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The clear water of the green hills and the low-lying water has given a different dimension to the environment.

There is also the Lovachora tea Garden, the old hanging bridge built in 1925, and the village of Khasia, which was started during the British period.

Amazing Lovachora has given a natural beauty to the beautiful illusion of mountains, rivers, and blue sky.

beautiful Places Lovachora

The work of lifting stones of workers in the Lovachora river is noticeable. In addition to tea gardens and hanging bridges, There are also natural lakes and waterfalls, Khasia Palli, Miraping Shah’s Shrine, Moghal Raja-Rani’s Antiquities, Ancient Dighi, Stone Quarry, and Social Forest Of The Forest Department.

You can go to The Lovachora at any time of the year. In the rainy season, the tea gardens here become green, and in winter, mountains and fog form a different world. In the morning, rabbits, deers, and wild cocks can be seen in the tea garden.

LovaChora sylhet best tourism places

How to go to the Lovachora

One has to go to Kanaighat Upazilla Sadar first to reach Lovachora. Different routes can be taken to go to Kanaighat from Sylhet. One option would be to use the Sylhet-Jaflong Highway and take a right turn at Dorbosth Bazaar. The one-and-a-half-hour drive itself is an attraction in its own right. On the left are rows of the Jainta hills. Upon reaching Kanaighat Upazilla Sadar, which is on the bank of the Surma, tourists can hire a boat to go to Lovachora.

The boat ride from Kanaighat to Lovachora takes an hour and a half.

Lovachora besttourismplaces

How to go from sylhet to Lovachora

From Sylhet, CNG, autorickshaw, and bus can be taken to Kanaighat Upazila Sadar by bus.

The bus fare from Sylhet to Kanaighat is Tk. 60-70 per person, and the fare for CNG and autorickshaws is Tk. 100 per person. CNG reserves can take Rs 500 to Rs 700.

It is 9 km from Kanaighat that one can go by road and river in Lovachori. It is best to go by the river to avoid the suffering of semi-raw roads.

The Kanaighat boat ghat can be rented at Rs 30-50 per person. The boat fare will cost Rs 800-1000 if you want to take the reserve.

best tourism places LovaChora

Sylhet by Air / Plane:

Biman Bangladesh, United Air, Regent Air, Novo Air, and US Bangla Air fly daily from Sylhet Shahjalal International Airport in Sylhet to Osmani Airport in Sylhet. Biman Bangladesh Airlines Domestic Route Dhaka-Sylhet

Ticket Price:

  • Super Saver: 3200 Taka
  • Economy Saver: 3700 Taka
  • Economy Flexible: 4200 Taka
  • Business Saver: 5900 Taka
  • Business Flexible: 6900 Taka
best tourism places Lovachora sylhet

Where to Stay?

There is no right arrangement to stay in Lovachori or Kanaighat. So you have to come to Sylhet city. And tourists are comfortable living in Sylhet as they can go by day and return by day.

Sylhet city has a variety of hotels as per the requirements and budget. Famous residential hotels include Hotel Hill Town, Gulshan, Dargah Gate, Surma, Kaikobad, etc.

There are also several standard residential hotels and rest houses in Lalbazar and Dargah Gate areas. You can easily spend the night at Rs. 500 to Rs. 3000.

  • Hotel Rose View (0821-721439) in the Shahjalal suburb of the city.
  • Hotel Star Pacific at Dargah Gate (0821-727945).
  • Hotel Hilltown on VIP Road (0821-716077).
  • Ho821-721143) in Bandarbazar.
  • Hotel Fortune Garden (0821-715590) in Nairobi.
  • Hotel Dallas on Jail Road (0821-720945).
  • Hotel Garden Inn on Link Road (0821-814507).
  • Hotel Palash in Amber Khana (0821-718309).
  • Hotel Dargahgate in the Dargah area (0821-717066).
  • Hotel Urmi (0821-714563).
  • Hotel Moon Light in Zindabazar (0821-714850).
  • Gulshan Center at Taltala (0821-710018) etc.
best places sylhet Lovachora

Where to eat in Lovachora ?

There is no food in the Lovachori. You can find some reasonably quality hotels at Kanaighat Sadar and eat there. It is better to take some dry food along.

Besides, pansi, five brothers, or palki restaurants in the Jindabazar area of Sylhet can eat the country-made food you like at an affordable price. These restaurants are available with a variety of dishes.

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Information you need to know?

After crossing the Tea garden, it is extreme border of Bangladesh India. Very often there are BGB petrol team. Without their permission its not wise to go further. . At Monsoon sometimes it may affected by flush flood. So getting weather information is advisable.

There is no police station Lovachora . As it is under Kanaighat Thana Of Sylhet District for any help need to call UNO- 01911737922

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