Malnicherra Tea Garden Estate Sylhet.

Malnicherra Tea Domain is a garden situated in sylhet from Bangladesh It lives the most established tea garden on the land mass. Malnichhera Tea Nursery isn’t simply the biggest and first settled tea garden on Bangladesh yet in addition in the land mass. It was laid out by Ruler Hurdson in 1850 on 1500 sections of bring of land.  This is tea estate garden is found relatively close to Sylhet Worldwide Air terminal. Harong Hurong, an old cavern arranged in the far fromf area from Malnicherra.


On 1650, the principal tea creation started in China. Drinking in tea was 1 of the seven assignments of the everyday existence of the intelligent people of the area. The English and Bangladeshi became acquainted with tea. Tea development in the subcontinent started from the Malnicherra estate  tea garden on Sylhet. Malnicherra gets been worked by numerous English, Pakistani plus Bangladeshi merchents plus has been exclusive beginning around 1988. At the point when previous US Diplomat Harry K. Thomas going through the nursery way, he ordered that the global is wonderful to the point that it is difficult to comprehend without assuring the Malnichhera garden. Huge number of public and worldwide travelers visit the estate tea garden consistently.

How To Go To Malnicherra Tea Garden Estate

Malnicherra ChaBagan best tourism places

You can attend Sylhet by transport, train or carrier from any piece of Bangladesh. And then you can undoubtedly lease a cart, autorickshaw, operating theater CNG from any piece of Sylhet of  city to arrive at Malnichhara Tea Nursery. It requires 10 mins by CNG plus 25 minutes by cart from Amberkhana Degree.

Dhaka To Sylhet


The transport leaves of Dhaka Gabtoli plus Sayedabad transport terminals for Sylhet consistently. There are AC transports of Border, Saudia, and S. Alam, Shamlli, plus Ena Paridae that go of Fakirapul, Saidabad, plus Mohakhali transport stations. It take admissions normally between Tk 805 and Tk 1,1000. Moreover, non-AC transports of Shamolli, Hanif, One of a kind, ENA Paribahan of Dhaka to Sylhet leave cost Taka  400 to 450 for every individual.

By Train (Dhaka To Sylhet)

The intercity gear Parabat Express gets out Dhaka Kamalapur railroad station on  7.40 am all week long with the exception of Tuesdays. The  is Jayantika Express allows for at 2 pm all week long and the is  Upaban Express allows for at 9.51 pm all week long with the exception of Wednesdays. This is  Kalni Express gives at 4 pm consistently with the exception of Friday. Lease from 150  / 1018 Taka. On the off chance that you go via train, it is ideal to take  on the Upaban Express on 9.50 pm since it will be promptly in the first part of the day and assuming you rest on the train around evening time, you can get out the traon in the first part of the day and begin your excursion for looking out the tea nursery and it will require 7-8 hrs.

Chittagong To Sylhet (By Train)


This is  Paharika Express gets out Chittagong at the time  7.15 am consistently aside from Monday plus the Udayan  Express  train at the time  9.45 pm consistently with the exception of Saturday. Passage of 145 to 1 one thousand 191 Tk. Train ticket value: AC compartment 696 Tk, AC seat 480 Tk, top of the line billet 425 Taka, top notch seat 260 Tk. Snigdha 480 Taka, rich seat 160 Taka, exquisite 150 Taka, modest 95 Taka.

Going Sylhet (By Air)

Of Dhaka Shahjalal Worldwide Air terminal, there are Biman  airline Bangladesh, Joined Air, Official Air, Novo Air, plus US  the Bangla Air fly day to day to Sylhet Osmani Air terminal.

You can attend Tea Nursery from Sylhet metropolis , or on Air terminal Street by cart or via autorickshaw or vehicle. It requires 10 mins to drive of Amberkhana Degree.

Where To Stay At Malnicherra Tea Garden Estate

Tea garden in Sylhet

There is no private lodging in Malnicherra estate  tea garden region. You can remain in a decent quality lodging in the Dari area from Hazrat Shahjalal . Here you will track down AC, non-A.C rooms of various classifications for 300 / 3000 Tk.

