Kuakata Sea Beach,Bangladesh : Magnificent sunrise and sunset time views.

Kuakata lives a town on southern Bangladesh experienced for its all encompassing ocean side. Kuakata ocean side is a sandy spread 18 kilometers (11 mile) long and 3 kilometers (1.9 mile) wide. From the ocean side one ca have an unhindered perspective on both dawn and nightfall over the Cove of Bengal.

History and Culture of Kuakata

Beautiful Kuakata Beach
Beautiful Kuakata Beach

The call Kuakata started from the discussion ‘kuakata sea beach the Bengali news for “good” which was dug in the beach by the early on Rakhine colonists(Burmese clans) in journey of gathering drinking water. They arrived on the Kuakata slide in the eighteenth 100 years in the wake of being ousted from Arakan (Burma) by the Burmese radicals . A short time later, it has turned into a practice of cutting into wells in the neighborhoods of Rakhaine clans for water.

Kuakata location

Best tourism places Kuakata,Bangladesh.
Best tourism places Kuakata,Bangladesh.

Kuakata is arranged in Kalapara Upazila porishod , Patuakhali Locale. It is around 320 kilometers (200 mi) south from Dhaka, is the capital, and around 70 kilometers (43 mile) from the locale central command.


As indicated by the 2011 Bangladesh registration, Kuakata got 2,065 families and a populace of 9,078.

Culture of Kuakata

Cyclone signal 7 Kuakata Sea Beach Patuakhali Bangladesh
Cyclone signal 7 Kuakata Sea Beach Patuakhali Bangladesh

Kuakata  sea beach is a position of journey for Hindu plus Buddhist people group. Incalculable aficionados show up here at the celebrations of ‘Rush Purnima’ plus ‘Maghi Purnima’. Along these events the pioneers clean up at the sound and take part in the conventional fairs. One might visit a 100-yr-old Buddhist sanctuary where the sculpture of Goutama Buddha  temple and 2 200-yr-old wells are found.

Best Tourism Places of Kuakata


The town  of Kuakata has ocean side named Kuakata Ocean side. Numerous vacationers visit the spot to see the ocean side in spite of the fact that it hasn’t worldwide acknowledgment like Cox’s Bazar Ocean side yet it is well known in Bangladesh. There ar many spots traveler visit, for example, –

1.Kuakata Public Park

2.Kuakata Ecoparkj places

3.Wood of Fatra

4.Good of Kuakata places

5.Shima Buddhist Cloister

6.Rakhaine settlement from Keranipara places

7.Alipur Port places

8.Mishripara of  Buddhist Cloister

9.Forest from Gangamati

fatrar char kuakata
fatrar char kuakata

How to reach Kuakata?

You buns go by street or by the waterway however the lanunch. However, anything the manner in which you take, to  you will arrive at there by 9 to 10 am on the first part of the day.

By Launch:

From the  Sadarghat 2 or three vehicles dispatches to Patuakhali.

Beginning Time: 5:30,  to 6:30 , 7 pm

Appearance time in Patuakhali Send off Ghat: 6.00 am following morning

Vehicle Name:  The Sunderbaban,  and Saikat, Sattar and Khan, Achol

Lease : Lodge (single) Tk. 350, (twofold) Tk. 600.00, (family) Tk.700 (celebrity AC) 1500

Deck Taka. 150

At the point when you show up Patuakhali, you buns have your morning meal in any lodging close by and attend the transport dipo by rikshaw. Nearby transport there will take Taka. 60 and direct transport will take Taka. 80 to take  of you are to kuakata ocean side by 5 , 3.5 hrs.

By Direct Launch:

Kuakata Sea Beach , Patuakhali.
Kuakata Sea Beach , Patuakhali.

You can likewise take an immediate stream boat of Dhaka sadarghat end to Patuakhali. This excursion will cost you  are about equivalent to Barisal and these are  boats passes on minimal ahead of schedule around 4.00 to 7 .00PM. Stream boats are a lot more pleasant in Barisal course. Another effect is the time with respect to taking this course. You will arrive at Pautakhali about 7 .00 to 8.00  AM. From hither you board a nearby flimsy transport to Kuakata, around three hours. Distance among Pautakhali plus Kuakata is around 70 km.

