Kaptai Lake Rangamati Best Tourism Places in Sylhet.

Kaptai Lake was  the biggest lake on Bangladesh. It is situated in the Kaptai lake Upazila below Rangamati Region of Chittagong Part. The lake was made because of building up the Kaptai Dam in the Karnaphuli Stream, as a component of the Karnaphuli Hydr–electric venture. Kaptai Lake’s typical profundity is 100 fts (30 m) and greatest profundity is 490 fts (150 meter).

kaptai lake from top
kaptai lake from top

Histroy of Kaptai Lake

Development of the supply for the hydr–electric plant started in 1956 near the Public authority of East Pakistan. Thus, 54,000 sections of land (220 km2) from farmland on the Rangamati Region went submerged and made the lake. The hydr–electric venture was subsidized by the US. The venture was done in 1962. Worldwide Designing Organization and Utah Global Inc. gotten the agreement for development of the dam. This is  dam makes up 670.8 ms long, and 54.8 meters heights. The dam up has a 745 fts (227 m) pant spillway containing 16 entryways. Through the spill way 5,250,000 cubic foot/s (149,000.00 m3/s) from water buns pass.

kaptai lake
kaptai lake

The bring that went submerged because of the dam development, was 45% of the absolute arable land nearby. Alongside that, 29 square measure (75 km) of the Public authority possessed timberland, and 234 square measure (611 km2) of other woodland land went submerged. Around 18,000.00 families with a sum of very nearly 100 thousand individuals were likewise dislodged. The royal residence of the ruler of the Chakra was additionally overflowed and is presently submerged.

When to visit Kaptai Lake in Rangamati

kaptai lake

You  are can have an excursion to Kaptai Lake lasting through the year. However, in the blustery season, the excellence of cascades along the lakes lives at its pinnacle.

How To Go

By utilizing street/train/air of any spots to Chattogram, and then By nearby vehicle to Objective. Speed endlessly boats are accessible available at the save market, Tabalchhari, and traveler wharves. The lease is Rs. 1200 to 1500/ – each hour for accelerate boat and R.s. 500-600/ – for homegrown boat.

lake view from navy campe

Where to stay during the trip

For the short term visit in Kaptai, you improve contact the public authority rest house experts in Kaptai ahead of time. It is likewise conceivable to go through the night for minimal price in the rest places of the Armeria, PDB, Water Improvement Board, and Backwoods Division subject to the authorization of the concerned office. Rangamati  is can be a superior spot to go through the dark as it is near Kaptai. Room lease of lodgings in Rangamati can go from BDT 400.00  to 10,000.00 dependintg in the quality.

Popular cuisine in the locale

Kaptai lake

There are a few cafés based on little islands in Kaptai Lake places . You can purchase lunch or potentially the essential food things from that point. On the other hand, you can get some flavorful food in the drifting café nearby the maritime base. The nearby eateries are accessible consistently from 10am to night.

Places to enjoy nearby Kaptai lake

kaptai lake floating

To appreciate Kaptai Lake from exceptionally near the water, you need to come to an outing spot called Lake Heaven. A boat excursion to Kaptai Lake  places from hither cann be a memoraaaaavle know for you. You  are can see this eye-getting excellence by holding a speedboat or an boat. You can lease a motor got boat for one hr among BDT 200.00 and 300 lease.

The sightseers partake in the adventure of kayaking  places here. In additivity to Lake Heaven, Zoom Eatery offers boats trips , kayaking. You can begin kayaking in the Karnafuli stream close to Kaptai. Likewise ? There is an astounding an open door for you  are to have a good time by riding a streetcar in Sheik Russell Ecopark.

panoramic beauty of kaptai

Furthermore, when you call Kaptai, put Kornfuli  plcaces Hydropower Statialong on your list of must-dos. Assuming you have time, don’t miss Naval force Camp Excursion spot, Zoom Restarrant Cookout Spot, Waggachhora Tea Domain.

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