Best tourism places in Dinajpur, Bangladesh.

Dinajpur is a district located in the Rangpur Division of Bangladesh. It is situated in the northern part of the country and shares borders with India on its west and north sides. Dinajpur is known for its rich cultural heritage, historical sites, agricultural landscapes, and educational institutions.

Here are some key features and information about Dinajpur District:

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Dinajpur covers an area of approximately 3,437 square kilometers (1,327 square miles). It is situated on the fertile plains of the Barind Tract and is traversed by several rivers, including the Punarbhaba, Dhepa, and Atrai.

Dinajpur Dc office


The history of Dinajpur dates back to ancient times. It was ruled by various dynasties and empires, including the Maurya Empire, Gupta Empire, Pala Empire, Sena dynasty, and the Sultanate of Bengal. The region later came under British colonial rule until Bangladesh gained independence in 1971.

Cultural Heritage:

Dinajpur has a rich cultural heritage with influences from Hindu, Buddhist, and Islamic traditions. The district is home to several archaeological sites, including the Kantajew Temple, a stunning example of terracotta architecture. The Ramsagar National Park, with its man-made lake, is another popular tourist attraction.

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 Dinajpur has a strong presence in the education sector. It is home to several renowned educational institutions, including Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University (HSTU), which is one of the leading science and technology universities in Bangladesh.


The economy of Dinajpur is primarily agrarian, with agriculture being the main occupation of the local population. The fertile soil and favorable climatic conditions make it suitable for cultivating crops such as rice, wheat, jute, sugarcane, and various fruits and vegetables.


Dinajpur offers a range of tourist attractions. In addition to the Kantajew Temple and Ramsagar National Park, tourists can visit historical sites like the Dinajpur Rajbari (palace), Nayabad Mosque, and the ruins of the ancient Mahasthan Buddhist Vihara. The district also has scenic landscapes and natural beauty, making it a great destination for nature lovers.

1.Kantajew Temple

                                                                           Kantajew Temple
Kantajew Temple

2. Shopnopuri artificial amusement park

Shopnopuri artificial amusement park

3. Sitakot Vihara

                                                                   sitakot Vihara
sitakot Vihara

4.Nayabad Mosque

dinajpur Nayabad Mosque, best tourism places nayabad mosque dinajpur,noyabad masjid a historical places, নয়াবাদ মসজিদ, দিনাজপুর;
Dinajpur Nayabad Mosque

5.Dinajpur Rajbari

Dinajpur rajbari,main gate, dinajpur jomidar bari, dinajpur historicl place
Dinajpur Rajbari

5. Ramsagar National Park

                                                               Ramsagar National Park
Ramsagar National Park

Communication and Transport:

Dinajpur is well-connected to other parts of Bangladesh through a network of roads and railways. Dinajpur Railway Station is an important junction on the Bangladesh Railway network, facilitating easy transportation. The district is also served by Dinajpur Airport, enabling air travel to and from the region.

Overall, Dinajpur District in Bangladesh offers a blend of cultural heritage, natural beauty, and historical significance, making it an intriguing destination for tourists and a vibrant place to live for its residents.

How to Go To Dinajpur

Dinajpur is found 333 kilometer north from Dhaka. It is associated by street and rail straight forwardly with Dhaka and early major close by regions. It requires around 8 hours to arrive at this region of the capital. Thither is no more air terminal in this area except for it tends to be reached via air by means of Saidpur which is alone 1 and one-half hour drive out.

Where to remain in Dinajpur

Throughout your visited it would be shrewd on the off chance that you remain in Dinajpur city as different pieces of the locale are not adequate for a traveler’s need. There are many choices accessible for late evening remaining. Hopefully you will remain in the Parjatan Inn. If not you could search for your choice from here.

Restaurants in Dinajpur

1. Bismillah Hotel and Restaurant

2. Gardenia Café – Dinajpur

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