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Kurnool is a metropolis in the province of Andhra Pradesh, state of India. It previously filled in As the working capital of Andhra Pradesh State . The city is frequently alluded to as “The Passage of Rayalaseema”. It additionally fills in as the area base camp of its Kurnool locale. It is situated on the banking company of the Tungabhadra stream. Albeit the region has been occupied for millennia, current Kurnool was established in the sixteenth century CE with the development of the Konda Reddy Stronghold.

Best Tourism Places To Visit In Kurnool


Tyda Park – Environmental Friendly Project

Yaganti, in the Kurnool locale of Andhra Pradesh state  in India, is a well known traveler site that is renowned for its Tempe of Sr Yagantiswamy, which is devoted to Ruler Shiva and is the ideal method for getting a vibe of the Andhra Pradesh the travel industry. Otherwise called Uma Maheshwara Tempe, the antiquated Sri Yagantiswamy Tempe traces all the way back to the fifth and sixth hundreds of years. The Tempe houses the symbol of Shiva and Parvathi combined, called Ardhanareeswara. The celebration of Maha Shiv Ratri  brotho which comes down around October or November every year is praised with incredible ceremony and show at the Tempe. Vacationers and particularly fans of Ruler Shiva run to the Tempe in tremendous numbers on this time.

The wonderful Tempe orders high adoration as a result of its strict importance as well as in light of the fact that it has many coming to and strange elements. In the first place, Yaganti is maybe the main Tempe committed to Master Shiva, where he is revered as an icon, rather than Shiva Linga. The Tempe likewise has the Agastya Pushkarni, whereas water streams from the lower part of the slope, over time. Admirers take a dunk in the sacred water as a type of love to the god.

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Story of Yaganti

There are various stories rotating around the genuine beginnings of the Tempe. As indicated by one record, the sage Agastya needed to fabricate a Tempe for Master Venkateswara at such site. For certain reasons, the sculpture of the Master couldn’t be introduced be here, and the wise then penanced for Ruler Shiva. At the point when Ruler Shiva showed up, the sage understood that the spot fit him better. He then mentioned Ruler Shiva to show up in the Ardhanareeswara structure, to which he obligated, and which is available structure adored here.

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As per a subsequent story, when a lover of Master Shiva, done it by the name from Chitteppa, was revering the Ruler; the last option appeared to him as a tiger. Chitteppa perceived that it was Ruler Shiva in the tiger structure, and he shouted ‘Neganti Shivanu ne kanti’, and that signifies ‘I saw Siva I saw’.

The various regular caverns in the slopes around the Tempe were home to a few holy people all through the long time, and have even out housed the Incomparable Telugu holy person and crystal gazer, Potuluri Veera Brahman Garu.

Yaganti Caverns

There are many cavern sanctuaries in Yaganti, neighboring the fundamental Tempe. These caverns barely get any normal light, yet the counterfeit light given by the various diyas lit inside the caverns make them wake up.

Unmistakable caverns incorporate the Agastya cave and  which is accepted to be where holy person Agastya performed repentance to get Master Shiva’s gifts; the Veera Brahmam Cavern, the site whereas Potuluri Veer Brahmam, who is done it as India’s Nostradamus, thought of certain sections of his predictions in the Kala Gnanam plus the Venkateswara Cavern. This large number of caverns are open for love from sunset to sunrise.

Culture and Customs

The Tempe is representative of the rich traditions and customs that together comprise a brilliant and energetic country. In spite of the way that the Tempe is situated in the midst of a timberland, it is never shockingly calm whenever of the day. Truth be told, it is humming with individuals and travelers lasting through the day; approaching their work, planning for exhibitions of different fanciful stories, or praising the various fests.

1. A fabulous element of the Tempe is its ‘Pushkarini’ – water pour with exceptionally unadulterated water.

2. As per legends, crows don’t fly in Yaganti. The savvy, thus, reviled the crows not to get in the premises. Ago the crow is looked at to the vehicle of Master Shani, even he can’t enter the Tempe.

3. Maybe the most popular legend related with the Tempe, which has spread the word, is about the developing size from the Nandi. The explanation, they land, Is that the stone has a developing or growing nature related with it.

