Rajahmundry – Best Tourism Places , Andhra Pradesh.

Rajahmundry, formally done it as Rajamahendravaram, is a urban center in the Indian territory of Andhra Pradesh and Locale basis camp of East Godavari region. During English rule, the Region of Rajahmundry was made in the Madras Administration in 1823. It was revamped in 1859 plus bifurcated into the God-awful and Krishna locale. Rajahmundry was the base camp of Godavari locale, which was additionally bifurcated into Eastward Godavari and West Godavari areas in 1925. At the point when the Godavari region was bifurcated, Kakinada turned into the central command of East Godavari plus Eluru turned into the base camp of W Godavari. It is controlled under Rajahmundry income division from the East Godavari locale. The city is done it for its horticulture, history, culture, farming, economy, the travel industry, and its legacy. The city’s name was gotten from Raja Narendra, the leader of Chalukya administration of eleventh century who governed over the city. In 2016 the city was called to Rajamahendravaram from the previous name of Rajahmundry.

What should be done in Rajahmundry

1.Papikondalu Tourism

Papi Kondalu Hills

Papikondalu range runs along the Waterway Godavari (Westerly Godavari) and is situated in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh state . Papikondalu is a curve fest to the eyes regarding its picturesque excellence. As the slopes become increasingly close to the guest, the width of the strong Godavari becomes smaller. As per this view looking like the center segment of a lady’s hair, it was at first named as ‘Papidi’ Kondalu and Paidi in Telugu implies the center parcel of a lady’s hair. The waterway limiting, its exciting bends in the road alongside the Papi Slopes structure a stunning visual encounter.

Its excellence is frequently contrasted therewith of KAshmir As the region around the reaches is interesting and abundant with nature. The reaches likewise gloat of cascades at Munivaatnam.

What should be done in Papiamentu

A. Papi Kondalu Hills, Papikondalu Overview

Papikondalu, Andhra Pradesh

Papi Kondalu, serial of mountain chain running along the Godavari stream. Papikondalu is a sheer banquet to the eyes regarding its picturesque magnificence.

Climate : N.A.

Optimal Length : 1 – 2 Days

Best Opportunity to Visit : October to March.

Setting up camp Choices :  Accessible

B. Gandi Pochamma Temple

Gandi Pochamma Temple

The Gandi Pochamma Temple is arranged in Gonduru town at the banking concern of the Stream Godavari.

C.Perantapalli Town

Perantapalli Village

Perantapalli Town is an interesting little town on the banks of the waterway Godavari. Ramakrishna Muni Vatika  and Veereswara Swamy Temple are two leaned toward spots visited by travelers.

D. Taliparamba

Taliparamba, a little city in Kerala is arranged a good ways off of 25 kilometer of the Kannur city . The Valapattanam Stream and Kuppam Waterway course through improving the regular excellence of the spot. The city is encircled by rich green fields all over alongside antiquated tile-roofed homes which together cause the spot to show up a great deal more lovely. The vegetation offers a quiet climate and an ideal escape from the standard quick existence of the town.

The city from Taliparamba is loaded with sanctuaries, mosques, and holy places. In any case, the 1 which is most often visited by the travelers is the Taliparamba  temple Sree Krishna Temple which is devoted to Ruler Krishna. A holy person named Maharshi Shambara pondered here, plus he is the 1 after whom the temple is named. The front rise of the temple is basic, however as 1 gets inside the temple, the primary office of the temple is loaded up with wonderful backups having a place with the fifteenth and sixteenth hundred years. Kanjirangad Vaidyanatha Temple, St. Mary’s Forane Explorer Church plus the Syed Nagar House of God are some other vacation destinations in the town.

Taliparamba is a significant exchanging focus of slope produce and flavors. The encompassing slopes cause the spot to show up significantly more gorgeous. Story has it has the beginning of Taliparamba lived the Perinchalloor Brahman colony. Being wealthy in rich green yards, completely clear waters and moving slopes, the excellence of this city is unmatched

Being a grand marvel with such a huge amount to offer, this spot is a must-visit.

