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Khulna is the third biggest city in Bangladesh after Dhaka and Chittagong. It is the regulatory domain of Khulna Locale and Khulna Division..In the 2011 enumeration, the city had a populace of 663,342.

Khulna is situated on the bank of the Rupsha and Bhairab Waterways. Khulna is served by Port of Mongla (the second-biggest seaport in the nation), and is one of two head maritime war rooms facilitating the Bangladesh Naval force. The naval force base BNS Titumir is in the city.

A view of Khulna City
A view of Khulna City

Khulna is viewed as the doorway to the Sundarbans, the world’s biggest mangrove timberland and home of the Regal Bengal tiger. It is north of the Mosque City of Bagerhat, an UNESCO World Legacy Site.


Khulna was essential for the antiquated realms of Vanga and Samatata. It turned into a piece of the Sena line during the twelfth century rule of Ballala Sena, and shaped piece of the Bagri division of Bengal. During the fourteenth hundred years, Shamsuddin Firoz Shah was the primary Muslim ruler to show up in the city.. A Muslim holy person, Khan Jahan Ali, procured a jagir (fiefdom) with an enormous part of the Khulna Division from the ruler of Gauḍa during the fifteenth hundred years. Ali practiced the full privileges of power until his passing in 1459.

After Ali’s demise, the city again turned into a piece of the Sultanate of Bengal. During the reign of Daud Khan Karrani in the sixteenth 100 years, Vikramaditya (one of Karrani’s main priests) got an award in southern Bengal — including Khulna — when Karrani was battling the Mughals. Vikramaditya laid out a sovereign realm with its capital at Iswaripur (presently in Jessore Region). Khulna stayed subject to independent nawabs (leaders) of Bengal until 1793, when the English East India Organization canceled nizamat (nearby rule) and assumed command over the city. The city turned into a piece of Jessore Region in 1842, and turned into the base camp of Khulna Locale (the Khulna and Bagerhat developments of Jessore area, the Satkhira development of 24 Parganas locale, and the Sundarbans) in 1882. Khulna had a pouroshava (metropolitan board) in 1884, which turned into a civil organization in 1984.

A view of Khulna Nagar Bhaban from Hadis Park Fountain.
A view of Khulna Nagar Bhaban from Hadis Park Fountain.

Before 19 August 1947, Khulna locale was a piece of unified Bengal. Khulna originally pronounced as a piece of India in 1947, and the Indian banner was flown on 15 August. Syed Mohammad Abdul Halim an authority of then Bengal common help composed the notice and send it to the limit commission to remember Khulna for Pakistan, the limit commission proclaimed khulna under the east Bengal region. Sher e Bangla A.K.Fazlul Haq, Hamidul Haq Chowdhur, Muslim Association pioneers Khan A.Sabue, Abdul Mojid Khan, Supporter Hamidul Haq Chowdhury likewise associated with this cycle. During the Bangladesh Freedom War, Pakistan Armed force made 314th impromptu detachment to clutch Khulna. The Mukti Bahini warriors in Khulna were important for area 8 under the order of Major Abu Osman Chowdhury, and later under Significant Mohammad Abdul Monjur.


Bangladesh Liberation War statue at the Khulna University of Engineering Technology
Bangladesh Liberation War statue at the Khulna University of Engineering Technology

Khulna is Bangladesh‘s third-biggest city, after Dhaka and Chittagong. It covers an area of 59.57 square kilometers (23.00 sq mi);[12] the region covers 4,394.46 square kilometers (1,696.71 sq mi). Khulna is south of Jessore and Narail, east of Satkhira, west of Bagerhat and north of the Inlet of Bengal. It is essential for the Ganges Delta, the world’s biggest waterway delta. The Sundarban, the world’s biggest mangrove backwoods, is in the southern piece of the delta. Salt marsh environments likewise happen nearby the city. Khulna is in the northern piece of the region, and the Mayur Stream is the western limit of the metropolitan region.


Brajalal College pond
Brajalal College pond

Under the Koppen environment order, Khulna highlights a tropical wet and dry environment. Khulna is essentially affected in the rainstorm or blustery season. Khulna gets less precipitation contrasted and different pieces of Bangladesh because of the topography and the impacts of the biggest mangrove woodland on the planet, The Sunderbans, found south of Khulna. Its yearly typical precipitation is 1,878.4 mm (73.95 in), and around 87% falls among May and October. Moreover, Khulna gets outrageous precipitation from tornadoes which are shaped in the Cove of Bengal during certain years.


Khulna is located in Khulna division
Khulna is located in Khulna division

The Sundarbans, in Khulna Locale, is home to the Bengal tiger and the world’s biggest virgin mangrove timberland. It is an UNESCO World Legacy Site.The Mosque City of Bagerhat is a previously lost city in suburbia of Bagerhat, around 15 miles (24 km) south-est of Khulna. It is likewise a World Legacy Site.