Ways to visit Yaganti

1. The region has respectable confidential convenience for every one of the individuals who need to remain here.

2. There ar no eateries close to the Tempe. You can buy water and snacks of the shops found close by.

3. The Tempe gives free lunch and supper in an enormous feasting lobby, and the solid food quality is superb.

Step by step instructions to Arrive at Yaganti

Assuming you are going by street, Yaganti is found 340 kms from Hyderabad and 70 kilometers from Kurnool, in Karnataka. Of Hyderabad, 1 can take NH to Kurnool and afterward NH18 to Yaganti by accepting a correct to Banaganapalle. Yaganti is simply one more 18 kilometers from here.

Yaganti is thus very simple to reach.

2. Belum Caverns

Borra Caves

Situated in the Kurnool locale of Andhra Pradesh, Belum Caverns are the biggest longest cavern framework in India actually open for the travelers. The second biggest caverns in India later the Krem Liat Praha in Meghalaya and well known for their remarkable developments, for example, tapered rock and stalagmite developments, the caverns were framed over a time of millions of yrs with the ensuing arrangement of limestone. 1 of the halfway safeguarded landmarks of public significance, the Belum Caverns has various pathways with complex examples of water stream on stone which will undoubtedly leave you awestruck above the sheer will of quality and the excellence it can createAt a few places, the profundity of Belum Caverns dives as deep as 46 ms, this point is done it as Pataalaganga. An resistance stream streams the entire year as of now, floating over the stones and concealing underneath the surface once more. The cavern comprises of different long sections, displays, enormous pits with new endlessly water burrows. The caverns are an outright gala for Scientists as there are three tremendous sinkholes framed because of the development of underground water stream. A tremendous forty feet high sculpture of Master Buddha was introduced external the caverns to celebrate the jobs of priests in the caverns.

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History of Belum Caverns

The caverns were constantly known to the neighborhood individuals, yet it was found by English geologist and classicist Robert Bruce Footed in 1884. Albeit, the caverns stayed inconspicuous until a German group drove by Herbert Daniel Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher made an investigation of the caverns in 1982.The archeological division found a few mud vessels utilized by Jain holy people from the site separated from Buddhist relics.

Structures in Belum Caverns

Belum caves are the dark limestone caves which have the absolute most strange cavern structures. Inside the caverns is the labyrinth of 16 ways and an entry chamber. 1 of the most prominent highlights of the cavern is the dazzling stone arrangements called Saptasvarala Guha (the office of 7 notes.The Kotilingalu Bedchamber contains huge number of normally made symbols. The lingams are framed of underground rock formations. Voodalamari is another tapered rock development looking like a banyan tree. One thousand hoods, one more tapered rock development is formed in the hood of one thousand of cobras. Dhyan Mandola is an intriguing stone limestone development molded as a bed with cushion, nearby legend recommends this spot was utilized as the contemplation place by all holy people.

A significant design of the caverns is committed to the period of time when it was attacked by the Jainist and Buddhist priests. Proof of the Jainist and Buddhist remaining parts have been tracked down in the caverns. A reflection nook, holy person’s bed, and a few relics were found from the cavern. Barely any relics found inside the caverns could be traced all the way back to 4500 BC.

Preservation Endeavors by Government

The Belum Caverns were utilized to dump squanders before nearby individuals of Belum town and the cops cooperated with the public authority of Andhra Pradesh to form the site into a vacationer location. It required very nearly twenty years for the endeavors and Belum Caverns was subsequently pronounced as a safeguarded zone. The public authority spent in excess of 7,000,000 rupees to reestablish the caverns.

Best Time To Visit Belum Caverns

Convenience Close to Belum Caverns

Convenience choices are scant around the Belum Caverns. In any case, Andhra Pradesh The travel industry works a 32-bed dorm nearby the caverns. In the event that you are searching for a reasonable choice close to the caverns, this is a decent decision. Lodgings are accessible at closest townspeoples like Tadipatri plus Banganpalli which ar 30 and 20 kilometers away individually.

Ways to visit Belum Caverns

1. Convey a rucksack with a couple of water jugs and light bites, as there aren’t any suitable inside the caverns. Recruit an aide, there are no proper rates for guides, pay according to decision or arrange.

