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Rabindra Complex is situated in Dakkhindihi town, Fultala Association Parishad, Phultala Upazila, 19 kilometer from Khulna metropolis, Bangladesh. It was the home of Rabindranath Tagore’s father by marriage, Beni Madhab Roy Chowdhurey. In English India, Fultala Association Parishad was a solitary town named Fultala town and was under Jessore region of then Khulna city Mohakuma. Tagore household had close association with Dakkhindihi town. The maternal tribal home of the writer was additionally arranged at Dakkhindihi town, artists mother Sarada Sundari Devi plus his fatherly auntie by married couple Tripura Sundari Devi; was brought into the world in this town.

Not just that his grandma Digambari Devi likewise was from Dakkhindihi. Youthful Tagore wont to visit Dakkhindihi town with his mom to visit his maternal helpers in her moms tribal home. Tagore visited this spot a few times in his day to day existence. It has been proclaimed as a safeguarded archeological site by Branch of Prehistoric studies of Bangladesh and changed over into an exhibition hall.

Standing L R Jnanadanandini Devi Satyendranath Tagore Kadambari Devi. Seated Jyotirindranath Tagore

Gyanadanandini Devi lived Rabindranath’s sister by marriage and was the spouse of his sibling Satyendranath. She had exceptionally close connection with her brother by marriage Rabindranath. Throughout the 1982 Puja Get-away, Gyanadanandini Devi attended Narendrapur on Jessore to visit her Genealogical home, yet the fundamental object was to look for a lady from neighboring pirali Brahmin family. On Gyanadanandini Devi, Kadambi Devi and  Balika Indrani, and Balak Surendra Nath  Rabindranath likewise came to assure the old Vita. From that point they attended Fultala (Daksmindihi) to call the lady, the little girl from Binimadhab Roy Chowdhury;  The are Bhabratini. At years 22, Rabindranath wedded Bhabratini on nine December 1883 at the  Jorosanko. Later on she was presented as Mrinalini Devi. It lives had that the dad of Mrinalini was associated with managing the matter of the Tagore family.

Jnanadanandini Devi photographed in Calcutta. Early 20th Century.

As per Rabindranath’s author Prasanta Kumar Paul Rabindra Jiboni (The Existence of Rabindranath), Rabindranath wedded Mrinalini Devi on nine December 1883. His father by marriage Benimadhab Roy Choudhury, a property manager from Jessore, slept in Kolkata. His child Narendranath Roy Choudhury, also called Felu Babu, would call their properties in Dakkhindihi. Felu Babu’s children remained at this structure preceding part. Before forever movong to Kolkata on 1940, Felu Baboo and his better half gave their place to a landowner named Bijankrishna Das as a trade settlement. Naib  was Nabakumar Mustafi was accountable for the house and place. Bijankrishna Das gave the area in 1965. Naib Mustafi’s where abouts are obscure. The house was accepted by others; 7 Sept 1995 the two-story building was recuperated from land grabbers. On 1995, the nearby organization assumed responsibility for the house and on fourteen November from that yr, the Rabindra Complex venture was chosen. Bangladesh States Division of Paleontology has completed the remodel work to build the house a gallery named ‘Rabindra Complex’ in 2011-12 financial year.

Rabindranath-Tagore-c. 1925
Rabindranath Tagore c. 1925

The two-story exhibition hall building has 4 rooms on the main floor and two rooms in the ground floor as of now. The structure has eight windows along the ground level and 21 windowpanes on the main floor. The level of the rooftop from the floor in the ground floor is thirteen feet. There are seven entryways, six windows and surround almond in the principal floor. North of 500 books were detained the library and every one of the rooms have been improved with uncommon pictures of Rabindranath.

More than 10,000 guests come here each year to see the exhibition hall from various pieces of the nation and furthermore from overseas, said Saifur Rahman, right hand overseer of the Branch of Archaic exploration in Khulna. A bust from Rabindranath Tagore is likewise there. Consistently on 25-27 Baishakh (later on the Bengali New Year Festivity), social projects are held here which goes on for three days.

Tagores house in Shilaidaha Bangladesh
Tagores house in Shilaidaha Bangladesh

How to go

How To Reach: Khulna District

Khulna Region is associated by road, river and water.

 By Road

 By River

 By Train

Khulna region can be arrived at going by street from Dhaka. There are a few transport administrations accessible of Dhaka to Khulna. Some from them are recorded underneath for your help:

1. Hanif Enterprise:

Gabtoli Terminal, Telephone: 8015366, 8011750, 9003380

Of Jhenaidah: 041-810451 (Lodging Imperial Circle)

041810452 (Shivbari Mor)

041810453 (Sonadanga)

2. Green Line (AC bus):

Fakirapool Counter, Telephone 9356506

Sayedabad Counter, Telephone 7552739

Kalabagan Counter, Telephone 9112287

3. Eagle Paribahan:

Gabtoli Counter, Telephone 8017698,  and 8017320, 04494413673

Where to Stay

A portion of the spots to remain in Khulna are recorded underneath for your help:

1. CS.S Rest House

Contact number : 041722355

2. Inn Palace Salam

Contact: 041730725

3. Inn Illustrious Worldwide

Contact number: 0418130679

4. Platinum Jute Factories Ltd Rest House

Contact number : 041762335

Things to do

You might be intrigued to visit the old place of Rabindranath’s precursors. Provided that this is true then you want to come in at Khulna city and attend Rupsha.

Eating Facilities

You can search for the neighborhood cafés in Khulna.

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