There are numerous lodgings to remain in Sylhet. A portion of the notable lodgings are – Inn Slope Town, Gulshan, Dargah Entryway, Surma, Kaikobad, and so on. There are numerous quality buildings at low lease in Lala Bazar region Lodging Anurag – A solitary room 400 Tk(two individuals can remain easily), three do it room 500 Taka (ordinarily 4 individuals can remain). There are different quality private inns on Mazar Beaver State Darga Street for short term visits. Room lease from Tk. 500 / Tk. 5000.

Eminent private lodgings in Sylhet incorporate Inn Roseview Global (0821-721835,  and  2831-21508-14,  and 2831516-21), Nazimgarh Holiday resort (08212870338-9), Inn Fortune Nursery (0821-715590, 722499), Inn Dallas (0821720945, 720929), Inn Preeminent (0821813169, 720751, 813172, 813173, 01711197012, 01674074157), Inn Hilltown (0821718263, 01711332371, 716077).

Where To Eat At Malnicherra Tea Garden Estate

There is no more food offices in the Malnicherra  Estate tea garden region. Among them Panshi, and Pachbhai, Bhojanbari, Pritiraj, Hot, and Regal Culinary specialist cafés are striking. You can likewise attempt the well known Satkara (Hatkara) plus Athani Pola on Sylhet .That implies there are three generally excellent feasting lodgings in Zindabazar and Sylhet, The inns are Pac  and Vai, Panshi , Palki. There are around 29 kinds of Vorta here.

Attractive Places Near Malnicherra Tea Garden Estate

Tea is an incredibly famous beverage. Sylhet is 1 of a handful of the tea gardens on Bangladesh.The tone, taste, and fragrance of Sylhet tea garden  are exceptional. Sylhet  of Sadar Upazila porishod  has the biggest and first settled tea garden on Bangladesh and the land mass. Named ‘Malnichaera Tea Nursery.’ The proncipal tea garden on the landmass, Malnichhara, was laid out in 1854 in 1500 sections of land by Mr. W. H. Hudson. The nursery is presently being run under confidential watch. Malnichhara Tea Nursery is the best option of voyagers for relaxed travel or time constant. As it is exceptionally near Sylhet city, sightseers first hurry to Malnichhara to check the tea garden estate garden . There are a few passages to the Malnichhara estate  tea garden  landed estate . You buns begin tea cultivating in any capacity you need. As of now, tea gardens are living run under confidential watch. Aside from tea nurseries, orange and elastic are additionally developed here. Aside from Malnichhara  estate tea gardens estate  Lakkatura Tea Domain Nursery, Ali Bahar  estate of tea gardens, Estate Khadim, Ahmed tea bequest, and Lalakhal tea home are prominent in Sylhet.

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There are remarkable vacationer locations that you buns visit in and all over Sylhet city .That incorporates Hazrat Shahjalal’s Hallowed place, Hazrat Shahparan’s Sanctuary, Jaflong, Bichnakandi, Ratargul and Lobachhara, Lalakhal,  and Panthumai Jharna, and Sangrampunji Jharna and  Ali Amjad, Bholaganj, Fantasy land Park, Zakaria City, and so on.

You buns contact Travel Partner for Malnicherra Tea Bequest Visit Bundles, Lodgings, Transport Tickets, Air Tickets, Beaver State any corporate or occasion or vacation inside a strict spending plan. Or on the other hand Call 01766-99-0725

Thither is just a single world on the planet that comprehends the image of the greens eyes meeting with the waves. Indeed, our nation likewise has one from the most lovely tea gardens on the planet. On the off chance that you attend Sylhet to call the Malnicherra garden, you will undoubtedly feel the like way. So return to Malnichhara garden during the approaching occasions right away.

Want To Travel The Most Beautiful Tea Garden In Bangladesh?

Malnicherra Tea Bequest is an ideal spot for a gathering or family visit. Ideally, you can attend Malnicherra Tea Nursery inside a strict financial plan. To move Malnicherra Cha Bag with wellbeing and need to partake in the spot with more satisfaction, Travel Mate can assist you with organizing the visit. Blissful Voyaging.

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