Ramsagar National Park (Dinajpur)-Best tourism Places in Bangladesh.

Ramsagar History

Dinajpur Ramsagar is a large man-made lake located in the Dinajpur district of Bangladesh. It is the largest man-made lake in Bangladesh and serves as a popular tourist attraction in the region. The lake was created by Raja Ram Nath, a Hindu king, in the 18th century.

The Area of Ramsagar Lake

Ramsagar Lake
Ramsagar Lake

Ramsagar Lake covers an area of about 105 acres (42.5 hectares) and has a depth of around 10-15 meters. It was primarily constructed to fulfill the water needs of the local people and for irrigation purposes in the surrounding agricultural lands. The lake is fed by rainwater and several small streams flowing from the nearby hills.

The lake is surrounded by lush greenery and provides a serene and picturesque setting. It is adorned with beautiful gardens, trees, and flowering plants, creating a tranquil environment. The calm and clear waters of Ramsagar Lake make it an ideal spot for boating and fishing activities. Visitors can hire boats to explore the lake or enjoy a leisurely ride.

                                                                              food kiosks along the Ramsagar Lake
food kiosks along the Ramsagar Lake

Ramsagar Lake is also home to a variety of fish species, making it a popular destination for anglers. Fishing is allowed in designated areas, and visitors can try their luck at catching fish like carp, catfish, and tilapia.

                                                        Ramsagar the road along side
Ramsagar the road along side

Location & forestry of Ramsagar

The lake is dotted with several small islands, adding to its scenic beauty. These islands are covered with dense vegetation and provide habitat for birds and other wildlife. The area around Ramsagar Lake is a haven for birdwatchers, as it attracts a diverse range of avian species, including migratory birds.

To enhance the tourism potential of Ramsagar Lake, the local authorities have developed picnic spots, walkways, and rest areas around the lake. Visitors can relax, have a picnic, or simply enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings. The lake is particularly crowded during weekends and holidays when locals and tourists gather to spend time with their families and friends.

Dinajpur Ramsagar is not only a picturesque waterbody but also an important historical and cultural site. The remnants of a palace, known as Raja Ram Nath’s palace, can be found near the lake. This palace was built by Raja Ram Nath, the king who initiated the construction of the lake. The ruins of the palace serve as a reminder of the region’s rich history.

Overall, Dinajpur Ramsagar offers a delightful blend of natural beauty, recreational activities, and historical significance. It attracts visitors who seek tranquility, enjoy boating and fishing, appreciate birdwatching, or wish to explore the region’s cultural heritage.

How to go to Ramsagar .


From  Dhaka, you can attend Dinajpur by transport and train both. Transports of Dhaka to Dinajpur generally leave of Gabtali to  Kalyanpur. Nabil Transport’s AC transports run on this course, admissions 900 taka. Notwithstanding Hanif Endeavor (8013714 and 8015368), S R Ventures (8013793, 8019312),  and Keya Transport (9000812), and  SA Transportation (9332052),  and Shyamali Transport (900331) , Nabil Transport’s Non-AC transports additionally go through this course, charges 500-550 tk. You can likewise go straightforwardly to Dinajpur of Asad-door, School entryway, Shyamoli, Kalyanpur, Specialized Morh and  Gabtoli area from Dhaka city near the seat mentors of Nabil or  Bablu Endeavors. Transports leave roughly following half-hour or 1 hour ceaselessly over the course of the day. Aside from this, about transportation of Uttara attends Dinajpur.


 The Between city Train leaves from Kamlapur Rail route Station on Dhaka at  the time 7:40 p.m , Ekota Express at the time  9:55 am. However, Ekota and Quick Communicates are shut on Tuesdays , Wednesdays separately. Lets: Shovan seat 185 tk, Shovan seat 250 taka, five star seat 350, top of the line compartment 535, AC seat 618, AC billet 897 tk.

To know more subtleties of how to attend Dinajpur of Dhaka by an train, Kindly investigate Dhaka city  to Dinajpur Train Timetable 2020.

Wheen you’re in Dinajpur metropolis, you can come to the authentic Ramsagar Dighi or Ramsagar Public Stops effectively inside 30-45 minutes near by  an Autorickshaw.

                                                                       Ramsagar front view
Ramsagar front view

Where to Stay in Dinajpur

Throughout your visited it would be shrewd on the off chance that you remain in Dinajpur city as different pieces of the locale are not adequate for a traveler’s need. There are many choices accessible for late evening remaining. Hopefully you will remain in the Parjatan Inn. If not you could search for your choice from here.

Restaurants in Dinajpur

1. Bismillah Hotel and Restaurant

2. Gardenia Café – Dinajpur

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