By Road:

Kuakata Sea Beach Bangladesh
Kuakata Sea Beach Bangladesh

The distance by street of Dhaka to  Kuakata lives 380 kilometer. From Dhaka a few transports including Hanif Paribanhan, Brilliant line Paribahan, and Survi Paribahan, Salaah Paribahan, and Druti Paribahan attend kuakata. Transports leave from Gabtoli transport represent Kuakata. The charge of these transports is Tk.800 to 1000 for every individual (2018 yr),while the air conditioner Transport passage is Taka. 1000+ . The transports will cast off you off close to the ocean side, and you can stroll to the ocean side. It carries about i3 hrs to arrive at Kuakata by transport of Dhaka.

kuakata sea beach Bangladesh
kuakata sea beach Bangladesh

Barisal to Kuakata:

To go Kuakata of Barisal city at first you need to become Patuakhali. So you are  can pick Barisal “Rupatoli transport stand” or “Natullabad transport stand”. There are accessible Patuakhali or Khepupara transport administrations. You can pick any appropriate transport from that point. From Patuakhali you are  can going  to  kuakata by any nearby assistance.

*Cost might fluctuate relying upon various variables.

Dhaka to Kuakata via Patuakhhali by Launch:

Jhau Bon, Kuakata best tourism places
Jhau Bon, Kuakata best tourism places

Since the separation from Patuakhali  go to   Kuakata is somewhat short, many individuals pick the Patuakhali water course to go  Kuakata plcaes . The send-offs of Patuakhali began their journy of Dhaka Sadarghat among 6 PM plus 7 PM. The admission is roughly Tk.300-400 at hand, Tk 1000-3000+ taka  on the lodge. From Patuakhali waterway port you need to going to the transport stand via auto or cart , and from that point you need to going to Kuakata by Transport. Bust admission is around taka 150-200. It leave require around 2 hours to arrive at Kuakata.

Cost of Living in Kuakata

Kuakata has 2 Daak bunglows plus Sagar Kanya The travel industry Occasion Homes. Moveover, LGED, streets and roadways , locale counil,  Rakhine Culture Institute have a few rest houses. How,in request to remain in these spots, earlier consent of the concerend division must be taken . As well,more than 50 private hjotels and inns have been effect in this vacationer city on confidential drive. The expense in those inns and lodgings and lodgings begins from tk.600 each evening ,which will increment relying upon the quality. Future, there are a few restaurnts go  to have a dinner.

Where to Stay

Kuakata Sea Beach_Patuakhali Bangladesh
Kuakata Sea Beach_Patuakhali Bangladesh

There are numerous lodgings in Patuakhali to remain in. Some from them have been recorded underneath for your help.

1. Inn Banani Castle

Contact: +88 01713-674189

2. Inn Kuakata Motel

Kuakata Parjatan region,

Sadar Street, Kolapara,


Telephone: +88 0442856031

Versatile: +88 0175000817778, +8801555012500

3. Inn Sky Castle

Contact: 0177507479

4. Ocean side Safe house

Contact: 01730021341

5. Inn Nilanjona

Address: Inverse of Rakhain Ladies Market,

Kuakata and Patuakhali, Bangladesh.

Telephone: +88 0442856014, 856018

Versatile: +88 01712927904

6. Inn Mohona

Address: Kuakata  sea beach Parjatan Region,

Kuakata, Patuakhali, Bangladesh.

Things to do

1. Take pictures from long wide ocean side in ordinary regular setting.

2. Look at the red sun ascending from ocean in a charming climate.

3. You might go to the carnies and celebrations during the hour of’ Rush Purnima’ plus ‘Maghi Purnima’,

4. Notice the unmistakable traditions and outfits of the ‘Rakhain’ people group,

5. See the old Buddhist sanctuary and the biggest Buddha sculpture of Bangladesh,

6. Look out the transient birds which are pervasive in winter.

Eating Facilities

A few inns or inns offer feasts to their visitor. Neighborhood accessible eateries furnish with nearby food.

Travel Tips

You’ll find numerous local area experts around the ocean with bikes. They offer outings to different spots close to the ocean side. They convey photograph collection of the closest spot of where you can pick your agenda. You can recruit one from them to have cruiser visit around the ocean side. Typically they require 200-500  tk for one-4 hrs of ride. These aides can take 2 travelers on the posterior of their bike at one time. It is encouraged to recruit them and so you can consider all the closest spots rapidly.


Best time to visit Kuakata

You can call Kuakata any season. Yet, it is prescribed to visit throughout the tumble to winter (Oct to Spring) as the weather conditions stays cool and calm. In the event that you going  to Kuakata throughout the late spring ,you can discover a harsh form of Kuakata sea beach.  You will get at see the huge waves going down on the grounds during summer.

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