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Best Tourism Places  To Visit in Taliparamba

Trichambaram Sree Krishna Temple

The primary god of this temple, arranged in the Taliparamba from Kannur locale, is Sree Krishna. Many accept that the underpinning of the temple was set somewhere around Parasurama who likewise proposed the celebration styles, poojas, and so on. The temple got its name later a holy person known as Sambaran who played out his Thapassu, i.e., contemplation in the temple. The yearly celebration held in the temple done it as Utsavam is a brilliant occasion and starts on sixth Walk consistently and happens till twentieth Walk.

Taliparamba Muthappan Temple

The god of this temple is Muthappan city who is the best known nearby God in the Kannur area. Taliparamba Temple is viewed as one of the most established Shakti Peethams. This temple is among the 108 most established Shiva Sanctuaries of Kerala. The holy place of the temple is quadrangular in determine and has a pyramidal rooftop with two-level.


Karimbam lies in suburbia of the Taliparamba city  in Kannur. The lovely slopes encompassing the little town make it look dazzling. All the encompassing towns of Varadool, Muyyam plus Panakkad are brimming with lavish green fields.

E. Rajarajeswara Temple

This Shiva Temple has a critical spot among the Shiva Sanctuaries arranged in South India accepting the tallest Shikara among every one of the sanctuaries of now is the right time. The highest point of the Rajarajeswara Temple is of around 90 tons. A prasna is coordinated in the temple which is an old strategy for celestial decision making at whatever point there is any issue in any of different sanctuaries.

The best opportunity to visit the city from Taliparamba is of July to Spring as the weather conditions is lovely and essentially agreeable.

Food At Taliparamba

It is an rice planning in oil, less the egg, its shape looking like an immense seared egg (consequently the name). To encounter the valid fascinating kind of Muttapayam, feed it at a side of the road slow down, as opposed to an extravagant café.

Instructions to Arrive at Taliparamba

The neighborhood transport administration is very productive, and transports are accessible inside Kannur for driving forward and backward Taliparamba. Th closest railroad station to the city  is Kannapuram, found 10 kilometer away. For visiting the spots inside Taliparamba, you can select an autorickshaw (which charges about INR 15 for every km), or the neighborhood transports (costing about INR 7 for 3 kilometer). Investigating the puts by walking is a bit troublesome around here.

E. Papikondalu National Park

Papikondalu National Park

Covering a fundamentally tremendous area of north of 1000 km square, Papikondalu Public Park in Andhra Pradesh’s  state East and West Godavari locale is a wonderful woodland hold offering staggering perspectives on nature and fertile biodiversity of widely varied vegetation.

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Topography of Papikondalu Public Park

With Stream Godavari going through the Public Park and advancing its charm, Papikondalu is arranged in a perfect world among East and West  city Godavari. The different geology of Papikondalu is momentous. It upholds thickly forested slopes, valleys, profound crevasses, and streams, collapsing life to all types of natural life and vegetation.

Flora of Papikondalu National Park 

A large number of Easterly Ghats vegetation buns be spotted within the recreation area on a night walk. The recreation area is primarily covered with dry out deciduous tropical trees. Furthermore, energetic and brilliant bushes and in the middle between add to the magnificence of the recreation area. A few types of verdure incorporate Albizia Amara, Latifolia and Albizia Lebbeck and Terminalias, Tectona Grandis and Lagerstroemia Lanceolata,  and Tomentosa, Arundinacea and Bambusa, Albizzia Amara,  and Dendrocalamus Strictus or Pterocarpus among others.

Zoology of Papikondalu Public Park

Papikondalu National Park – Has Rich Flaura and Fauna

While Papikondalu parades a wide assortment of plant form, it doesn’t withdraw with regards to natural life. The natural life species incorporate intriguing colorful and local species: tiger, four-horned pronghorn, hyena, made out deer, sloth  and bears, and jackals are among the normal ones.

Hardly any others incorporates pumas, gaur, gharial, mouse deer, bog crocodile, blackbucks, wild canines, yelping deer, sambar, between others.