2. The caverns are thick and at places ineffectively ventilated, ensure you convey your water containers and wear the correct shoes for better investigation.

Step by step instructions to Arrive at Belum Caverns

Belum caves are situated in a little town with the call same. The Belum Town is found 106 kilometer from Kurnool; you behind take a transport or recruit a taxi to arrive at the Belum caves. It behind likewise be reached by employing a taxi of Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Direct transports utilize to Belum of Tadipatri.

• Air : The closest air terminal is at Hyderabad, An train to Kurnool can follow boarded from that point. Once can likewise employ an immediate taxi to Kurnool and afterward to Belum.

•Rail: The closest rail route train stastatineion is at Tadipathri places it is 30 kilometers away from the caverns. Transports and automobiles are accessible to cover the remainder of the excursion. One can likewise let down at Gooty train station, public vehicle like shared automobiles, taxis and maneuvers alongside state transports are accessible from here to arrive at the caverns.

•Street: Hyderabad is 350 kilometers away from Belum although Bangalore is 250kms by street. The closest bus stop is Tadipathri, which has incessant transport administration from the significant pieces of the city. The excursion hereon, can be attempted by shared cars and taxis.

3. Rollapadu Wildlife Tempe

An untamed life safe-haven spread around an area of 614sq kilometers in the Kurnool region of Andhra Pradesh,  state Rollapadu offers its guests an excursion into the wild, near nature, in the midst of various different types of greenery. Laid out in 1988, Rollapadu is particularly known for living the home to the jeopardized types of The Incomparable Indian Bustard and Little Florican. The natural life safe-haven, spread across the gigantic region is the home to lots birds and reptiles.

The natural life asylum, spread across colossal region is the home to lots birds and reptiles. Of Blackbucks to sparrows to hoods and of mynas to Indian rolls, Russell’s snakes and Indian cobras. A scope of safeguarded animal groups can be spotted here.

On the Rollapadu town close by, a man-made water repository, saved for the utilization of untamed life, one more supply for the assortment of water, Rollapadu Untamed life Safe-haven likewise sets an excellent illustration of the shared conjunction of humanity and nature.

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Best Time To Visit Rollapadu Wildlife Tempe

Rollapadu Natural life Safe-haven is best visited throughout the colder time of year season, for example among November and February. Kurnool encounters temperatures somewhere in the range of 26?C and 27?C.

Consistently, among June and September, Kurnool gets precipitation around 660 mm. Sightseers can skirt the season, yet assuming the downpours are excessively enticing, they might make a beeline for the safe-haven toward the finish of the storms which is in the long stretch of Sep/Oct when the woodland is rich green and the air is very charming. All through the season, the asylum has temperatures somewhere in the range of 33?C and 24?C.

The late spring season isn’t suggested in light of the fact that the mercury level generally arrives at 39?C during the pinnacle months.

Remain Close to Rollapadu Wildlife Tempe

There is no convenience at the Rollapadu Natural life Safe-haven, yet travelers can track down an adequate number of choices close to the asylum or in Kurnool City. A portion of the lodgings inside a range of five kilometers from the hold are Inn DVR House (3.6 kilometers), Sign Rule Inn (3.2 kilometers), Sai Krishna Temple  Residency (3.1 kilometers), The Mourya Motel (3.1 kilometers), S V Regime Inn (3.2 kilometers), Inn Atithi Regime (0.7 kilometers), MS9 Visitor Motel (1.8 Kilometers) and Inn Rajavihar Exclusive (4.6 kilometers from the fascination).

Tips For Visiting Rollapadu Wildlife Tempe

1. It is exhorted that you enlist a nearby manual for know the spot and study the variety exhaustively.

2. Convey your optics and investigate the safe-haven with a sack pack including water bottles, emergency treatment, light bites are recommended.

3. Be cautious with the wild, don’t wander into obscure places or attempt to take care of nature.

Instructions to arrive at Rollapadu Wildlife Sancturary

Rollapadu Wildlife Sancturary  is found 43 kilometers of Kurnool from where, the best way to arrive at the asylum, is by the streets. Leasing a taxi is the most ideal choice however taking a state transport can be a reasonable one. The course from Kurnool to the save goes by means of NH 40 – SH 50. Explorers need to accept the New Transport Stand Street on NH 41/SH 50 and head toward Kurnool – Guntur Street. Rollapadu Untamed life Safe-haven is around 36 kilometers ahead from Kurnool – Guntur Street.

