Bholaganj – Best tourism places in Sylhet

Bholaganj is a position of onterest in Kompaniganj upazila from Sylhet region in Bangladesh. Infotech is situated a good ways off of 33 km of Sylhet city and on the Cherrapunji line area of India.

On Shillong, the capital from the Indian territory of Assam, individuals once utilized this street. Name Bholaganj Cable tramway. The biggest Bholaganj stone stone pit in the nation is additionally situated around here. Travelers rush to Cable tramway, Stone Quarry plus Mountain Monolova consistently.

The cascades descending from that slope are along the water supply from the Dhaali stream, and then again, this water stream is the wellspring of the normal type of Bholaganj.

The is  white stone that drops with green slopes, cloud handicraft, and the blustery mountain slants has increased the excellence of Bholaganj by blending it in with the inclining waterway.

The Dhalai stream source is encircled by facial nerve stones known since Bholaganj Zero Point Beaver State White Stone. The is  white stone region seems to be a delta.

The  are Dhalai stream entered the Bangladesh divide and split in to two sections, and rejoined around.

A huge number descend from this  Khasia Jaintia slopes of India on the water from the Dhalai stream. Bholaganj Ropeway was built from 1964 to 1969 to arrive at stone extraction simpler.

The 11-mil ropeway of Bholaganj of Chhatak, which is utilized till 1994.

As of now, the ropeway towers convey landmarks of time. The aerial tramway is shut, yet the stone lifting doesn’t stop. The is  stone  as yet the wellspring of vocation for some occupants.

On the way of Ghat 11to White Extremely, you will assure stones being gotten or conveyed by stones in little boats.

There equals a land customs place on the line in Bholaganj. Many trucks enter Bangladesh consistently with limestone.

Thither are 2 other delightful spots like Uthmasra, Turungchorar close to The White are  Stone Region.

When is the perfect time to visit Bholaganj?

The best chance to vcostsit Bholaganj is throughout the blustery season and the accompanying not many months. Some of the time, regardless of whether you see the magnificence of stone, the waterway’s stream isn’t since high.

How to go to Bholaganj?

Sada Patho volagonj

The separation from Sylhet going to  Bholaganj is around 35 km. Of Sylhet, 1 can go by transport, CNG, Leguna, or confidential vehicle to Bholaganj. As of now, the manner to Bholaganj equals in amazing condition.

How To Go from Sylhet to Bholaganj


BRTC, neighborhood and traveler transports from Ambarkhana on Sylhet to CNG plus Bholaganj from Majumdar region.

From Ambarkhana BRTC, neighborhood and traveler transports go to Majumdar region then, at that point, take CNG to arrive at Bholaganj. You can going to white stone contiguous Bholaganj No Point at a charge of R.s 70 (0.82) per individual. Neighborhood CNG attends Bholaganj astatine R.s 130 to R.s 150  per individual.

The passage for applying CNG save will be R.s 1200 to R.s 1300. 5 individuals can go to a C.N.G.. It will require as very much like 1 hr and half-hour to arrive at Bholaganj of Amberkhana.

It will price Rs 800 to enlist boats, including proceeding to come from Boat Ghat count 10 at Bholaganj.

For this situation, everything looks great making sense of. In the event that you take a walk solely or with less individuals, many boats bring 1 to 8 to 10 individuals to recruit minimal expense boats.

All things considered, sharing the passage will lessen the expense of boat leases. You can expend Because long As you care by attending the white stone region. For this situation, converse with the center man and accept the telephone number of the center man.

In the event that you need, you can hold a miniature or confidential vehicle and go straightforwardly to Bholaganj Ghat ten. The expense will be Taka  2500 /3000.

Additionally, CNG, leguna, or confidential vehicles can attend Bholaganj by Tuker Bazar inch Companyganj. The autorickshaw passage from Sylhet urban center to Tuker Bazar equals Rs 200 for each individual.

Fishing vessels attending Bholaganj Zero white stone are accessible from Tuker Bazar. In any event, during the blustery season, one can going  to Bholaganj to boat.

Utmachora and Turangchora

Volagonj Zero point

Two other traveler places close to Bholaganj are Utmachora plus Turangchora. Many individuals visit white stones and call Utmachora and Turangchora.

To going to Bholaganj  is white stone plus going  to Utmachora, you need to going to Dayarbazar first. In the event that you let the boat know where you will attend Bholaganj, he leave drop it belt down astatine Dayarbazar Ghat. Provided that this is true, you’ll presumably need to pay more than. Or then again tell me earlier when you lease the boat.

Attend Dayar Bazaar and take CNG/bicycle from that point and attend Chara Bazar because Rs 30-50 for every individual. In the event that you come down to chara market and ask somebody, they will tell you the best way to end.

From that point, you will arrive at the mark of greatness in the wake of strolling for 10-15 mins. Also, it requires 30-41 minutes to stroll from Chararbazar going  to Turangchora. Assuming that you need, you can likewise go of Chararbazar to the bicycle.

Harking back going to  Sylhet, you buns bring CNG straightforwardly from Chararbazar /Day bed/Bholaganj and Amberkhana in Sylhet according to your area.

Where to eat in Bholaganj

Bholaganj is certainly not a white extremely or a decent food inn or eatery at Ghat No. 11 There are a few standard lodgings like rice Pisces and native food.

While heading to Bholaganj, there cost some mid-range quality food lodgings, including Deshbandhu Eatery, Alam Inn astatine Companyganj Upazila Sadar complex , and Naveen Café, Maya Eatery in Tuker Bazar.

Assuming that you eat from Sylhet prior to leaving since Bholaganj, you will actually want to travel the entire day plus return and  Sylhet and eat.

Where to stay in Bholaganj

There equal not excellent private lodgings like Bholaganj , Companyganj. Assuming that you really want to remain in Bholaganj under any condition, you need to attend Companyganj Upazila Sadar complex .

There live general character non-AC private lodgings and a postal cabin of Zilla Parishad on Companyganj like Inn Al Sadiq,  and Halima Boarding,  and Badshah Boarding, Inn Al Hasan.

At the point when you allow for in the first part of the day, you can call Bholaganj plus return to Sylhet urban center by evening/evening. Indeed it is smarter to get back to Sylhet urban center to remain around evening time.

There are numerous standard private lodgings and rest houses inch the Lalabazar region and Dargah Street at low lease, where you leave get various spaces for R.s 500 to R.s 1000.

You can likewise remain in lodgings like Inn Slope Town, Gulshan, Dargah Entryway, Surma, Kaikobad, and so on, according to your necessities and spending plan.

Travel Tips & Alerts Visiting Bholaganj Tourist Spot

1.Try to proceed to return early so that it’ is not night.

2.Alter the boatman ahead of time the way in which long the is  white stone will endure. You can remain on time since you wish.

Line space so is cautious.

3.Bholaganj must be called during the blustery season by the waterway.

4.If you involve to eat, you need to wear away the neighborhood inns there.

5.There equal many currents in the waterway water during the stormy season, and so you shouldn’t arrive excessively far into the is a  water on the off chance that you don’t have any idea how to go swim.

6. You should deal while leasing fomites.

6. If you call for to go for a minimal price, you can bunch roughly.

7. If you call for to call Bholaganj white extremely, Utmachora, plus Turangchori on a day, you should leave promptly in the first part of the day.

8. If you need, you can lease for the 24-hour interval to attend CNG from Amberkhana on Sylhet and call the discerns there. For this situation, the expense may be somewhat higher.

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