Bagerhat District- Best Tourism Places in Bangladesh.

Bagerhat Locale is a region in in the south-westerly Bangladesh. It is a piece of the Khulna Division.


Location of Bagerhat District in Bangladesh

Bagerhat locale has a complete area of 3959.11 feather kilometers. It is limited by Gopalganj Locale and Narail Area on the north, The Inlet of Bengal in the south, Gopalganj Region, Pirojpur Area and Barguna Area on the east plus Khulna Locale on the west. Principal waterways of the locale are Panguchi, Daratana, Madhumati Stream, Pasur Stream, Haringhata, Mongla Stream, Baleshwar, Bangra plus Goshairkhali.


Bagerhat city is renowned for its mosques. Muslim Holy person Khan Jahan Ali established this townspeople. He was a holy person of the fifteenth 100 years, perhaps of Turkic beginning. At the hour of his rule, Bagerhat was a piece of the Sunderbans. He authorized the woods and made it livable. He called it “Khalifabad”. He raised numerous authority structures to run his organization. He likewise fabricated numerous mosques and dug out tanks. The structures raised by him are presently dead ruins. The city from Bagerhat has tended the situation with a World Legacy Site. This honor was given by UNESCO on 1973. Author

Sixty Dome Mosque
Sixty Dome Mosque

Khan was a tactical general that was designated to be the head of the city plus was significantly regarded. Certain individuals even saw him as a divine making up same being. He had a profound association with this land in view of his excursion from Barograph to the Bagerhat Locale where en route he made streets and waterway networks later fostering a whole local area and being a pioneer. In his act of Sufism, he was perceived for his capacity to change local people over completely to his own convictions. It is still inquiries what his actual goals were in laying out the mosque city. In any case, the vast majority accept that he needed to carry individuals to this spot away of all that is negatively charged and discover a real sense of harmony. Khan is admired even today on Bangladesh and archeologists have created landmarks for him.

His most memorable settlement inch Barobazar was a Hindustani-Buddhist townspeople named Champanagar, was called after the holy people that preceded him. This talks on the relationship Khan gave with the strict figures that preceded and after hullos time and the regard they generally shared for one another. The burial chamber of General Khan stores the main structure today that has the first vault design of the house of worship city. The burial place is encircled by round pinnacles and stone projecting that keep dampness starting from the earliest stage. The floor is embellished in vivid and mathematical tiles with statements from the Quran. A yearly fair is likewise held around the region of the burial place for Muslims plus Hindus on the commemoration of death plus the full moon.

The region was picked explicitly founded on the huge water assets and kind environment that were ideally suited for supporting life and networks. The delta from the numerous streams (Ganga, Brahmaputra, Meghna, and so on) made ripe soil for developing harvests. This urged individuals to relocate to this area and make abundance for them selves. The site was overwhelmed by the ventures of horticulture and exchange. Cotton and material were the primaries sends out for the field to be exchanged out of their  is port. Rice and  betel leaf, betel nut, plus coconut are different yields that emerged from the fruitful soil of Bagerhat.

This strict site was done it to be holy, and some trusted otherworldly. Individuals would come to hydrate from the man-made lake for its mending properties. The idea is like the possibility of a wellspring of youth or a perfect world. Another otherworldly conviction was that Overall Khan utilized extraordinary powers to make the designs since it was difficult to comprehend how they were worked at that point.

After the passing of the organizer, the city was deserted and in the end shrouded in deep vegetation which is the reason the site was concealed for such a long time and challenging to investigate. The site is critical on the grounds that it was a notable region for Islamic lessons at that point and can show a lot of Islam and about individuals in everyday in the fifteenth 100 years. As numerous strict figures ventured out to India and shaped associations, a few got back to the Bagerhat Region to educate at the mosques. Geologically, the city seats on top from farmland and is encircled by palm trees in the banks from the Bhairab stream.

Screenshot_1Ship in Mongla Sea Port

The city began on account of the quick development of transformation to Islam nearby. This was a consequence of mass migration and an enormous number of Muslim evangelists nearby. The design motivation of the city came of Bengali, Persian, and Middle Easterner styles. While the mosques stick out, the city additionally included catacombs, spans, water organizations, and structures for public social affairs.

After the passing of General Khan, City of London was renamed Khalifatabad by Ruler Ghiyasuddin Mahmud Shah. Such can arrive at the exploration cycle of the lost city seriously confounding and can be effectively misjudged as two separate spots. Nonetheless, it is frequently simple to connect the two together by checking that they were both supported by a similar individual in a similar spot. The two names partition the verifiable timetable into two sections in light of the series of pioneers that checked the mosque city.Settled at the juncture of two verifiable streams, the Brahmaputra Waterway and the Ganges River, Bagerghat is otherwise called the Mosque City because the presence of an enormous number of houses of worship in the locale. The domed designs of the mosques worked with blocks in the fifteenth century is viewed as an engineering wonder.

Bagerhat was proclaimed a region in 1984. The locale today is the fourth biggest region in Bangladesh at the premise of region.


Bagerhat musum

Port from Mongla, which is an port from Khulna city and one from the two fundamental ocean ports of Bangladesh,is geologically situated in Bagerhat District.Rampal plus Fakirhat, two upazilas from Bagerhat is famous in Bangladesh because of their immense creation of shrimp and a major measure of unfamiliar trade through City of London of Khulna.

Focal points

1.   places of Ramakrishna Ashrama

2. places from Mosque city from Bagerhat

3. places of Shait Gambuz Mosque

4.places of Sona Mosque

5.places of Khan Jahan Ali’s burial chamber Composite

6.Khan Jahan Ali’s Storage tank

7.Port from Mongla

8. places of Sundarban

9. places of  Ghora Dighi

10.places of  Kodla Math Beaver State Ayudha Math

11.places of  Durgapur Shiva Math

12.places of  Sundarban Hotel, Barakpur

13. places Chandramahol, Ronjitpur

14. places Dohajari Shib Bari, Fakirhat


Bagerhat is partitioned into 9 upazilas, 77 association parishads, 1031 towns, 687 mouzas, 3 regions, 27 wards and 57 mahallas. The upazilas ar:

Bagerhat Sadar Upazila

 and Chitalmari Upazila

 and Fakirhat Upazila

Kachua Upazila

and Mollahat Upazila

Mongla Upazila

and Morrelganj Upazila

Rampal Upazila

 and Sarankhola Upazila


At the hour of the 2011 registration Bagerhat locale had a populace of 1,476,090. Such lived a downfall of 4.7% of 2001, when the populace was 1,549,031. From this populace 740,138 were guys and 735,952 were female person. 86.77% daily routines in rustic regions while 13.23% sleeps in metropolitan regions. The proficiency rate is 58.98%: infotech is 59.97% for guys and 57.99% because females.


The locale of Bagerhat comprises 7815 mosques, 238 sanctuaries, 17 temples and seven burial chambers. The Sixty Vaults Mosque or Pooped Gambuj Masjid is popular mosque. Khan Jahan Ali’s burial chamber is the well known burial chambers. Muslims are the significant religion with 81.20% populace, while Hindus equal 18.35%.

Bagerhat wont to have almost 30% Hindus in 1981, however the Hindu populace has declined essentially from that point forward and the extent has diminished to underneath 20%. The Hindu populace declined a lot quicker round period of time 2001-2011 than the locale populace all in all: 11% contrasted with 4.7% for the region all in all.

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