•Air: Hyderabad Air terminal is the closest air terminal, 60 kms from the town, states transports, maneuvers and taxis are accessible from that point to Kurnool.

•Rail: The closest rail line station in Kurnool is 45 kilometers away from the safe-haven and is very much associated with the significant stations in the province of Andhra Pradesh and significant urban areas of the country. Shared taxis, maneuvers and transports are accessible to cover the remainder of the excursion.

•Street: APSRTC runs transports from the significant urban areas associating Rollapadu. The closest significant city nearest to Rolla padu Is Kurnool which is 43 kilometers away from the asylum. Kurnool is connected by street to the significant urban areas of the province of Andhra Pradesh same Vishakhapatnam  and Hyderabad and Bangalore.

4. Konda Reddy Stronghold Or Kondareddy Buruju

Konda Red Stronghold, otherwise called Kurnool Post or Kondareddy Buruju, is found only 2 kilometer away from Kurnool rail route station and is the main spot to call in Kurnool. The construction was worked by the leaders of the Vijayanagar Domain.

Climate : N.A.

Timings : 06:30 AM to 06:30 PM

Time Expected  : 2-3 hrs.

5. Venugoplaswami Temple

One of the well known sanctuaries in Kurnool, Venugoplaswami is likewise a famous vacation spot.

6. Mantralayam Tourism

Mantralayam – Famous Religious Site in Andhra Pradesh

Mantralayam is a sacred town arranged 74 km from Kurnool region in Andhra Pradesh  state and 250 kilometer from its state capital in Hyderabad.

Mantralayam is done it for Sri Master Raghavendra Master, a holy person who went into a samadhi alive before his devotees in seventeenth Century.The primary fascination here is the Tempe and Mutt “complex.” The Tempe elephants and chariots hefting the divinity around the Tempe on exceptional events is a marvelous sight, while the Tungabhadra waterway is likewise worth seeing.

Best Tourism Places To Visit In Mantralayam

1.Raghavendra Swami Temple

The altar of Manchalamma is close to it, both lying close to the Tungabhadra stream. The Tempe is open all day anyway the best opportunity to visit is at night as post the aarti  puja  start at 7 pm, at that place is a rathothsavam where a few chariots are drawn of the Tempe conveying the divinity followed by admirers reciting ceaselessly.

Later on the darshan of the divinity, you can unobtrusively turn the sanctum earning all the harmony from its environmental factors Separated from this Tempe, different spots that could be called are the Panchamuki Anjaneya Tempe, Lakshmivenkatesvara Tempe and the Vedic Pathashala.

Climate : N.A.

Timings : Mon – Sun: 06:00 AM to 02:00 PM and 04:00 PM to 08:00 PM

Best Opportunity To Visit : October – March.

2. Panchamukhi Anjaneya Temple

Situated a good ways off of 20 kilometer from Mantralayam  and  Panchamukhi in Karnataka and  Panchamukhi Anjaneya Tempe is a worshipped Hindu Tempe in view of the picturesque banks of Waterway Tungabhadra.

Panchamukhi Hanuman Tempe holds huge strict significance as it is accepted to be where Raghavendra Swamy thought for 12 straight years prior to getting comfortable Mantralaya. After his contemplation, four Hindu divine beings – Panchamukha Anjaneya, Kolhapur Mahalakshmi, Ruler Venkateswara and Master Vishnu as Varaha – showed up before Raghavendra Swamy places , at this places

The feature of the spot is the gigantic icon of Master Hanuman manifested on a colossal stone. Furthermore, the five-headed Anjaneya Tempe is roosted on a hillock which gives beauteous perspectives on the valley underneath. Beside the reward slows down and tea merchants, there is likewise a brilliant stone development as a bed and a pad that draws in traveler deluge too.

Climate : N.A.

Timings : Sun – Fri : 6:00 AM  to 01:00 PM and 03:00 PM – 08:00 PM ;

Sat : 06:00 AM  to 08:00 PM

Best Opportunity to Visit : October – March.

Renowned Observed Celebration : Hanuman Jayanthi.

