Bichanakandi Best Tourism Places in Sylhet 24/7

Bichanakandi is situated in the Rustompur Association from Goainghat Upazila from Sylhet. Bichanakandi lives a stone quarry care Jaflong and Bholaganj. and Many strides of Khasia slope on the Banglades of -India line have come from the two sides and fitted in Bichanakandi.

At the same time, the high cascades in the river of Meghalaya slopes have given an alternate aspect to the idea of Bichanakandi.

bes ttourism places  sylhet Bichakandi
best tourism places sylhet Bichakandi

The primary fascination of Bichanakandi to vacationers is the reasonable stream of water streaming over the stones and the white mists blowing on  the mountains.

It resembles a bed on mountains, waterways, cascades, and stones.

Perfect time to visit Bichanakandi

best tourism places bichanakadi
best tourism places bichanakadi

Bichanakandi lives fit to go whenever. However, the blustery season is the best chance to make a trip to Bichanakandi. Because of the progression of water all over, the genuine excellence of Bichanakandi should be visible right now.

Way to go to Bichanakandi

best tourism places bichanakandi sylhet
best tourism places bichanakandi sylhet

Any place you live on  the country, you initially need to refer Sylhet region city to going  to Bichanakandi. And then you want to bother Bichanakandi of Sylhet.

Ways to go from Dhaka to Sylhet

Bichanakandi best tourism places

You  are can bother Sylhet of Dhaka by transport, train, or flat. Ac transports of Green Line,  and Shyamoli, Saudia,  amd S Alam, plus Ana transport travel of Fakirapul, Saidabad, plus Mahakhali transport stations.

The transport per individual’s cost is R.s 1000  to R.s 1200 (15.15$ per individual. The expense of non-AC transports per individual is Rs 470 (6.54$) to R.s 600 .

You can pick Upobon, Jayantika, Parbat, and  Kalni express train of Kamalapur or Air terminal Rail route Station to Sylhet via train of Dhaka as your partner in crime. You can pick the sky way of Dhaka to the quickest time effortlessly. Departures from Shahjalal Worldwide Air terminal left Bangladesh Official air, Joined air, Novo air, US Bangla air trips to Sylhet. Tickets of Dhaka gonig to  Sylhet range of R.s 2700.00 (31.83$) to R.s 10,0000 (117.90$).

Ways to go from Chittagong to Sylhet

You  are can bother Sylhet by transport or train of Chittagong. Paharika plus Udayan Carry run six days per week to go via train of Chittagong.

Sylhet to Bichanakandi

Bichanakandi Sylhet best tourism places
Bichanakandi Sylhet best tourism places

To attend Bichkanandi, one needs to board neighborhood CNG of CNG station on Amberkhana, Sylhet, at R.s 140 (1.65$) in Rs 1605(1.89$) per individual.

You can refer Hadarpar and lease the boat of the boat ghat plus go to the primary concern of Bichanakandi.

In the event that you visit Bichanakandi during the blustery season, you can employ boats together for Bichanakplusi and Panthumai and converse with the boatman appropriately.

The boat admission will be Taka 800 to 1500 (9.43$ to 17.68$) to attend Bichanakandi. Also, the boat admission, including Panthumai, leave be R.s 1500 (17.68$) of  R.s 2000 (23.58$).

Also, obviously, you’ll fixate the boat toll. It might adopt to Rs 2500 0(29.48$) at times to employ an enormous fishing vessel. The motorbike passage per individual is R.s 50 (00.59$) to R.s 60 (0.71$).

Deal well for any passage. Assuming you’re in a difficult situation, you buns call Upazila Boss (01730-331036)  Beaver State Upazila Parishad (01919515960).

Where to stay in Bichanakandi?


You  are can pick Sylhet to remain in because of less season of becoming Bichanakandi from that point. Lodgings like Inn Slope Town, Gulshan, Dargah Door, Surma, Kaikobad, and so forth, can remain in lodgings according to your necessities.

Several customary rest houses on the Lala Bazar region and Dargah Street offer different rooms at low costs.

Great quality private lodgings incorporate Inn Hally Door, Hally Motel, La Vista Inn, Pansi Motel, Inn Metro Global, Britannia Inn, and so on.

These inns will cost from R.s 2,000 to R.s 10,000 (118.90$). Lavish lodgings and resorts incorporate Nivarana Motel, Inn Noorjahan Great, Rose View Inn, Nazimgar Resort, Fabulous Royal residence, and a few different inns.

The expense each night will be R.s 8,000 .00(94.32$ of  Rs 30,0000 (353.70$).

Lodgings name plus contact numbers.

Lodging Fortune Nursery. (Nayorpole) 0821-715590

Inn Dulas. (Prison Street) 0821-720945

Inn Slope Town. (Celebrity Street) 0821-718263

Inn Nursery Hotel. (Interface Street) 0821-814507

Inn Palash.  0821-718301.

Inn Dorga door (Dorga entryway) 0821-717066

Inn Moon Light. (Zinda Bazaar)  0821-714851

What to eat on Bichanakandi?

There are transitory food lodgings at Bichanakandi. These lodgings will cost you R.s 121 (1.41$) _ 150 (1.78$) for limitless rice plus dal in different bundles.

You can purchase dry food, water system, and different necessities of the Hadarpar market just subsequent to showing up.

Pansi, Five siblings, or Palki cafés in the Jindabazar country from Sylhet buns eat the better desi food at reasonable costs, which are exceptionally famous for some bhorta-bhaji, khimar, and meat dish aerial.

Bicanakandi Travel Tips and Alarms

Bichanakandi best tourism places sylhet

1.Travel in gatherings to diminish prices.

2.If you need, you can call Bichanakandi by checkong Ratargul on a day.

3.Deal to employ boats plus CNG.

4.Be cautious when you’re on the water on Bichanakandi.

5.Ensure  is the accelerate of a little stream from water is likewise exceptionally high during the stormy temper.

6.Bichanakandi lives a extremely quarry, saplings, stones submerged, so be extra cautious while strolling.

7.Please do nothing that hurts the climate and quality.

8.Be respectful with local people.

9.Come back to Sylhet urban center before sunset.

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