History of Papikondalu Public Park

Fancifully, the public park is known as the realm of primates during the hour of Ramayana.

Best Opportunity to Visit Papikondalu Public Park

The best opportunity to visit the public park is from Oct to May whenever the temperatures lie easily between 25 points C to 32 degrees C throughout winters. Among 35 degrees C and 29 degrees C during summers.

Instructions to Arrive at Papikondalu Public Park

By  Air : The closest air terminal is Visakhapatnam, around 100 kilometer away from Papikondalu Public Park. You can employ a confidential taxi from that point.

By Rail lines : The closest place is Rajahmundry, 4.5 kilometer away from Papikondalu Public Park. The station lies in on two primary courses – Chennai to Kolkata and Madras to Delhi. You behind take a cart or taxi of the station to the public park.

By Street : There are a few private and government-claimed transport administrations accessible from neighboring urban communities – Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

By Water : You can likewise arrive at Papikondalu Public Park through boats. These sudden spike in demand for continuous spans from Rajahmundry.

The most effective method to Arrive at Papikondalu

The most effective method to Arrive at Outline

Papi-Kondalu is not difficult to reach from every one of the close by urban communities.

NH-5 goes through it and has fantastic street availability with every one of the significant towns nearby. There are likewise boat administrations accessible from Rajahmundry, however they are very few.

The most effective method to arrive at Papikondalu by flight

Arranged close to Madhurapadi, the Rajahmundry Air terminal is the closest air terminal. Cabs can be employed from the air terminal to accept you to Papi Kondalu.

The most effective method to arrive at Papikondalu by street

Assuming that going from Khammam region, you can utilize the public vehicle either transport or cabs to arrive at Bharachalam. From East God-awful locale, you can accept a taxi to Rajahmundry. Of East Godavari and there is a 35 kilometer ghat street to arrive at Papi Kondalu range.

The most effective method to arrive at Papikondalu by  train

Papi Kondalu  or doesn’t have a rail line station; the closest rail line station is Rajahmundry Railroad station which is 1 of the significant stations in Andhra Pradesh. Taxicabs are effectively accessible available from the rail route station to Papi Kondalu.

Step by step instructions to arrive at Papikondalu by streams

Boat venture from either Rajahmundry or Bhadrapada is an unquestionable requirement to encounter the genuine quintessence of Papikondalu’s excellence. You can either pick a little speedboat with a limit of 5 individuals (drive included) or waterway decorations with 50-60 seating limit. The time held the excursion on the Godavari waterway is roughly 8 hours. Cool wind, highs and lows of the stream water, the oncoming Papikondalu range together structure an entrancing stand-out venture. Pattisam is a little town island, named later one of Ruler Shiva’s weapons. The region is well known for a temple of Master Veerabhadra. Peranthallapi is a center point of craftsmanship things like little bamboo cottages, toys

Boat trips are additionally directed by Andhra Pradesh The travel industry Improvement Partnership (APTDC) from Rajahmundry are both of a couple of days. The surmised cost of one roadtrip is INR 500 for every head and INR 400 for each head for grown-ups and kids, individually.

Neighborhood transport in Papikondalu

Nearby transports are the least expensive method of transport here. Anyway on the off chance that you’re time bound, recruiting a taxi or confidential vehicle as a day would equal more plausible. You can likewise benefit short charge taxicabs to drive to your arranged objections. To arrive at the reaches, boat is ideal and furthermore a seriously interesting course.

2. Pattiseema


Situated a ways off of 40 kilometer from the city from Rajahamundry in Andhra Pradesh state , Pattiseema is a fantastic rural village wrapped in the thick green woodlands of the Papikondalu slope range plus the Eastern Ghats. Attributable to its dreamlike magnificence, beautiful scene and wonderful feel, the town has of late acquired the travel industry potential and furthermore baits movie producers to catch the excellence of the spot. Flanked by the perfect and glimmering Godavari waterway, the town resembles a green desert spring in the focal point of city tumult and bedlam and is generally visited by vacationers looking for isolation and harmony.