Lord Anantha Padmanabha Temple andhra pradesh

More than on Mantralayam

A Profound Shelter for Sanatan Devotees

Named so for its otherworldly tendency towards Sanatan Dharma, the foundation of the present Hinduism, Mantralayam is a heavenly journey objective settled on the banks of Waterway Tungabhadra.

The site is notable for the Raghavendra Master Tempe, committed to Shri Raghavendra Master, a supporter of the Vrindavan religion of Ruler Krishna. The best chance to visit this Tempe is during the night aarti, at 07:00 PM, albeit the site is open day in and day out. Different locales worth visiting nearby the complex follow Panchmukhi Anjaneya Tempe, Lakshmi Venkateshwara Tempe and Vedic Pathshala.

Mantralayam Tempe Timings

6:00 AM to 08:30 AM

09:30 AM  to 02:00 PM

04:00 PM  to 09:30 PM

Eateries and Neighborhood Food in Mantralayam

The spot in and around the Tempe is stringently vegan. The Tempe offers great lunch and supper for the fans.

In a perfect world, arrive at Mantralayam by early afternoon and look into an inn. There are a few of these contribution rooms at modest rates. Ideally, pick the one nearer to the Tempe. Invigorate and visit the Tempe, which would equal at a mobile distance, around  06:00 PM  to  08:00 PM. The Tempe offers respectable lunch and supper for the enthusiasts separated from the couple of little eateries right external the Tempe. There’s an aarti at  07:00 PM adopted by a parade of chariots conveying the divinities called the ‘rathotsavam’. Right on time following morning, go to the stream (most enthusiasts scrub down here) and afterward visit the Tempe again prior to leaving.

7. Nagareswarasawami

One from the significant sanctuaries of Kurnool, Nagareswarasawami is called by local people and travelers the same.

Top Lodgings Close to Nagareswarasawami

8. Ahobilam Temple

Ahobilam Tempe, committed to Ruler Narasimha Master, is the main Tempe where every one of the nine types of the divinity are adored. The Tempe was worked by the Vijayanagara style of engineering and houses symbols of the multitude of nine types of Master Narasimha Master.

9. Oravakallu Rock Garden

There are a couple of standard scenes in Kurnool. One interesting stretch is a recreation area with volcanic stone developments. Track down here a café, little lakes, drifting offices and a cavern historical center. A less conventional climbing region and a piece uncommon cookout spot, this 1, is a should visit region in Kurnool.

Best Chance To Visit Oravakallu Rock Garden

The time from Spring to May When the city encounters summers is exceptionally sweltering and moist and favored less by guests. The inactive opportunity to call Kurnool is from Oct to Spring as the weather conditions is the most lovely then. A few vacationers likewise favor calling Kurnool throughout July to September similarly as rainstorm hits and corset in the city. The renowned Vehicle Celebration which is praised in the long stretch of Nov-Dec as a devotion to SriAjaneyaswami draws in numerous travelers.

Remain Close to Oravakallu Rock Garden

Kurnool has more than number of financial plan motels than lavish lodgings, the different travelers objections are not nearby, it is consequently recommended that vacationers might converse with their inn staff to set up for taxis for touring and pick drop office to and from the inn and so on.

Exercises At Oravakallu Rock Garden

Ananta padmanabhaswamy temple

Food At Oravakallu Rock Garden

There are a couple of little eateries spread around a ways off, it is as yet proposed that explorers pack dinners as they call in Oravakallu  to partake in a decent outing with loved ones.

Cafés Close to Oravakallu Rock Garden

One finds a nice APTDC eatery here.

Test Agenda For Oravakallu Rock Garden

Oravakallu can be covered coming back of Hyderabad and Belum.

Ways to visit Oravakallu Rock Garden

It is a wonderful traveler location, you can sit and partake in the peacefulness of the Garden, it very well may be a delightful excursion away of the city jazz. Employing an aide or buying a movement Gide may very well assist you with finding the spot better.

Instructions to arrive at Oravakallu Rock Garden

•Air:  The closest air terminal is Hyderabad which is 214 kms away from the city. Navigates and transports are in any event accessible which are regular and require almost 4-5 hours in finishing the excursion.

