Dipshikha Meti School At Dinajpur – Bangladesh.


METI Handmade School

The METI Handmade School, a grade school for 168 understudies situated within Rudrapur in Dinajpur region of Bangladesh, was worked with the help of neighborhood specialists utilizing conventional materials, fundamentally mud and wood. An illustration of economical engineering, the venture got the Aga Khan Grant for Design in 2007 because its straight forward, sympathetic methodology and magnificence, and for the degree of participation accomplished between modelers, specialists, clients and clients.


Rudrapur Meti school
Rudrapur Meti school

In 1997, Anna Heringer of Bavaria within southern Germany, called Bangladesh to function as a worker on the Bangladeshi NGO, and Dipshikha, which helps underestimated networks in regions like schooling, horticulture and abilities improvement. While concentrating on design in Lentia, Austria, she got back to Rudrapur on three different understudies. As a component of their college explore, they made a proposition under Dipshikha’s program for Current Schooling and Preparing (METI). In 2004, subsequent to graduating with a proposition named “School: handcrafted in Bangladesh“,  and Anna Heringer again called the town, keeping up with the reaches she had delighted in throughout the long term. Unfit to find reasonable nearby skill, Paul Cherwatigga from Dipshikha selected her as modeler for an undertaking to fabricate new homerooms for the town school with a command to utilize neighborhood materials.

Meti Handmade school Rudrapur Mongalpur
Meti Handmade school Rudrapur Mongalpur

Heringer started her contribution by planning gathering pledges with the  is a German NGO,  and Shanti, which had at first acquainted her with Dipshikha, effectively arousing the US$35,000 required for the venture. While the first necessity had basically been to fabricate extra study halls as the Dipshikha school,  and Cherwatigga and Heringer convinced those mindful to utilize neighborhood materials as opposed to taking on the standard substantial development.

Dispatched in January 2004, plan work began in Walk 2004 and was endorsed in Aug 2005. The development was finished over a time of four months of September 2005 to Dec 2005.

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The structure

Meti school Dinajpur
Meti school Dinajpur

Anna Heringer cooperated with her partner Eike Roswag, fostering a plan in view of territorial development strategies and neighborhood materials however presenting new methodologies for proficiency and primary respectability. Because of enhancements to the bamboo designs and lashing, adding a second story to the building was conceivable. Block establishments were utilized to limit the impacts of dampness on the earthen fences. The blocks were made by nearby specialists while the excess development work was a cooperative exertion by the modelers, educators, understudies and local people. Notwithstanding the study halls expected, there are additionally spaces where the youngsters can collaborate. The study halls on the ground level are encased by a clay wall as those on the primary story have closed bamboo walls giving diffused light and normal ventilation. The consistently separated vertical bamboo support associated with level braces make a strong brightening impact upgraded by the daylight.

Dipshikha meti school
Dipshikha meti school

Among the eminent advances utilized nearby materials were the presentation of a dampproof flow and a block establishment because well as the expansion of wheat to the soil combination of earth ,  water. As to the utilization of bamboo,  and progress was arrived at in developing a layered roof of bamboo clings, bamboo sheets and earth, and within building the principal floor walls and rooftop with an edge comprising of shafts (four layers from joined bamboo clings) and vertical and slanting posts.


                                                                                    Class Room
Class Room

In 2007, the structure got the Aga Khan grant. There was unique notice of the manner by which “effectively accessible neighborhood materials” had been utilized “to make another model for school development that is lovely, straightforward and accommodating.”

In 2009, the Groom Stone Plan Prize was granted to Anna Heringer because the METI Handcrafted School and 2 related projects on Rudrapur. and  Reference was built to “another handcrafted way to deal with reasonable structure” under which nearby materials are utilized by neighborhood workers “who learn new development strategies, offering an exquisite option in contrast to the pattern toward structures produced using western materials like concrete and steel.

kurt_hoerbst_meti school
kurt hoerbst_meti school

Link to the project on the architect / engineer website: https://www.anna-heringer.com/projects/meti-school-bangladesh/

Contact Information

Contact Dipshikha Meti School

Phone : 01718121885

Website: meti-school.de

How to get Meti School.

From Dhaka first you will come to Dinajpur by bus or train. Then you can come to easy Dipshikha Meti School by Auto or CNG from Baluadanga.

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