The feature of the town is the Sri Veerabhadra Temple which is roosted on the hillock and is committed to Master Shiva. The temple likewise has a different hallowed place of God Bhadrakali which is profoundly venerated by the Hindus places. There is just a single method for getting to this temple, which is through the stream in a boat in the midst of beautiful environmental factors. There is likewise one more temple that is devoted to Sri Bhavananarayana Swamy. With everything taken into account, the town is a picture taker’s joy and you ought to visit it particularly if you ar a nature sweetheart and need to invest a few energy in isolation and tranquility.

3. Godavari Bridge

Godavari Bridge

Traversing across 2.1 km on the Waterway Godavari in City of London of Rajahamundry, in the province of Andhra Pradesh, Godavari Scaffold is India’s third biggest rail cum street bracket span. Otherwise called Kovvur-Rajahmundry Extension, the scaffold is likewise a significant wellspring of the travel industry as it offers beautiful perspectives on the brilliant sun setting in the distance and converging with the sparkling water of the Godavari. Done it to be inseparable from human expression and cultivation of the city, the extension has a street deck over a solitary track rail deck.

3. Iskcon Temple Rajahmundry

Iskcon Temple Rajahmundry best tourism places

1 of the most renowned sanctuaries in Andhra Pradesh, Iskcon Temple is a sporting focus in Rajahmundry. It is done it as the second-biggest Iskcon Temple in the Southern area of India later the Iskcon in Bangalore. Otherwise called Gowthami Ghat, this temple is a famous love spot and is most certainly worth a visit.

Worked across 2 sections of land of land on the banking concern of the Godavari Waterway, this temple was made by the Iskcon bunch which represents Global Society for Krishna Cognizance and is a temple basically devoted to Ruler Krishna. Numerous Rishis are accepted to have executed Tapasya or supplication here and has a couple of elective names, for example, Sri Gopinath Temple and Ramananda Ray Bradbury Gaudiya Math as it is accepted that Sri Chaitanya plus Ramananda Raya traded words on this site.

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Iskcon Temple Rajahmundry timings are as per the following:

Monday : 07:30 AM to 01:00 PM, 04:30 PM to 08:30 PM

Tuesday : 07:30 AM to 01:00 PM, 04:30 PM to 08:30 PM

Wednesday : 07:30 AM to 01:00 PM, 04:30 PM to 08:30 PM

Thursday : 07:30 AM to 01:00 PM, 04:30 PM to 08:30 PM

Friday: 07:30 AM to 01:00 PM, 04:30 PM to 08:30 PM

Saturday: 07:30 AM to 01:00 PM, 04:30 PM to 08:30 PM

Sunday: 07:30 AM to 01:00 PM, 04:30 PM to 08:30 PM

At that place is no passage expense for the temple. Notwithstanding, guests can decide to give cash here.


The incredible holy person, Shri Krishna Chaitanya Maha Pr who was a rebirth of Ruler Vishnu had laid out his acts of cognizance and was revered here quite a long time back. Therefore, this temple was worked by ISKCON in 2006 and was introduced on ninth August 2006. Icons of Sri Radha Gopinath and Subhadra Devi and Sri Govinda Srinivasa and  Sri Jagannath Baladeva and Sri Krishna Chaitanya plus Prabhu Nityananda equaled kept here. These four raised areas address the four marks from the compass of the fundamental temple which is encircled by 10 manifestations of the Ruler.

Significant Dates

This temple is very jam-packed on celebrations like Janmashtami, Slam Navmi, Radhastami and Gaura Purnima, Ratha Yatra and Damodara Masam and Geetha Jayanthi, Govardhan Pooja and Narasimha Chaturdashi, Vaikunta Ekadashi and Naraka Chaturdasi and some more. The temple is visited by about 1000 to 1500 lovers consistently while on Sundays, this temple sees about 6000 to 8000 enthusiasts. On exceptional events and celebrations particularly on Janmashtmi, about 50,000 individuals visit Iskcon Temple. This temple is additionally well known for Master Govinda Srinivas Abhor which is executed at 6:30 PM each Friday. Sannai Vaiyidyam alongside instruments praising Ruler Vishnu happens over the course of the day on Sat and Sun.