•Rail:  The city from Kurnool has a rail route station which is very much associated with the individual urban communities and significant rail line intersections of the country.

•Street:  Kurnool is 214 kilometers away from Hyderabad, 359 kilometers away from Chittoor and 147 kilometers from Anantapur. The streets are very much kept up with and ordinary transports show to the state the travel industry and move enterprise interface it to different urban communities.

10. Tomb of Abdul Wahab

Along the banks of Waterway Handri is a seventeenth century structure, the Burial chamber of Abdul Wahab. A landmark with intricate workmanship, two superb vaults, verandahs, curves and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, the burial place was worked after the passing of  the Abdul Wahab Khan, the primary Nawab of Kurnool.

This burial chamber is situated close to Osmania school and is otherwise called Gol Gummaz as it somewhat looks like Gol Gumbaz from Bijapur.

11. Buddha Statue

Buddha Sculpture is a lofty white sculpture with a hillock after it with ‘Belum Caverns’ composed on it. It is arranged in the Kurnool area of Andhra Pradesh. This sculpture is arranged close to a town named Kolimigundla, and the detour street prompts Tadipatri.

Buddha Sculpture situated in Kurnool is from a level of 40 ft. It existed worked by the Andhra Pradesh The travel industry Improvement Enterprise (APTDC) and had a spending plan of almost 10 Lakh. Its excellence draws in countless guests from everywhere the country. The sculpture was unveiled in the year 2005.

In the event that one remembers the level of the platform for which the sculpture is set, and the lotus which encompasses the foundation of the sculpture, the complete level of the sculpture adds up to be 60 ft.

Peruse More on Buddha Sculpture

About Buddha Sculpture

Prior, the Lotus had entryways watching it which are at this point not in working qualify and have fallen off. The Genus Lotus at first was intended to house a stone historical center and to exhibit rocks accessible locally, minerals and shooting stars yet this task never moved towards a viable execution. It merits visiting, and whoever visits Kurnool ought to visit this spot.

Ways to visit Buddha Sculpture

1. The best chance to visit the Buddha sculpture in Kurnool is among the long stretches of October and Walk.

2. Neatness ought to be kept up with in and around the spot. Likewise, no harm ought to be finished to the property.

3. Convey a camera along to catch the magnificence.

Instructions to Arrive at Buddha Sculpture

The closest air terminal is Begumpet Air terminal which lies a ways off of 199 kilometer. Kurnool is all around associated with the rail route stations in the primary urban communities and the closest ones incorporate that of Gazulapalli, Nagasaki and Kosgi. One can undoubtedly employ a taxi or take a ride through a nearby transport to arrive at the sculpture.

Ananthagiri hills best tourism places

12. SRS Matha Mantralayam

A heredity of Hamsa Naamaka Paramaatma and SRS Matha Mantralayam is embellished by a few wise men within India. The mates was sent off by Sri Mahwacharya from Dwaita Vedanta. His student, Sri Padmanabha Teertha was designated as the excellent educator.

13. Mahanandi

Mahanandi is a beautiful town in the region encompassed by duncish forestation with the hypnotizing Nallamala Slopes situated to its west. The town has 1 of the nine holy places committed to Ruler Nandi, likewise called Nava Nandulu. The town is well known for a tenth century old Tempe – the Mahanandiswara Master Tempe. The town draws explorers consistently on the event of Mahashivratri.

14. Nava Narsimha Temple

Situated in the beautiful slopes covered with thick forestation, the Nava Narsimha Sanctuaries are of extraordinary strict significance in the district. The sanctuaries are committed to the nine types of Ruler Narasimha and are circulated all around the slope. The sanctuaries have icons of the divinity in their separate structures made of stone. Most lovers cover every one of the sanctuaries in a single excursion to the district.

15. Raghvendra Swamy Brindavana

Raghvendra Swamy Brinded is situated on the banking company of the hypnotizing Waterway Tungabhadra. Looking for endowments from Swamiji Sri Mula and  Ramadevara is frequently visited. During his visit, Swamiji affords Mantrakshata to the lovers. The Samadhi of Master Raghavendra Master is likewise situated at the Brindavan which  it is exposed for enthusiasts during the darshan time.

