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Gandikota is a village and historical fort on the right bank of the Penna river, 15 km from Jammalamadugu in Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh, India. The fort was the centre of power for various dynasties, such as the Kalyani Chalukyas, Pemmasani Nayakas, and the Golconda Sultanate. Gandikota was the capital of Pemmasani Nayakas for more than 300 years. Pemmasani Ramalinga Nayudu constructed the huge fort at Gandikota with 101 towers replacing the previous sand fort constructed by Kaka Raja, Vassals of Kalyani Chalukya rulers. Various additions of Islamic architecture were made during subsequent Muslim rule.

Things to do in Gandikota

1. Hike to Pennar Gorge Viewpoint


Hike to the Pennar Gorge viewpoint, which offers fantastic views of the ravine created by the Pennar River flowing through the rocky canyon. Sunset and Sunrise are the best times to visit this spot for the best panoramic views. The likeness of the narrow gorge to the Grand Canyon in Arizona is why Gandikota has been named the ‘Grand Canyon of India’.

2. Explore Gandikota Fort

Aerial View of Gandikota Fort

Explore the ruins of the Gandikota fort, which is located close to the Pennar Gorge Viewpoint. The fort boundaries house many other significant structures, such as the Madhavaraya Temple and Jamia Masjid, among others. The walls along the fort also offer brilliant views of the surrounding region.

3. Camping at Gandikota

Camping at Gandikota

Campsites at or near Gandikota Fort (provided by camp operators) are available in plenty. These campsites offer camps at affordable and premium rates with optional inclusions such as activites such as hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, and ziplining, among many others. Certain operators also provide amenities such as food and washrooms.

4. Adventure Activities

Pennar River through Gandikota Gorge

Various adventure activities, including kayaking, paragliding, rock climbing, rappelling, trekking/hiking, etc., are available at Gandikota. These activites are provided by various operators and can be booked ahead or on-site depending on availability.

5. Jamia Masjid


Jamia Masjid is an ancient mosque located within the Gandikota Fort. What is fascinating about this mosque is that it is situated in the Gandikota Fort boundaries alongside Raghunathaswamy Temple and Madhavaraya Temple. This is an example of India’s diversity and culture since ancient times.

6. Raghunathaswamy Temple

Raghunathaswamy Temple

Raghunathaswamy Temple is known for its intricate pillars, airy corridors and complex hallways. The temple now houses no idols, but the olden relics attract tourist in large numbers.

7. Madhavaraya Temple

Gandikota_Madhavaraya_Temple best tourism places andhra pradesh

Madhavaraya Temple is another olden temple within the boundaries of Gandikota fort. Built-in the name of Lord Vishnu by Sri Krishna Deva Raya of the Vijayanagar Kingdom, it is also well known for the intricate carvings on its walls and pillars. Just like in Raghunathaswamy Temple, there are no idols within the temple.

8. Belum Caves

Tour of Belum Caves

Located around 61 Km from Gandikota, Belum Caves are an ancient network of underground caves which are the second-largest in India. Said to be over 1 million years old, the caves comprise fresh-water galleries, siphons, huge chambers and extended passages.

There is a resort near the cave where visitors can find accommodation, refreshments, and amenities like washrooms.

9.Owk Reservoir


At a distance of 6 km from Owk, 10 km from Belum Caves, 34 km from Yaganti, 56 km from Jammalamadugu and 70 km from Gandikota, Owk Reservoir is an earthen dam built across Paleru River near Owk in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. It is one among the popular places to visit in Gandikota.

Built in 1946, Owk Reservoir is a balancing reservoir comprising of three smaller dams namely Paleru, Gollaleru and Thimmaraju Cheruvu. Previously the Paleru and Thimmaraju earth dams are the tanks feeding water to Owk village ayacut of approximately 600 acres and 2000 acres respectively. These tanks were converted into Owk Reservoir by raising its bund to 220 feet height. Now, the reservoir has internal area of more than 1000 acres and it is main source of irrigation in Rayalaseema region and also providing drinking water facility to nearby villages and towns.

Recently, AP Tourism has set up a boat club in backwaters of Owk Reservoir in order to attract tourists. Tourists can indulge in various water sports activities like Cruise Boat, speed boat, etc. There are two water falls namely, Gollaleru and Paleru in the catchment area of the dam.

Timings: 9 AM – 1.30 PM & 2 PM – 5.30 PM

Boating Cost: Rs. 150 per Person for Cruise Boat & Rs. 200 per Person for Speed Boat (Max 4).

Must Know Before You Visit Gandikota

1. The campsites are the most popular accomodation options at Gandikota.

2. Some resorts, such as Haritha Resort which is quite popular, are also near Gandikota Fort.

3. More lodges and smaller hotels are available in nearby Jammalamadagu and Tadipatri.

4. Bookings for your stay should be done well in advance, as they can get filled quickly.

5. Light, comfortable clothes and good hiking shoes are advisable when visiting Gandikota, as a lot of walking and hiking would be needed.

6. Gandikota is best experienced with your own means of private transport if possible.

7. It is advisable to carry cash as ATMs are scarce and mostly available in nearby Jammalamadagu and Tadipatri.

8. Jammalamadagu and Tadipatri also house medical and convenience stores.

9. Rickshaws can be availed within and to and from Gandikota. Be ready to bargain with them.

10. Enough water bottles, first aid kits, insect repellants and umbrellas and sunglasses to protect you from the sun should be carried.

How to Reach Gandikota?

The best way to reach Gandikota is by road by private taxi or your own vehicle. The roads to and from Gandikota are in great condition and offers a smooth journey.

By Road

Gandikota is well connected to major cities such as Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Vizag. Private taxis and inter-city buses can be availed regularly to nearby locations or directly at Gandikota.

By Flight

Kempegowda International Airport at Bengaluru and Tirupati Airport at Renigunta are the two nearest airports to travel via domestic flights. From here your onward journey can be via bus or private taxi.

By Train

Jammalamadugu, located around 16 km from Gandikotais the nearest railway station. From the station, rickshaws and some small taxis can be availed.

What is the best time to visit Gandikota?

The best time to visit Gandikota is from November to February when the temperatures are more pleasant for travellers. Travel remains open throughout the year, but the summer months can be relative hotter, reaching up to temperatures in the late 30s, making it quite uncomfortable for tourism.

Monthly Weather in Gandikota

MonthHigh/Low (°C)Rain
January31°/ 19°0 days
February34°/ 19°0 days
March37°/ 22°1 days
April39°/ 24°5 days
May41°/ 28°4 days
June37°/ 27°14 days
July34°/ 25°9 days
August32°/ 24°8 days
September32°/ 23°14 days
October31°/ 22°22 days
November30°/ 21°5 days
December28°/ 19°2 days
Monthly Weather in Gandikota

Hotels in Gandikota, Jammalamadugu

1.Haritha Hotel

2.Hotel Navayuga

3.Aswatha Narayana Lod

4.Srilakshmi Venkateswara Hotel

5.Royal Palace Residency 

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