What should be done

When at Iskcon Temple, guests are prescribed to go to Vaikunta Ekadasi plus Nagara Sankeertana. These are quite possibly of the most well known celebration that occur in this temple. This temple is vigorously engaged with exercises and undertakings like Noontime Feasts and Cow Security exercises. Ultimately, various visits are likewise accessible that permit guests to have a decent gander at the temple inside a restricted time.

The most effective method to Arrive at Iskcon Temple Rajahmundry

Situated in Rajahmundry, the closest rail route station to Iskcon Temple is Rajahmundry Rail line Station which is about 5 kilometers away and it would require about 10 minutes to reach by means of street. Guests can take a taxicab or a taxi of the rail line station or can accept a nearby carry or a metro.

4. Goutami Ghat

Goutami Ghat

Gout Ghat is 1 of the chief sporting spots in Rajahmundry, it homes ISKCON Temple, Riverbay Hangouts and Water park, Ayyappa Temple, Kailash Bhoomi.

One can go through a whole day here in view of the quantity of spots to visit.

5. Maredumilli

Maredumilli Andhra pradesh

Part of 1 of the premium eco-the travel industry tasks of the country and Maredumilli is a territory of undulating fields, evergreen timberlands and rich biodiversity. Situated in the East Godavari region of Andhra Pradesh state , which is done it for its waterways, gorges and rich plants, Maredumilli is a heaven for the nature darling, for the experience searcher and for the unconventional explorer. The retreat, formally named Valmiki Valley  and Vana Vihara Sthali, is a captivating home of nature’s best, offering its guests the most valid, natural encounters. With thick woods and the feeling of the wild wrapping the district, a detonating count of greenery, shining rapids spouting down the slants and fissure and energizing campgrounds to investigate, Maredumilli is genuinely one of the most outstanding objections to pick of in Andhra Pradesh state , to spend an end of the week from the madding city swarms and the dullness of your daily existence.

About the first spot on the listing is Nandanavanam Ethno Clinical Mindfulness Place. Maredumilli is done it for its broad assortment of restorative plants, and this place is just a further work to spread public mindfulness about the advantages of native therapeutic plants.

Climate : 28° C

Timings : Day time

Passage Expense : INR 25

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What should be done


You can visit the APFDC espresso and pepper manors, which are situated close to Nandanavanam. For considerably holier encounters encompassing wild vegetation, you can call Karthika Vanam, which is a region with consecrated manors like Banyan, amla and peepal, neem and bael. On the off chance that you are searching for a spot to go through the day unwinding and picnicking in causal agent’s lap, then Madan Kunj to Vihara Sthal is great for the reason. Here you will come up pine trees and bunches of Brilliant Bamboo in the midst of verdure, and creatures like tiger, buffalo, puma, wild bears, wilderness fowls, peacocks and kingfishers, hornbills and numerous other outlandish birds in the midst of fauna to behold.

The spot isn’t just an extraordinary chance to appreciate short term visit in the profound woods of Maredumilli, yet it has a verifiable and legendary importance too. Situated along the Valamuru Stream, this spot is shared with the ground whereas Ramayana character reference Bali and Sugriva fought for the lofty position of Kishkindha.

The most effective method to arrive at Maredumilli

Maredumilli road

To come to, the most straightforward open way is the Bhadrachalam Street from Rajahmundry, which is somewhat more than 80 kilometers from Maredumilli. Prior to leaving, try to visit a portion of the delightful cascades around like Jalatarangini and Swarnadhara and Rampa, and evaluate the stunning nearby delicacy, wood chicken.

Air: The closest air terminal is at Raja radiata which is 85 kilometer from Maredumilli. 1 can without much of a stretch recruit a taxi for an entire day or catch a transport towards Bhadrachalam and begin at Maredumilli.

Rail: The closest rail chief is at Rajahmundry of where you can without much of a stretch recruit a taxi or arrest a transport for Maredumilli.

•Street: Maredumilli lies about the Bhadrachalam Street which associates it to different pieces of the state. It very much associated by state and confidential transports.