16. Sai Baba Temple, Kurnool

Sai Baba Tempe is a significant traveler community in the region situated on the cambers of the captivating Stream Tungabhadra. The Tempe is a delightful star-molded structure with a customary Shikhara in the middle in the top. The sanctum has a symbol of Sai Baba temple  made of perfect white marble. The complex likewise houses a contemplation lobby that can oblige around 800 individuals all at once.

17. Shikaresvara Temple

Situated on the most noteworthy pinnacle of Srisailam, Shikaresvara Tempe is devoted to Veera Shankara Master who was a manifestation of Ruler Shiva. It is accepted that Ruler Shiva showed up as Veera Shankara Master when he was satisfied with the commitment of the aficionados to favor them. The Tempe likewise offers a stunning perspective on the mountain inclines and the enthralling Waterway Krishna making it an able fascination for photography.

18. Sri Mahayogi Laxmamma Avva Temple

Sri Mahayogi Laxmamma Avva Tempe is devoted to Lakshmamma, otherwise called Avva.

19. Jumma Masjid

Jumma Musjid is a seventeenth century mosque worked by Madu Qaeda who was a lead representative who did Adil Shah. The unbelievable engineering of the mosque incorporates delightful minarets, great vaults and extensive supplication corridors making it a vacation spot too.

20. Ranamandala Konda

Rana palustris Konda is a strictly significant fascination in the district. It is accepted, this site is where, throughout their exile, Master Rama shot a bolt and framed a lake to give water to God Sita. The fascination likewise has the popular Ranamandala Anjaneya Swamy Tempe which is a sanctum with no rooftop.

21. Sri Ranganayaka Swamy Temple

Sri Ranganayaka Swamy Tempe is an eighteenth century Tempe worked by Krishnadvaraya of Vijayanagara Tradition who needed to construct a Tempe like the one he called in Srirangam. He later longed for Ruler Vishnu letting him know that a bird will guide him to the place where the Tempe should be assembled. The delightful Vijayanagara structure is a design treat for all sightseers.

22. Adoni Fort

Adoni Stronghold is a fifteenth century notable landmark worked during the rule of the Vijayanagara Line. The stronghold filled in as an army installation and its walls stretch more than 50 kilometers long making it the biggest post in the country.

23. Kolanu Bharathi Saraswathi Temple

Kolanu Bharathi Saraswathi Tempe is a significant explorer place committed to Goddess Saraswati. The extremely old custom of Aksharabhyasam is executed at this antiquated Tempe. The Tempe complex likewise has a Shivalinga, done it as the Sapta Linga Kt, and a sculpture of Kaala Bhairav who safeguards the district.

24. Nallamala Forest

Nallamala Woodland grows over a huge locale of the Eastern Staircases of India. The normal scene, the thick forestation with a few marvelous cascades and other water bodies, build the fascination ideal for nature sweethearts.

25. Satyanarayana Swamy Temple

Satyanarayana Swamy Tempe is a nineteenth century hallowed place committed to Master Satyanarayana popular for strict reasons. Be that as it may, its breathtaking design with a wonderful entry and lovely bas-help and model work the go places make it a popular vacation destination too.

Lodgings in Kurnool

Best chance to call Kurnool.

The best chance to visit dwells between Dec – February as you can partake in a generally cooler environment.

Calendar month to month Climate in Kurnool

More around Best Opportunity to Venture out to Kurnool

Kurnool in Wintertime (Oct – Feb)

Winters are not freezing. The temperatures range of 20 to 28 levels Celsius.

Kurnool in Rainstorm (June – September)

Kurnool encounters weighty precipitation. The spot has something else entirely as of now.

Kurnool in Summer (March – May)

Summertime season is from Spring to May which is blistering and damp. Temperature goes from 30 to 40 levels Celsius.

Showing Top all Hotels in Kurnool

1. Triguna Clarks Inn Kurnool

2. Durga pride Residency

3. Mourya Lords Inn Kurnool

4. Hotel Rajavihar

5. Townhouse 827 Hotel Hangouts

6. OYO 67287 Dkr Regency

7. OYO 66120 Sai Priyanka Comfort Inn

8. OYO 60652 Ms9 Guest Inn

9. OYO 67950 Cosmopolitan Cultural Centre


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