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Lalakhal, an area surrounded by hills, tea gardens, natural forests, and rivers near the Meghalaya Mountain Ranges, is quickly becoming a top tourist destination. The star attraction is the Shari River’s enchanting aquamarine water, with its small evergreen mounds on either side, spreading throughout the whole area. Across the River, one can easily reach “Lalakhal Tea Garden” one of the oldest and most beautiful tea gardens in the country.

In the middle of February, you may enjoy some fresh Water Million on the bank of Shari River in Lalakhal.

Lalakhal sylhet

Best Time to Visit Lalakhal

Winter is the perfect time to visit Lalakhal. During this season, there is no water flow, so tourists can expect to see calm and transparent blue-green waters. As a bonus, there are many winter birds to be spotted.

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How to go to Lalakhal:

Sylhet to Lalakhal:

To travel from Sylhet to Lalakhal, you can come to Sarighat by bus from Osmani Children’s Park or Children’s Park in Dhopadidhi in the city. Sarighat is located between Sylhet and Jaflong. You will get CNG-powered autorickshaws from Sarighat to Lalakhal. If you want to go to Lalakhal by the river, you will find various engine-powered trawlers and boats here. You will get buses and legunas from Lalakhal till 8 pm to return to Sylhet.

The microbus from Sylhet to Lalakhal will cost Rs 2000 to Rs 3000. It will cost Rs 40 to Rs 60 to go to Sarighat on a bus or lagoon. It will cost Rs 1200 to Rs 1500 to reach Lalakhal in an engine-powered boat from Sarighat and Rs 1500 to Rs 2000 to go on a speedboat. If you want to go to Lalakhal at a low cost, you will see autos standing in rows on the road to Lalakhal on the right, just ahead of the mosque on the north side of the Sarighat Bridge. These serial-based autos are rented at Rs 15 per person. You can see the earthly view of green water as soon as you get off the auto and go to Lalakhal Ghat.

If you want to rent a colorful boat camped here, you’ll need to pay Rs. 500 to Rs. 700 and rent a boat for less money and then cross the kheya to the boats without camps on the other side of the river. There are serials of boats, and you can rent for Rs 300 to Rs 400 for the time you want.

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Where to stay in Lalakhal

You can book at the Northern Resort to spend the night on the banks of Lalakhal. They have their transport system for guests to visit Sylhet. You can also contact Nazimgarh Resort in Khadimnagar near Lalakhal in advance because the season can have all the room books in the resort.

Nazimgarh resort has the opportunity to spend the night on the terrace, small bungalows, and big villains. This resort is full of modern aa-convenient facilities. The premier room of Nazimgarh Resort is rented at Rs 7000 per night, and the presidential switch is Rs 15,000.

But it is convenient to return to Sylhet to stay. Lala Bazar and Dargah Road in Sylhet have many standard rest houses at low rent where you will get a variety of rooms for Rs 400 to Rs 1000. You can also stay in hotels like Hotel Hill Town, Gulshan, Dargah Gate, Surma, Kaikobad, etc., as per your needs and budget.


What to eat in Lalakhal


Pansi, five brothers, or palki restaurants in the Jindabazar area of Sylhet can eat various desi local food at affordable prices. Bahari food from these restaurants is one of the attractions of tourists. There are also different quality restaurants in Sylhet city, and you can eat anywhere you like.


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