6. Annavaram Tourism

Annavaram, Andhra Pradesh

Situated in the East Godavari locale of Andhra Pradesh state  Annavaram is a little villa on the banks of waterway Pampa. The temple town is renowned for its hallowed place of Sri Veera Venkata temple  Satyanarayana Swamy, a type of the Hindu god Master Vishnu, and is run by travelers over time. Annavaram Devasthanam is a sacrosanct traveler place that is crowded by lakhs of enthusiasts consistently, the vast majority of them who concern play out the exceptional supplication (vrata), to satisfy the ruler they have come to love.

Places To Visit In Annavaram

A. Pampa river boat ride

Pampa river boat ride

The Pampa waterway circles the Ratnagiri slope on which the  tourism places Satyaranayana Swamy temple is found. There is a flood based on the Pampa stream which has a sailing office.

The magnificence of the Pampa waterway and the transcending Ratnagiri makes drifting here a critical encounter.

Climate : N.A.

Best Opportunity to Visit : June to Sep

Time Duration : 60 minutes

B. Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Temple

Annavaram Satyanarayana Swamy Temple Decorated with Lights

The consecrated Annavaram Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Temple one of the most well known places of interest in Andhra Pradesh. Likewise, this blessed temple is prominently known as Annavaram Temple, arranged at a little distance of 2 kilometer from the Annavaram railroad station.

Situated on the Ratnagiri slope, around 460 stone advances lead to the hallowed place from the lower part of the slope. This temple was developed in 1891 by a Zane Grey from the time, temple  Raja Ramanarayana.

The Visible Bahmin Stapathis Compositional Perception is at its better in chiseling this temple. The Ratnagiri slope is 300 ft above ocean level wih green areas and the waterway Pampa enclosing it.

Climate : N.A.

Entry Fee : INR 100 For each Individual

Timings : Mon to Sun: 05:00 AM – 09:00 PM

Best Opportunity to Visit : October – February

Implicit : 1891

Built By : Sri I.V. Ramanavami

More on Annavaram


Thought about second to just Tirupati, the temple town of Annavaram lays on the conviction that its name is gotten from ‘Anna’, meaning anything you want and ‘Varam’, and that implies God sent.

History of Annavaram DevasthanamHistory of Annavaram Temple 

Annavaram is popular for its place of worship of Ruler Veera Venkata Satyendra N. Bose Swamy, a type of the Hindu god Master Vishnu, that is run by large number of travelers consistently. The lovers come here to play out the exceptional custom of Satyanarayana Vratam to kindly Ruler Vishnu. The request is for the most part performed prior to housewarming services and wedding capabilities.

The temple arranged on the highest point of the Ratnagiri slopes is right around a whole kilometer away of its basis. It can either be arrived at by the means on the Ghat Street or journeyed vis stone way. Very much associated by rail and street, Annavaram is an otherworldly site you ought to visit to find a sense of contentment.

The managing divinity of Annavaram is a variety of the notable Hindu god Vishnu, who, as the Sanskrit literature said, favored the master of the lots, Meruvu and his partner Menaka with two children following which the children became holy spots for Ruler Vishnu.

Recommended Agenda for Annavaram

In the wake of paying your reverence in the temple, have a rich lunch in the bottle office accessible close to the temple complex while partaking in the all encompassing beautiful magnificence of the encompassing green fields and towns.

What is the best chance to visit Annavaram?

Oct to Feb is the best opportunity to visit Annavaram. Donning a wonderful heat and humidity this place of interest is ideal to call during wintertimes. Summers are awesome for a slow time of year financial plan voyaging, while storms are ideal to partake in the magnificence of the Pampa Stream and invest some energy with the nature.

7. Rajahmundry Temples

Rajahmundry Temples

Rajahmundry is home to a few well known sanctuaries that makes this spot a pioneer spot. These are a portion of the well known traveler areas that one should visit: Draksharama, Kotipalli, Samalkot and Pattiseema, Ryali, Maredumilli and Dowleswaram, Annavaram, Dvaraka  and Tirumala, Iskon Temple.

