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The harbor town of Machelipatnam settled on the banks of Stream Krishna is one from the most well known vacation spots of South India. Saturated with rich authentic past, the town actually mirrors the impression of a few unfamiliar trespassers in the country.

When filled in as an unmistakable port town, it later on changed owners with a few trespassers including English, Middle Easterner, French and Dutch. Other than such a magnificent past, this town today extends its guests an ideal spot to loosen up along its unblemished and charming sea shores and an optimal spot to remember the past through grand notable landmarks and customary curios.

What should be done in Machilipatnam

  1. Manginapudi Beach
Manginapudi Beach

When filled in as significant port, Manginapudi is right now a fishing town situated on the shores of an ocean side almost 11 kilometer from Machelipatnam. This delightful normal ocean side is interesting for its dark soil and furthermore a characteristic cove involving shallow water line.

A school on the ocean front side is very well known for its traditional dance courses of Kuchipudi. Aside from that, the ocean side likewise draws in gigantic crown during the Maghapoornami celebration when individuals come hither to take a dunk in ocean water.

2.Panduranga Swamy Temple

Panduranga Swamy Temple

This wonderful old Temple  spread across an field of six sections of land is devoted to Master Panduranga Vithal. Panduranga Swamy Temple  houses a sculpture of the master that actions 3 feet in level and looks like a ton of the youth appearance of Ruler Krishna.

The icon of the ruler is additionally decorated with a precious stone studded crown and different trimmings. While the principal entrance includes a pinnacle, the prakaram lay on the three sides shows the portrayals of devotees of Ruler Vithal. The Swamy Temple  is open for individuals of all positions and networks. One more Temple  devoted to God Rukmini, Radha and Satyabhama buns be visited found just close to the entry of this Temple .

3. The Lighthouse


A 50 m high beacon on Machilipatnam Ocean side is a sight of unadulterated effortlessness and excellence. In February 1996, the older ‘D’ lights were supplanted by the 100W 24V incandescent lights.

4.Temples of Lord Shiva

Temples of Lord Shiva

Five antiquated sanctuaries committed to Ruler Shiva can be seen in the township of Machelipatnam. These well established sanctuaries arranged at Amravati, Chebrolu, Samalkot, and  Bhimavaram and Draksharama mirrors the rich social legacy of the town.

Call these altars to encounter the impeccable structural highlights and appeal.



Datum is a heavenly site settled along the ocean lodging an old Temple  devoted to Master Shiva. Another Temple  assembled as of late is arranged close by is Datta Temple .

7.Machilipatnam Church

Machilipatnam Church

One more significant place of worship in Machelipatnam, Machilipatnam Christian church is very famous among vacationers and fans. The congregation worked in nineteenth century contains petition corridors that were created by an English people man.

8.Sai Maharaja Devalayam

Lying at the region court focal point of Machilipatnam, Sai Maharaj Devalorise is a famous Temple  situated in the township. It is committed to Sri Saibaba from Shirdi lodging concealed symbol and draws in enthusiasts in enormous number.

9.Swimming in Machelipatnam

Manginapudi Ocean side is an optimal spot to unwind and loosen up while one or the other sitting on the land or swimming in the midst of the shallow water system of this regular narrows.

10. Hamsaladeevi

Situated in the Krishna region of Andhra Pradesh,  state Hamsaladeevi is a minuscule town close to Machilipatnam town. The town is arranged at the intersection where Waterway Krishna converges into the Sound of Bengal. In addition, the feature of the town is the Hamsaladeevi ocean side where you buns sit and unwind and partake in the stunning dusks.

One more significant feature of the waterfront town is the old Venugopala swamy Temple  which is devoted to Master Krishna. The Temple  is accepted to be truly old that was built during the rule of the Chola lords and is 1 of the 108 Vishnu sanctuaries. The main celebration held from Magha Sudden Navane to Bahula Padyami, is commended in the distinction of this god which is one from the terrific occasions of the spot that draws in a ton of vacationers and travelers.

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11.Hamsaladeevi Beach

Hamsaladeevi Ocean side is one of the main vacation destinations of the spot where the Stream Krishna meets the strong Inlet of Bengal. The unblemished ocean side is without the business swarms and thus offers the truly necessary harmony and quiet. Encircled by green paddies and drew by tall palm trees and Hamsaladeevi Ocean side is an ideal end of the week escape from the disarray and hustle clamor of the city.

Such is the better opportunity to visit Machilipatnam?

Summertimes in Machelipatnam are very warm and damp ending up undesirable for the travel industry reason. Winters, notwithstanding, are moderate and incredibly charming. The figure during winters diminishes somewhere in the range of 20 and 30 levels Celcius. Subsequently, the best chance to call the town is among the long periods of October and Walk. Try not to go during storm as the area gets weighty precipitation and regularly hit by typhoons starting at the Cove of Bengal.

Month to month Climate in Machilipatnam

More around Best Chance to Make a trip to Machilipatnam

Machilipatnam in Overwinter (October – March )

Inferable from a lovely environment, and a cool feeling, this is the best prudent time for a little while to Machilipatnam. The physical property doesn’t go past 30 degrees Celcius right now.

Machilipatnam in Storm (July – September)

This isn’t the very best season for a little while to the area, inferable from the weighty precipitation, which could welcome destroying typhoons too.

Machilipatnam in Summertime (April – June)

Such is the most un-prudent time for a little while to Machilipatnam, inferable from the horrendously warm environment during the long stretches of May and June, where temperatures go past 43 degrees Celcius.

Food of Machilipatnam

Machelipatnam being situated in Andhra Pradesh essentially includes the valid Andhra cooking. For veggie lovers, sambar, idli and dose are a decent choice. Twofold ka meetha, khurbani ka meet, coconut laddu and semolina payasam are the well known sweet dishes that are should attempt.

Here are the main 2 restaurants in Machilipatnam:

1. Vani Boutique Hotel

Close to Transport stand, Machilipatnam state ,India


12 to 3:30 and 7 to 10:30

INR 400  rupi For Two

2. Vani Boutique Hotel

Close to Transport stand,ÊMachilipatnam,ÊIndia


 rupi INR 200

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