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Lalakhal, a region encompassed by slopes, tea gardens, regular woodlands, and streams close to the Meghalaya Mountain Reaches, is rapidly turning into a top vacationer location. The star fascination is the Shari Stream’s captivating sea blue water, with its little evergreen hills on one or the other side, spreading all through the entire region. Across the Waterway, one can without much of a stretch reach “Lalakhal Tea Nursery” one of the most seasoned and most gorgeous tea gardens on the country.


In February, you might partake in some new Water Milliin in the bank from Shari Stream in Lalakhal.

Best Time to Visit Lalakhal

Winter lives the ideal opportunity to call Lalakhal. During this temper, there is no more water stream, so vacationers can hope to see quiet and straightforward bluish green water. As a little something extra, there are lots winter birds   is spotted.

Lalakhal sylhet

How to go to Lalakhal:

Sylhet to Lalakhal:

To venture out from Sylhet at Lalakhal, you behind concern Sarighat by transport from Osmani Kids’ Park or Youngsters’ Park on Dhopadidhi on City . Sarighat is situated among Sylhet to Jaflong. You will become CNG-fueled autorickshaws of Sarighat to Lalakhal. To attend Lalakhal by the stream, you will find different motor controlled fishing vessels and boats hither. You will get transports and legunas of Lalakhal until 8 pm to get back to Sylhet.

sylhet best tourism places Lalakhal

The micro bus of Sylhet at  Lalakhal will cost R.s 2000 to R.s 3000. It will price Rs 40 at Rs 60 to going to Sarighat in a transport or tidal pond. It will cost R.s 1200 to R.s 1500 to arrive at Lalakhal in a motor controlled boat of Sarighat and R.s 1500 to R.s 2000 to go along a speedboat. To attend Lalakhal for a minimal price, you will see cars remaining in lines headed for Lalakhal in the right, a very short ways off of the mosque in the north side from the Sarighat Extension. These sequential based automobiles are leased at Rs 15 for every individual. To lease a vivid boat set up camp here, you’ll have to pay R.s. 500 to R.s. 700 and lease a boat since less cash and afterward cross the kheya at  the boats less camps on the opposite side of the stream. There are serials from boats, plus you can lease for R.s 300 to R.s 400 since the time you need.


Where to stay in Lalakhal

You behind book on  the Northern Retreat to go through the night in the banks from Lalakhal. They get their vehicle framework for callors to call Sylhet. You can likewise contact Nazimgarh Resort hotel in Khadimnagar close to Lalakhal ahead of time in light of the fact that the temper can have wholly the room holds in the hotel.

Nazimgarh resort hotel has the potential chance to go through the night in the patio, little cottages, and large lowlifes. This hotel is loaded with current aa-advantageous offices. The chief room from Nazimgarh Resort is leased at Rs 7000 every evening, and the official switch is R.s 15,000.


Yet, it is helpful to get back to Sylhet to remain. Lala Bazar plus Dargah Street in Sylhet have numerous standard constructions at low lease whereas you will get different spaces for R.s 400  to R.s 1000. You can likewise remain in lodgings like Inn Slope Town, Gulshan, Dargah Entryway, Surma, Kaikobad, and so forth, according to your requirements and financial plan.

What to eat in Lalakhal

Pansy, five siblings, or palki cafés in the Jindabazar field from Sylhet can eat different desi nearby food at reasonable costs. Bahari food of these eateries is one from the attractions of travelers. There are additionally unique quality cafés in Sylhet urban center, and you buns eat anyplace you like.


Top hotels in Sylhet

1. Hotel Grand View

3 Star Hotel in Sylhet with Buffet Breakfast / Avg. 1300 BDT

Baruthkhana and Jail Road Point with two separate buildings.

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300 Meter from Zindabazar

Buffet Breakfast / WiFi / Restaurant / Parking/ Air Conditioned / Elevator in Building / Airport Shuttle

2. Hotel Dallas

3 Star Hotel in Sylhet / Avg. 1750 BDT

North Jail Road, Sylhet

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550 Meter from Zindabazar

WiFi / Restaurant / Parking/ Air Conditioned / Elevator in Building / Airport Shuttl

3.Hotel Rose View

5 Star Hotel in Sylhet with Restaurant / Avg. 10,000 BDT

Shahjalal Uposohor, Sylhet

Reservation  +88(0)1972787878

1.2 kilometers

WiFi / Restaurant / Swimming Pool / Parking/ Gym Fitness center / Conference Hall/ Banquet Hall

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