Rabindra Complex is in the town of Dakkhindihi, 19 kilometers (12 mi) from Khulna. The home of Rabindranath Tagore’s father by marriage, Beni Madhab Roy Chowdhury, Tagore visited it a few times. The Khulna Divisional Exhibition hall, established in 1998, is the city’s just gallery. It was laid out by Bangladesh‘s Branch of Paleohistory.


Khulna railway station
Khulna railway station

Khulna Civil Committee was established on 12 December 1884, and turned into a metropolitan partnership in 1984 and a city enterprise in 1990. Khulna City Partnership is a self-overseeing organization show to a chosen chairman, who oversees the city’s 31 wards.

Khulna Metropolitan Police (KMP) keeps up with the rule of law and directs traffic stream in the metropolitan region. It has eight police headquarters: Khulna Kotwali Thana, Sonadanga Thana, Khalishpur Thana, Daulatpur Thana, Khan Jahan Ali Thana, Aarongghata Thana, Horintana Thana and Labonchora Thana. The Metropolitan Officer Court (CMM) mediates the city’s legitimate issues. The Khulna Improvement Authority (KDA) plans and arranges the city’s turn of events. Khulna Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (KWASA) matches the KCC.

Khulna has two parliamentary bodies electorate: Khulna-02 (Khulna Sadar Thana and Sonadanga Thana) and Khulna-03 (Khalishpur Thana, Daulatpur Thana and part of Khan Jahan Ali Thana). Khulna Region and Khulna Division are settled in the city.


Khan Jahan Ali Bridge which carries the Khulna City Bypass over the Rupsha River
Khan Jahan Ali Bridge which carries the Khulna City Bypass over the Rupsha River

In the 2011 registration, Khulna had a populace of 663,342.The city and its metropolitan region had an expected 2014 populace of 1.022million. The city’s proficiency rate is 59.1 percent, higher than the public normal of 56.5 percent.

A large portion of Khulna‘s populace is Bengali, similar to the remainder of Bangladesh. Many individuals from Noakhali Area live in the city. Khulna likewise has a Bihari populace.

Most inhabitants of Khulna communicate in Bengali (the public language, its tongues and provincial dialects). English is grasped by a huge portion of the populace, particularly for business. There is a minority Urdu-talking populace, relatives of Muslims dislodged from eastern India in 1947 who looked for shelter in East Bengal. A large number of them should be visible in the Khalishpur area of Khulna city.

Islam is Khulna‘s significant religion, rehearsed by 80.12 percent of the populace. Different religions are Hinduism (19.11 percent), Christianity (0.67 percent) and Buddhism (0.04 percent).


Gollamari Khulna.
Gollamari Khulna.

Khulna is the Bangladesh‘s third-biggest financial focus. Significant areas are jute, synthetic substances, fish and fish bundling, food handling, sugar processing, power age and shipbuilding. The city is home to branch workplaces of various public organizations, including M. M. Ispahani Restricted, BEXIMCO, James Finlay Bangladesh, Highest point Power and the Abul Khair Gathering. The biggest organizations situated in the city incorporate Khulna Shipyard, Bangladesh Link Shilpa Restricted, Bangladesh Oxygen, Platinum Celebration Plants, Star Jute Factories and the Khulna Oxygen Organization. The economy of Khulna is the third biggest in the People groups Republic of Bangladesh, contributing $52 billion in ostensible gross state item and $94 billion in buying power equality terms starting around 2020.


Khan Jahan Ali Hall of Khulna University Bangladesh
Khan Jahan Ali Hall of Khulna University Bangladesh

Carts are the most famous method for public vehicle in Khulna for little excursions, and auto carts are additionally normal. Nagar Paribahan transports have successive help among Rupsha and Phultala, on stops all through Khulna. Cruisers are famous among the working class, and more well off individuals favor a confidential vehicle.

The N7 expressway interfaces Khulna with the remainder from Bangladesh, plus the Khulna City Sidestep is a significant street. The R760 associates Satkhira and western Khulna Locale. There are a few cross country transport administrations accessible in Khulna (generally exclusive), and the Bangladesh Street Transport Organization works between locale transport administration from the city. Sonadanga Transport Terminal is Khulna’s principal transport terminal. Significant transport courses incorporate KhulnaJessore-Dhaka;  and Khulna-Goplaganj-Dhaka;  and Khulna-Jessore-Kushtia;  and Khulna-Satkhira;  and Khulna-Bagerhat; Khulna and Mongla; Khulna-Narail;  and Khulna-Barisal; Khulna-Rajshahi;  and Khulna-Faridpur; Khulna and Kuakata, and Khulna-Dhaka and Chittagong.


