Hakaluki Haor


Hakaluki Haor is a marsh wetland ecosystem of north-eastern Bangladesh. It is one of Bangladesh’s largest and one of Asia’s large marsh wetland resources. Hakaluki Haor is bounded by the Kushiara river as well as a part of the Sonai Bardal river to the north, by the Fenchuganj-Kulaura railway to the west and to the south, and by the Kulaura-Beanibazar road the east. It lies between 24°35’ N to 24°44’ N and 92°00’ E to 92°08’ E.

A total of 558 species of animals and birds have been identified here, including some very rare – already declared as threatened, vulnerable, endangered and critically endangered species. Some 190,000 people live in the surrounding Hakaluki haor area.

Hakaluki Haor was designated an Ecologically Critical Area (ECA).

The surface area of Hakaluki Haor is 181.15 km2, of which 72.46 km2 (40.01%) is within the territory of Barlekha Upazila. It is also under Kulaura Juri upazila of Moulvibazar District and Golapganj, Fenchuganj upazila of Sylhet district.


During a trip to Hakaluki Haor

How to reach:-

To go for Hakaluki Haor Tour From Dhaka or other places of Bangladesh tourist can come by train or bus, and fare will be around regular basis and they have to come Maijgaon railway station and from there, tourist needs to come “Ghilasara Zero Point Boat Stand”. Price by CNG is 150 BDT to reach the boat stand from the railway station. It is the best idea to reach there. But tourist can also come from anywhere in Bangladesh by bus. But they need to go Fenchuganj bus stand, from there they can reserve a CNG fare is 180 BDT.

Tourist also can come from Sylhet by train or bus fare is around 50 BDT train and 70 BDT by bus. If tourist come by train they will reach in Maijgaon railway station and by bus, they have to reach in Fenchuganj bus stand. It will around 45 minutes to reach.

What to see:-

From boat stand, it will take around 30 minutes to reach in 1st watch tower of this haor. Near that watchtower, the water level is low from other places. So if someone knows swimming they can enjoy here, but who do not know how to swim they actually no need to try. If the tourist wants to watch all the watch tower in this hoar they can. But it will cost more with time and it will take around 6 hours to complete all the watchtower.

Hakaluki_Hawor_in_Dry_Season_Sylhet_Bangladesh best tourism places

Where to stay

2-4 people can easily spend the night in the cottages of the Bill Ezadars in Howrey with the bill owner’s permission. But the moments of camping in the Bill area at night will give you lifelong joy. You can also spend the night in the neighboring Upazila town of Barlekha. But if you want to stay at night, you have to think about your safety.

Hakaluki hawor sylhet best tourism places

Where to eat

When you talk to the boatman during a trip to Hakaluki Haor, the boatman will cook and feed you if you do the necessary shopping. You can also travel with light food like biscuits, tea, bread, food, water, etc., while boarding a boat. If you can manage working people in a Howrah, you can have lunch with them with rice and fish curry for a small amount of money. Cow buffalo milk is available at a very low price in Howre.

hakaluki hawor beautiful places in sylhet

Take a trip to Hakaluki.

For camping, there are taboos, raincoats, large backpacks, jackets when it’s winter, shoes suitable for walking in mud and water, towel, binoculars, cameras, essential batteries, power banks, dry food, torch, and first aid equipment.


Back to home:

It is better to move back to Sylhet from Hakaluki Haor Tour, if the tourist wants to stay and tour the other places in Sylhet because there is no good accommodation to stay at night here. If anyone wants to go back home from there they can by bus or train. If by bus they have to go in Fenchuganj bus stand or Maijgaon railway station.

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