, French dealers could carry on with work here less paying any expenses by a pronouncement from the head Aurangzeb. Therein time, the French turned out to be exceptionally rich by carrying on with work here in rivalry on the English and early European organizations. They made a major royal residence and dug a lake for sweet water supply in theor sweet water inch the recently bought property. The lake actually exists inside the compound from Ahsan Manzil which wasxists in the compound from Ahsan Manzil which was classified “Les Jalla” therein time. Inch the Seven Long time’ Conflict, French got crushed and every one of their properties were caught by the English. Along 23 June 1758, the French went out with an armada of 35 boats of the waterway station of Buriganga before Kumartuli.

In 1788, the French people moved the place to a French dealer called Mr. Champigni, and recaptured it atamed Mr. Champion, and retaken infotech at 1801. As per Paris arrangement of 1814, the Frenchf 1814, the French guaranteed all their allowed for properties astatine Dhaka, and inside 1827 the place was again gotten back to the French. Because the rising force from the English people, the French people had to allow for subcontinent. They chose to sell every one of their properties inch Dhaka. So inch 1830, the exchanging place of Kumartuli was bought by the set up property manager from Dhaka, Khufu Alimullah.

After some redesign work, the exchanging house turned into the home of Khwaja Alimullah. Within his time, af Khwaja Alimullah. Within his time, an steady and an family mosque was included the compound. After his demise, his child Nawab Bahai Sir. Khwaja Abeam Ghani made an extraordinary prosper to the place, and called it “Ahsan Manzil later hiso the place, and called it “Ahsan Manzil” later his child Khyber Pass Ahsanullah. In the from the old structure, he made another structure with an alternate plan, and furthermore accomplished extraordinary remodel work to the oldork to the old structure. From that point forward, the old structure was designated “Ondor Mohol” plus the new structure was classified “Rangmahal”.

At night of seven April 1888, a April 1888, a April 1888, a staggering twister hit Dhaka city causingit Dhaka city causing extraordinary harm. Ahsan Manzil was seriously harmed and deserted. An English designer from Kolkata showed up here to inspect the royal residence. He offered a perspective that aside from the “Rangmahal”, the wide range of various pieces of the castle would need to be recreated. So Nabob Bahadur Sir Khwaja Abeam Ghani and hiso Nabob Bahadur Sir Khwaja Abeam Ghani and hisawab Bahai Sir Khwaja Abdul Ghanian and his child Nabob Bahadur Sir Khyber Pass Ahsanullah directed their full concentration toward modify the castle. Both of the structures were remade during that clock time with another plan and directed by the neighborhood direct Gobinda Changan Roy.

The French structure was reproduced to a two celebrated building holding closeness to the Rangoon. A path was made with wood interfacing the main floors of the two structures. The most lovely thing made therein time was the vault, which made the royal residence so gorgeous.

After the passing of Khwaja Ahsanullah inch 1901, the of Khwaja Ahsanullah inside 1901, thehwaja Ahsanullah in 1901, thehsanullah in 1901,  greatness of Ahsan Manzil was finished. His replacements couldn’t proceed with the greatness in view of the interior family fight. They leased various pieces of the castle to occupants, who really made it a ghetto. In 1952, government procured the property and left in management from the Dhaka Nabob court of law. Inside 1985, Dhaka Public Gallery obtained the place and made it an exhibition hall following a gigantic rebuilding program which used notable photos of the place.

Ahsan Manzil
Ahsan Manzil

Ahsan Manzil equals the past true private royal residence and seat from the Nawab from Dhaka.The building up is arranged at Kumartoli on the banks from the Waterway in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Development was begun in 1859 , was finished in 1872. It is  built inch this  Indo-Saracenic Recovery design. It has been assigned as a public exhibition hall.

Ahsan Manzil is 1 of the main design landmarks of Bangladesh. The structure was laid out on a raised foundation of 1 m, the two-celebrated royal residence measures 125.4 m by 28.75m. The level of the ground level is 5 ms and the level of the primary story is 5.8 ms. The thickness from the walls from the castle is around 0.78 ms. There are colonnades of 5 meters level on the northerly and southern sides from

 castle. The structure has a wide forward looking the Buriganga Stream. On the stream side, an open roomy flight of stairs leads straight up to the subsequent entrance and along their stands the fabulous triple-curved entryways. There was once a wellspring in the nursery before the steps which doesn’t exist today. Up and down the northerly and the side of the structure run extensive verandahs with an openerandahs with an open patio projected in the center.

Ahsan Manzil inter view collection old
Ahsan Manzil inter view collection old

The castle Ahsan Manzil is separated into two sections: the easterly side and the westerly side. The eastern structure with the arch is known as the Rangmahal plus the westerly side with the family rooms is cried Andarmahal. The high school octagonal arch is put on the focal round room. Thither is a huge withdrawing room, card way, library, country room and 2 other visitor rooms are located in the side from the castle. The assembly hall, the Hindustani room and barely any private rooms are arranged on the westerly side. A wonderful vaulted fake roof, made of wood, enriches the withdrawing room plus the Jalsaghar. A breathtaking feasting corridor and scarcely any more modest rooms are apply the due west part. The stories of the feasting and Darbar Corridors are designed with white, greens and yellow shaded fired tiles. The well known shop room, where the resources of the Nawabs wont to be put away, was in the five rooms situated in the western portion of the ground level. Alongside those rooms a Darbar Lobby or gathering corridor and an chest room is likewise home there.

