The History of Curzon Hall -Dhaka , Best Tourism Places.

The Curzon Hall is an English Raj-period building up and home from the Staff of Skills at the College of Dhaka.

The structure was initially expected to be a municipal center and is called after Ruler Curzon Hall, the Emissary of India who established its groundwork stone in 1904.On the foundation of  Dhaka College in 1921, it turned into the foundation of the college’s science personnel.

Curzon Hall Corner

Language development

Throughout the Bengali Language Development, 1948-1956, Curzon Hall was the area of different critical occasions. After the Segment of India inside 1947 that framed the nation of Pakistan, Urdu is  decided to equal the sole land language. Inside 1948, the Constituent Gathering of Pakistan picked Urdu plus English as the main dialects to be utilized to address the get together, which was fought inside the get together in light of the fact that most individuals talked Bangla plus not Urdu. Understudies of  Dhaka College protested the activities of the Constituent Gathering, and it was inside Curzon Hall that they pronounced their resistance to the land language strategy.


                                                                         Department Of Chemistry
Department Of Chemistry

The Professional flowerbed of the college is situated in the vicinity of Curzon Hall, and is utilized by understudies and workforce for showing natural science and for logical examinations with plants.


                                                            Department of Bio-Chemistry
Department of Bio-Chemistry

One of the most outstanding instances of Dhaka’s engineering, it is a cheerful mix of European plus Mughal components, especially perceptible in the extending exterior in the due north which has some pony shoe and cusped curves.

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