Tajhat,Rajbari- Best Tourism Places in Rangpur.

Tajhat Tourism places, Tajhat   Rajbari, is a memorable castle of Bangladesh, situated in Tajhat, Rangpur city.This castle currently holds the Rangpur . Tajhat Castle is arranged three km. south eastern from the town of Rangpur, in the edges of city.


The castle, with around 76 meters facade, rises two stories and looks east. An overwhelming wide flightof stairs in the middle, cleared with spelt white marble, leads straight over the colonnade to the upper story.

The royal residence is delegated by a ribbed cone shaped vault in the focal point of the rooftop with a tall octangular neck, somewhat upheld on a progression of slim semi-Corinthian segments. The balustrade on one or the other side of the monumental flight of stairs was initially adorned with different models of traditional Roman computes in Italian marble, however presently these are lacking. There are 2 semi-octagonal projects at each finish of the front confront and a focal projecting patio. The gallery rooftop over the yard is preserved four effortless Corinthian segments with all around shafts, while two comparable sections on every one of the extending finishes of the structure support a three-sided peak.

The royal residence is spread out in the structure along a “U”, with infoteches open finish toward the west. Past the entry at ground-floor degree there is an extremely enormous lobby, estimating in excess of 18 x 13 times. A 3 m wide passage runs the whole length of the inward block. Two wide wooden flights of stairs give admittance to the speed floor. There are around 22 lofts on two stories.

History of Tajhat

The castle was worked by Maharaja Kumar Go out Lal Roy on the start of the twentieth hundred years. It is accepted that from the prominent show of his Tajhat or beady crown, his home determined the name from Tajhat.

Of 1984 to 1992 the castle was utilized as a Rangpur Supreme court Part of the High Court from People’s Republic of People’s Republic of Bangladesh. On 1995 the castle was proclaimed as a safeguarded landmark by the Division of Paleohistory. Perceiving its exceptional design esteem the Public authority of Bangladesh moved the Rangpur Gallery to the 2nd floor of the castle in 2005.

The fundamental room at the highest point of the marble steps have various presentation cases which show tenth eleventh century earthenware antiques. There are various fine instances of Sanskrit plus Arabic compositions, including duplicates of the Mahabharata, Ramayan, plus a Quran whose place of origin is credited to, as a matter of fact, the Mugho pine Aurangzeb. The reserved alcoves have a few instances of dark stone Hindu sculptures in its private cabins, principally of the god Vishnu. Photography isn’t allowed in the actual gallery.

Opening and closing time of Tajhat Palace

From 10 am to 06 pm, Tajhat Castle is open because the guests 7 days per week. Be that as it may, the gallery situated on the first floor of the royal residence has a schedule as underneath. Just on Sunday, the gallery will stay shut however the castle will stay open constantly.

Summer timing ( April – Sept )

Tuesday – Saturday : 10  AM – 01  PM and 01 . 030 PM – 6 .  PM

Friday : 10  AM  to 12 . 35PM and 2 . 30 PM – 6 .  PM

sunday : Week by week Occasion

Monday : 2 . 30 PM – 06 .  PM

Winter timing ( Oct – March )

Tuesday – Saturday : 09 .  AM – 01 .  PM and 1 . 30 PM – 05 .  PM

Friday : 9 . 00 AM  to  12 . 35 PM and 2 . PM – 05 .  PM

Sunday : Weekly Holiday

Monday : 1 . 30 PM – 05 . PM

During Eid Occasions:

Tajhat Castle will stay shut for guests throughout Eid day plus the earlier day of Eid yet It will stay open as expected from the following day from Eid day.

Timing throughout Ramadan:

Tajhat Royal residence will be shut right at 04. PM during the blessed month of Ramadan .

All Goverment. Occasions:

Tajhat Castle will stay shut during any govt. occasion.

Entry Fees of Tajhat place

Local Tourists : 20 taka

Foreigners Tourists : 200 taka

How to go Tajhat  Rangpur best tourism places

Take an train and transport from anyplace to Rangpur metropolis ,and hop on auto-cart to attend Tajhat homes. It is found only 3km external the city.

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