There are appealinsideg wooden steps in the way that are is connected toward the north from the vaulted room. The balusters cost ornamented with plant leaves made from iron along  with the railing from the steps. The wooden roof of the room, improved with mathematical plans, is exceptionally exquisite. The verandas and room are covered with in  marble. The entryways are put inside crescent curves. The inward entryways had multi-shaded glasses. Wooden pillars upheld the top from these rooms. The engineering and the embellishment is stand-out in entire Bangladesh.

Ahsan Manzil front view

Ahsan Manzil, a design treasure, is an observer to numerous verifiable occasions of Bangladesh. Of the last piece of the nineteenth 100 years to the underlying long stretches from Pakistan, the Muslim administration of East Bengal arose out of this royal residence. The nawabs from Dhaka used to direct their court issues here as head of the Panchayet (town gathering) consistently. Numerous enemy of Congress gatherings were held here below the patronization from Nawab Ahsanullah, a firm devotee to Muslim personality. Practically all the Emissaries, Lead representatives and Lieutenant Legislative heads of English India who called Dhaka invested some energy astatine the Ahsan Manzil. Practically all political exercises from Nawab Khwaja Salimullah focused round this castle. Ahsan Manzil cost the support of the Totally India Muslimf the Everyone India Muslim Association. With the downfall from the Nawabs from Dhaka, Ahsan Manzil additionally began to decline.

Ahsan Manzil front side
Ahsan Manzil is one of the most significant architectural monuments of Bangladesh.Ahsan Manzil is the erstwhile official residential palace and seat of the Nawab of Dhaka.The building is situated at Kumartoli along the banks of the Buriganga River in Dhaka. Bangladesh. It has been designated as a national museum.

Glory days Ahsan Manzil

Inside 1952, the Capital of Bangladesh Nawab Country was procured under the East Bengalnder the East Bengal Home Obtaining Act; it became unimaginable for the replacements of the Nawabs to keep up with the castle because of monetary limitations. Nawab Khwaja Habibullah began residing at Paribag Green Family not long after the procurement from the zamindari. The royal residence was soon nearly breakdown as replacements leased rooms disregarding its poise. Throughout the long term unlawful tenants transformed the spot into a dirty ghetto. After the freedom of Bangladesh, the vast majority of the nabob family attended abroad looking for a superior business and employment. On 1974, the proprietors of the castle chose to put it available to be purchased.

Decline Ahsan Manjil

Ahsan Manzil museum collection
Ahsan Manzil museum collection

Perceiving the verifiable and compositional significance from this ia Ahsan Manzil, the public authority of Bangladesh stepped up and remodel it. Within 1985, Ahsan Manzil plus its environmental elements were obtained. After the consummation of the redesign demonstration 1992 under the oversight from the Directorate from Public Works and Engineering, it was brought heavily influenced by Bangladesh Public Historical center (20 September 1992). An exhibition hall has been laid out there.

Taking into account the authentic significance and compositional meaning of Ahsan Manzil royal residence, the public authority was attempting to preserve it since the latert since the later piece of the Pakistani find. Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman dropped its closeout proposition choice. On 2 Nov 1974, he requested to lay out a gallery and place of interest after its legitimate preservation.

Ahsan Manzil noth side
Ahsan Manzil noth side

After the execution of the work the historical center began, the vast majority of the nawab’s home region alongside the portion of the part of the Andarmahal stayed past securing. The complete area of obtained country was 5.65 sections of land. Out of that 00.68 sections of country from northern side tended to Dhaka City Company to lay out a general store and 4.96 sections of land of land with the castle structures stayed for gallery reason. In 1986, the work started by the above request keeping the first design undisturbed and reproducing the old climate quite far. After the fulfillment of the remodel work in 1992, below the oversight from the Directorate from Public Works and if the Directorate from Public Works andhe Directorate from Public Works and Engineering, it was brought heavily influenced by Bangladesh Public Historical center (20 September 1992). An exhibition hall has been laid out there.

Visiting Hours of Ahsan Manzil.

Summertime Agenda(April to September)

Saturday to Wednesday: 10:30AM to 05:30PM

Friday: 3:00PM to 07:30PM


Winterf Ahsan Manzil.

Summer Agenda(April-September)

Saturday-Wed: 10:30 AM to 5:30PM

Friday: 3:00PM to 07:30PM


Winter Timetable (October-Walk)

Saturday – Wednesday: 9:30AM-4:30PM


Thursday: Shut

Govt Occasions

Ahsan Manzil will stay shut throughout whatever govt.holiday

Ramadan Timetable

Saturday-Wednesday:09:30 AM-3:00PM

Thursday plus Friday: Shut

Eid Occasions

Ahsan Manzil will stay shut for guests throughout the Eid Day plus the earlier day from the Eid .It leave stay open as expected from the following day from the Eid day.

Section expenses of Ahsan Manzil

Nearby Guests: 20 /BDT

SAARC state Guests : 300 BDT

Different Outsiders: 500 BDT

How To Go

There are  a immediate transport admwithonsidesideistration of Gulistan in Dhaka city. You are can likewise go by confidential vehicle or auto CNG cart.

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