Hakaluki Haor – Best Tourism Places in Sylhet

Hakaluki Haor is a swamp wetland biological system of north-easterly Bangladesh . It is one from Bangladesh‘s biggest and one of Asia’s enormous swamp wetland assets. Hakaluki Haor is limited by the Kushiara stream as well as a piece of the Sonai Bardal waterway toward the north, by the Fencing-Kulaura rail line toward the west and toward the south, plus by the Kulaura-Beanibazar street the east.

A sum of 558 types of creatures and birds have been distinguished here, including some exceptionally uncommon – currently proclaimed as compromised, helpless, jeopardized and fundamentally imperiled species. About 190,000 individuals live in the encompassing Hakaluki haor  region.

Hakaluki Haor was assigned a Naturally Basic Region (ECA).

The surface area from Hakaluki Haor was 181.15 km2, from which 72.46 km/h (40.01%) is an inside the area of Barlekha Upazila porishod . It is likewise under Kulaura Juri upazila from Moulvibazar Region and Golapganj, Fenchuganj upazila from Sylhet area.

During a trip to Hakaluki Haor

How to reach:-

To take to Hakaluki Haor Visit From Dhaka or different spots of Bangladesh vacationer can travel via train or transport, and admission will associate with customary premise and they need to come Maijgaon rail line station and from that point, traveler requirements to come “Ghilasara Zero Boat Stand”. Cost by CNG are 150 BDT to arrive at the boat stand of the rail route station. It is the smartest plan to arrive at there. However, vacationer can likewise come from anyplace in Bangladesh by transport. Be that as it may, they need to become Fenchuganj transport stand, from that point they can hold a CNG charge is 180 BDT.


Vacationer additionally can emerge out of Sylhet via train or transport toll is around 50 BDT aim and 70 BDT by transport. Assuming vacationer travel via train they will reach on Maijgaon rail line station and by transport, they need to reach in Fenchuganj transport stand. It will close to 45 minutes to arrive at.

What to see:-

Of boat stand, it will require something like 30 minutes to arrive at in first watch pinnacle of this haor. Close to that lookout, the water line is low from different spots. So assuming somebody realizes swimming they can appreciate here, yet who don’t have the foggiest idea how to swim they compelling reason need to attempt. To observe all the look out tower in that hoar they can.

Where to stay

hakaluki haor moulvibazar

2-4 individuals can undoubtedly go through the night in the cabins of the Bill Ezadars on Howrey with the bill proprietor’s authorization. Yet, the snapshots of setting up camp in the Bill region around evening time will give you long lasting euphoria. You can likewise go through the night in the adjoining Upazila town of Barlekha. However, if you need to remain around evening time, you need to contemplate your wellbeing.

Where to eat

At the point when you converse with the boatman during an outing to Hakaluki Haor, the is  boatman will cook and take care of you in the event that you do the important shopping. You can likewise go with light food like rolls, tea, bread, food, water, and so on, while boarding a boat. In the event that you can oversee working individuals in a Howrah, you  are can eat on them with rice plus fish curry for a modest quantity of cash. Cow bison milk is accessible at an extremely low cost in Howre.

Take a trip to Hakaluki.

For setting up camp, there are restrictions, parkas, enormous rucksacks, coats when it’s colder time of year, shoes reasonable for strolling in mud , water, towel, optics, cameras, fundamental batteries, power banks and  dry food, light, and medical aid hardware.

Back to home:

It is smarter to withdraw to Sylhet of Hakaluki Haor Visit, if the traveler needs to remain and visit different spots in Sylhet on the grounds that there is no decent convenience to remain around evening time here. To return home from that point they can by transport or train. If by transport they need to go in Fenchuganj transport stand or Maijgaon rail route station.

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