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Jaflong is a slope station and traveler objective in the Division from Sylhet, Bangladesh. It is situated in Gowainghat Upazila from Sylhet Area and arranged at the line among Bangladesh and the Indian province of Meghalaya, eclipsed by subtropical mountains or  rainforests. It equals known for its stone assortments and is home from the Khasi clan.

Boats in Jaflong Sylhet Bangladesh


Jaflong is a place of interest in Sylhet part. It is around 60 kilometer from Sylhet town and requires two hours drive to arrive at there. Jaflong situated in the midst of tea gardens and slopes. It is arranged adjacent to the stream Sari on the lap of Slope Khashia.

Attractions Places

1.Collection of drifters

2.Colorful ancestral life

3. Khasi individuals

4.Dawki and Piyain Waterways

5.Tea Nursery

6.Orange plus Jackfruit gardens

7.Betel leafage and betel nut plots

8.Dawki Bazar

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Stone crushing

Boats jaflong river

The land grabbers involved government Khasiland and saved forestland and removed stone by cutting little slopes dirtying the climate of Jaflong. They additionally settled pounding plants on the forestland without authorization from government.

Forestation plan Jaflong

Great places Jaflong

In mid 2005, Laskar Muqsudur Rahman, Appointee Conservator of Woods, Sylhet Backwoods Division, saw that Jaflong that he found out in his childhood as the ‘lungs’ of More prominent Sylhet was in question because of on going infringements and foundation of unapproved stone pounding plants. He took drives to recuperate the land and lay out a diversion cum-plant park named because ‘Jaflong Green Park’. The primary establishment stone for the topical Green Park at  in the Jaflong was did it by Laskar Muqsudur Rahman, Delegate Conservator of Backwoods in 2005 with the participation of neighborhood woodland staffs drove by Timberland Officer Mohammad Ali. Regardless, at the commencement it was a provoking undertaking because of neighborhood clashes and procedural requirements. The forestation program on Jaflong Green Park has got been begun under oversight of the joint powers, Jaflong Establishment and Woods Division. They have together taken up the fore station program with around 100 hectares of snatched land. Under the fore station program, different sorts of trees, including half breed Akash-moni, are being established in the recreation area to keep up with environmental equilibrium.

How to go to Jaflong from Dhaka

Jaflong Sylhet Bangladesh

Jaflong is a traveler objective in Gowainghat upazila from sylhet , Bangladesh . It is found 62 km upper east from the city of Sylhet , in the boundary of the Indian territory of Meghalaya, and at  in the foot from the khasia-Jainta slopes. So to venture out to Jaflong from anyplace in Bangladesh , you should initially come to Sylhet . As most o f the voyagers come to Sylhet Through Dhaka. Then venture out from Sylhet urban center to Jaflong, we are hither first to give nitty gritty data about the method for getting to sylhet of Dhaka.

Dhaka to Sylhet by Train

Tea Garden Jaflong Sylhet

At present four intercity plus 1 mail trains keep going Dhaka Sylhet course. They ate parabat Express, and jayantika Express, Upaban Express plus Kalni Express plus the mail train is known as the Surma Mail.

The accompanying article gives nitty gritty data about the timetables and ticket costs of all trains keeping going the Dhaka to Sylhet course: Dhaka to Sylhet Train Timetable and Ticket Cost.

However, in the event that you’re to refer Sylhet from Chittagong, if it’s not too much trouble, examine Chittagong to Sylhet Train Timetable with Ticket Cost.

Dhaka to Sylhet by Bus

Jaflong best tourusm places

What’s more, to going  to Sylhet by transport from Dhaka , as numerous Jaflong – bound vacationers have gone, it could be advantageous for you to get the name of the transport convenined, how much admission and the telephone quantities of the transport counter. So in that article we have incorporated all essential infomation for you close to Dhaka – Sylhet Transport (AC and Non-AC ) .

How to go to Jaflong from Sylhet

View of River in Jaflong

Jaflong porzoton bit is 60 km a long way from Sylhet city area . You can go by transport, vehicle, auto-cart or leguna. It can require up two hours to arrive at Jaflong of Sylhet city away bus,car Beaver State CNG auto – cart. Anyway , it might take somewhat longer to pass a leguna at a let down cost. Transport stoppage is at Shibganj, passage is around 81 taka. CNG worked Auto – cart station in  Amberkhana it Sylhet city , it will cost 1200 to 1500 Taka to benefit saved for an entire day. You can likewise hold a microbus from Chauhatta point, It might charge 3000-3500 Taka.

Hotels and Resorts in Jaflong.

Sylhet best places Jaflong

A large portion of individuals regularly visit Jaflong since a day visit from Sylhet. Be that as it may, assuming you need to expedite, you can pick fro one of these inns and resorts:

Parjatan Motel

Situated external the town, has just 7 rooms valued 1800 BDT and 2000.00 BDT.

Contracr: +8802983710

Janint Hill Resort
Found 5km away of town. Room cost begins from 2,300.00 BDT.

Contact no: +01755045051

Inn Jaflong Hotel

Situated on Mamar Bazar(town focus:) Room cost begins of,1200.00 BDT.

Contact no: 01765686363

Shah Amin Hotel

The nearest locatin of the river.Room cost begins of 1,000.00 BDT.

Contact no : 01795935679

Other Hotels

Differently these, there are a few modest lodgings in Mamar Bazar( town focus) ,the cost of which ought to begin from 300.00 BDT.

Where to Eat in Jaflong

The 2 best eateries in Jaflong live the Jaflong View Café, you can see the magnificence of No Point from the eatery. Another café is Jaflong Hotel , which is situated in the Mamar Market and around 2 km of Zero Point.

Border Security and Deep Water Risks

Jaflong Sylhet Bangladeshbest places

Travelers hoping to swim in the wonderful waters of Jaflong plus the Zero Point should know about the dangers from profound water, which buns plunge to more noteworthy profundities in certain spots with minimal advance notice. What’s more, regard and consideration should be displayed to the Bangladesh line watches – Jaflong is in a boundary region and there are various standards and guidelines to continue in light of a legitimate concern for security.

Best time to visit Jaflong

In the event that you are keen on the normal excellence of Jaflong, the best opportunity to visit will be throughout the nonsoon ( July-September). Assuming you are keen on shooting the stone gathering exercises, you really want to visit during winter ( Oct to May) . There leave be no stone gathering exercises here during the storm.

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