Prafulla Chandra Ray
Prafulla Chandra Ray

Khulna rail line station is the city’s proncipal station on the city. Bangladesh Rail line works six intercity prepares: the Sundarban, Chitra Convey (to Dhaka), the Kapotaksha , Sagardari Express (to Rajshahi), plus the Rupsa Convey  Seemanta Convey to Chilahati. Two

suburbanite express trains serve Benapole, notwithstanding mail trains to Parbatipur,  and Chapainawabganj  Goalanda. There are 4 other rail route stations on Khulna, and two more (notwithstanding the Rupsha Rail Extension) are under development as a component of the Khulna-Mongla Harbor Rail route project. They are Khulna Intersection, Daulatpur School, Daulatpur and Shiromoni,  and Arongghata, Mohammadnagar.


Sheikh Razzak Ali meeting with Queen Elizabeth II
Sheikh Razzak Ali meeting with Queen Elizabeth II

 Jessore Air terminal, which is arranged 50 kilometers north from the city center on.Biman Bangladesh Carriers, US-Bangla Carriers, Novoair and different carriers have ordinary trips among Jessore and Dhaka, with cooled transport administration from the air terminal to Khulna.Most from the yearly travelers of Jashore Air terminal are of Khulna city.


A few traveler dispatches and freight administrations work from the Bangladesh Domestic Water Transport Authority Send off Terminal in Khulna, with expedited administration to Dhaka.


Tanvir Mokammel
Tanvir Mokammel

Khulna has various instructive establishments including the Khulna College of Designing and Innovation (KUET). The Khulna College of Designing and Innovation (KUET) is the main designing college in Khulna, has been positioned in the 2019 release of QS Asian College Rankings.Brajalal School, established in 1902, equals the city’s most seasoned advanced education organization. It likewise has an overall population college, named Khulna College which is the main state funded college in Bangladesh where understudy legislative issues is restricted. There is additionally a farming college, named Khulna Rural College (KAU) which had its most memorable clump in 2018. The Khulna Clinical School (KMC) and BL School are additionally in the city. North Westerly College, Bangladesh (NWU) plus the Northern College of Business and Innovation (NUBT) are private organizations.


1. Khulna University of Engineering & Technology .

2. Sheikh Hasina Medical University

3.Khulna University .

4.North Western University, Khulna .

5.Khan Jahan Ali University

6.Khulna Agricultural University


1. Khan Jahan Ali College of Engineering and Technology

2.Shahid Suhrawardy College Khulna

3.Azam Khan Government Commerce College

4.BN English School and College

5.BN School and College, Khulna

6.Cantonment Public College

7.Daulatpur College (Day/Night)

8.Bangabandhu College

9.Hazi Md Muhasin College

10.Government Majid Memorial City CollegeGovt. Pioneer Women’s College

11.Govt. Sundarban College

12.Islamabad Collegiate School Khulna (ICSK)

13.Islamia College

14.KCC Women’s College

15.Ahshanullah College

16.Khulna Govt. Women’s College

17.Khulna Public College

18.Military Collegiate School Khulna (MCSK)

19.Chuknagar Degree College

20.Mohshin College

21.Rayermohal (Honours) College, Khulna Sadar

22.Shahpur Madhugram College, Shahpur, Khulna

23.Govt. B.L College Daulatpur, Khulna

24.South Herald English School and College

Polytechnic institutes

1.City Polytechnic Institute Khulna (private)

2.Desh Polytechnic Institute (private)

3.Hope Polytechnic Institute (private)

4.Islami Bank Polytechnic Institute (private)

5.Khan Jahan Ali Polytechnic Institute (private)

6.Khulna Mohila Polytechnic Institute

7.Khulna Polytechnic Institute

8.Khulna Technical Institute (private)

9.Mangrove Polytechnic Institute of Science and Technology (private)

10.North South Polytechnic Institute (private)

11.Sundarban Polytechnic Institute (private


The Beauty of the Sundarbans bangladesh
The Beauty of the Sundarbans bangladesh

Cricket plus football are the 2 most famous games on Khulna, and the Khulna Part cricket crew has its home ground on the city. Khulna’s Bangladesh Head Association Khulna Titans were previously the Khulna Imperial Bengals. The Khulna Abahani Guild played on Bangladesh Football Head Association for a few seasons before its transfer in the 2008-09 People’s Republic of Bangladesh Chief Association season.

Sheik Abu Naser Arena, the city’s just worldwide games setting (facilitating test cricket, One Day Global and Twenty20 Worldwide matches), turned into Bangladesh‘s seventh test-cricket scene on 21 Nov 2012; it likewise has a few Bangladesh Chief Association matches.Khulna Region Arena has other homegrown games and comprehensive developments.

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