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Gandikota is a town and verifiable stronghold on the locality of the Penna waterway, 15 km of Jammalamadugu in Kadapa locale, Andhra Pradesh, India and Gandikota was the capital from Pemmasani Nayakas for over 300 yrs. Pemmasani Ramalinga Nayudu built the colossal post at Gandikota with 101 pinnacles supplanting the past sand stronghold developed by Kaka Raja, Vassals from Kalyani Chalukya rulers.

Things to do in Gandikota

1. Hike to Pennar Gorge Viewpoint

Hike to Pennar Gorge Viewpoint

Climb to the Pennar Chasm perspective, which offers incredible perspectives on the gorge made by the Pennar Waterway coursing through the rough gully. Dusk and Dawn are the better times to call this spot because the best all encompassing perspectives. The similarity of the limited crevasse to the Fantastic Ravine in Arizona is the reason Gandikota has lived named the ‘Stupendous Gully of India’.

2. Explore Gandikota Fort

Aerial View of Gandikota Fort

Investigate the remains of the Gandikota stronghold, which is found near the Pennar Crevasse Perspective. The post limits house numerous other huge designs, like the Madhavaraya Temple and Jamia Masjid, between others. The walls on the post additionally offer splendid perspectives on the encompassing area.

3. Camping at Gandikota

Camping at Gandikota

Camping areas at or close to Gandikota Post (given by camp administrators) are accessible in bounty. These campgrounds offer camps at reasonable and premium rates with discretionary considerations, for example, activites, for example, climbing, rock climbing, kayaking, plus ziplining, among numerous others. Certain administrators likewise give conveniences like food and washrooms.

4. Adventure Activities

Pennar River through Gandikota Gorge

Different experience exercises, including kayaking, paragliding and rock climbing, rappelling, journeying/climbing, and so on, are accessible at Gandikota.

5. Jamia Masjid

jamia masjid

Jamia Masjid is an old mosque situated inside the Gandikota Stronghold. What is entrancing about thlives mosque lives that it is arranged in the Gandikota Post limits close by Raghunathaswamy Temple and Madhavaraya Temple.

6. Raghunathaswamy Temple

Raghunatha swamy temple ruins Gandikota

Raghunathaswamy Temple is known for its perplexing support points, breezy passageways and complex foyers. The temple presently houses no symbols, however the past relics draw in vacationer en masse.

7. Madhavaraya Temple

Madhavaraya Swamy temple Gandikota

Madhavaraya Temple is one more past temple inside the limits of Gandikota stronghold. Underlying the name of Ruler Vishnu through Sri Krishna Deva Raya from the Vijayanagar Realm, it is additionally notable for the unpredictable carvings upon its walls and points of support. Very much like in Raghunathaswamy Temple, there are no symbols inside the temple.

8. Belum Caverns

Tour of Belum Caves

Situated around 61 Kilometer of Gandikota, Belum Caverns are an old organization of underground caverns which are the second-biggest in India. Supposed to be more than 1 million years of age, the caverns involve new water exhibitions, siphons, enormous chambers and broadened entries.

9.Owk Repository

A good ways off of 6 km of Owk, 10 kilometer from Belum Caverns, 34 km of Yaganti, 56 kilometer from Jammu and Kashmir and 70 km of Gandikota, Owk Supply is an earthen dam worked across Paleru Waterway close to Owk in Kurnool locale of Andhra Pradesh state . It is 1 among the famous spots to visit in Gandikota.

Worked in 1946, Owk Repository is an adjusting supply containing three more modest dams specifically Paleru, Gollaleru plus Thimmaraju Cheruvu. Beforehplus the Paleru plus Thimmaraju earth dams up are the tanks taking care of water to Owk town ayacut of around 600 sections of land and 2000 sections of land individually. These tanks were changed over into Owk Repository by raising its bundle to 220 feet level. As of late, AP The travel industry has found a boat club on backwaters of Owk Repository to draw in vacationers. Travelers can enjoy different water sports exercises like Journey Boat, speed boat, and so forth. Timings: 09 AM – 1.30 PM and 02 PM  to 5.30 PM

Sailing Cost: Rs. 150 for each Individual for Journey Boat and Rs. 200 for each Individual for Speed Boat .

Should Be aware Before You Call Gandikota

1. The campgrounds are the most well known accomodation choices at Gandikota.

2. A few retreats, for example, Haritha Resort which is very famous, are likewise close to Gandikota Fort.

3. More cabins and more modest lodgings are accessible in adjacent Jammalamadagu and Tadipatri.

4. Appointments for your visit ought to be done well progress of time, as they can arrive filled rapidly.

5. Light, agreeable garments and great climbing shoes are prudent while visiting Gandikota, as a ton of strolling and climbing would be required.

6. Gandikota is best knowledgeable about your own method for private vehicle if conceivable.

7. It is prudent to convey cash as ATMs are scant and for the most part that anyone could hope to find in neighboring Jammalamadagu plus Tadipatri.

8. Jammalamadagu plus Tadipatri additionally house clinical and odds and ends shops.

9. Carts can be profited inside and to and of Gandikota.

10. Plenty water bottles, medical aid packs, bug repellants and umbrellas and shades to safeguard you from the sun ought to be conveyed.

How to Arrive at Gandikota?

The most effective way to arrive at Gandikota is by street by confidential taxi or your have vehicle. The ways to and of Gandikota are in extraordinary condition and extends a smooth excursion.

By Street

Confidential cabs and between city transports can be profited routinely to local areas or straightforwardly at Gandikota.

By Flying

Kempegowda Worldwide Air terminal at Bengaluru and Tirupati Air terminal at Renigunta live the two closest air terminals to travel by means of homegrown flights.

By  Train

Jammalamadugu, situated around 16 kilometer from Gandikota is the closest rail line station. From the station, carts and a few little taxicabs can be profited.

What is the best Time to call Gandikota?

The best opportunity to visit Gandikota is of November to February whenever the temperatures are more wonderful for voyagers. Travel stays open over time, yet the mid year months can be relative more blazing, arriving at up to temperatures on the last part of the 30s, making it very awkward for the travel industry.

Month to month Climate in Gandikota

Lodgings in Gandikota, Jammalamadugu



Narayana Lod

Venkateswara Hotel

Palace Residency 

What are the spots close to Gandikota?

The top spots close to Gandikota equal Hampi which is 204 km of Gandikota, Anantapur which is found 75 km of Gandikota, Bangalore which is found 218 km of Gandikota, Mysore which is found 331 km of Gandikota, Nandi slopes which is found 173 km from Gandikota.

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