8. Draksharamam

Draksharamam temple

Situated on the easterly bank of Godavari, Draksharamam Temple is one of the 5 most impressive and unmistakable sanctuaries committed to Ruler Shiva in the country. 40 kilometers away from Rajahmundry, the temple design traces all the way back to eleventh hundred years. Draksharamam is ideally suited for a strict journey, the landscape around the temple is lovely and the street excursion to the temple is completely gorgeous. The region and the temple is likewise called ‘Dakshin Kashi’ – that connotes its significance as a position of tremendous strict significance.

The engineering of the antiquated temple is interesting as it enhances numerous engravings, images and visuals cut on them. There are a few stories which circumvent the development of this temple and the Sapta Godard Kundam close to the temple. The temple engineering is as a stronghold and has pleased a number or explorers from everywhere the world.

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Etymology of Draksharamam 

December-Feb is viewed as the best period to visit Draksharama as the weather conditions is the most lovely throughout this time.

Caption of Draksharamam

The transports show to the state the travel industry office plus their confidential partners run often nearby.

Story of Draksharamam

Thither are a scope of convenience offices in Rajahmundry with cost beginning from 200-300 every day/space to extravagance rooms beginning from Rs. 1000 and from that point.

Aim of Draksharamam Temple

Convey light collations with you as the excursion is long.

Celebrations at Draksharamam

Maha Shivery is the most excellently celebrated celebration at the asylum and it draws in many pioneers from all over. The celebration is praised during the long periods of February/Walk. Navratri is one more celebration that is commended with extraordinary grandeur and show. In Dec, the pioneers likewise commend the birth commemoration of the Master known as Shasti Celebration.

Convenience at Draksharamam

Draksharamam Temple has a Devasthanam which gets your convenience needs covered. The costs of these rooms fluctuate according to measure, for instance, a little room would unmistakably cost INR 100 every evening and a bigger one would price INR 200 every evening. There is additionally a motel across the street from the temple where you can get discharge food.

Ashta Someswarulu Sanctuaries

It is accepted that the first lingam introduced at Draksharamam was strong to the point that even the Rise up, Munis and sages couldn’t move toward the Ruler. From that point forward, travelers and fans who come hither to offer petitions to heaven likewise visit these lingams to look for favors from the Master.

Temples to Visit near Draksharamam 

1.KumararamamKumararamam is one more worshipped temple situated in Samalkota a good ways off of 44 kilometers from Draksharamam which is directed by Kumara Bharat Swamy – a type of Ruler Shiva. The feature of the temple is the lingam that  is arrived at from limestone.

2.Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Develop Satyanarayana Swamy Devastate is a temple committed to Ruler Satyagraha which is in Annavaram. Inherent Dravidian style of design, the temple additionally has Ruler Shiva plus Sri Anantha Lakshmi alongside the managing divinity.

3. Sri Uma Mark Anthony Swamy Temple in Rajahmundry a ways off of 48 kilometer, Sri Uma Markandeyeswara Swamy Temple is committed to Mark Anthony and is a respected journey spot.

4. Also, there are eight Shiva  temple lingams in the calls of Kolanka and  Venturu, Kothipalli, Vella, Korumella and Someswaram and Penumalla, introduced around Draksharamam which are worshipped by the Hindu pioneers. These Shiva lingams in concert are known as Ashta Something.

Instructions to Reach

Draksharamam is situated a ways off of only 6 kilometers of Ramachandrapuram in East Godavari Locale of Andhra Pradesh. The closest air terminal is Rajahmundry and the closest rail route stations Kakinada, Rajahmundry. Samalkot (intersection) At times prepares additionally end at Anne which is the closest spot to Draksharamam. Customary transports additionally employ on the course and can cut down you to the objective.

Step by step instructions to arrive at Draksharamam

Air: You can get onto a trip to Hyderabad state , it is 458 kilometers from Draksharama, this space can be covered by street. You can likewise take a corresponding flight from Hyderabad  state to Rajahmundry which is 48 kilometers away from the temple. Nearby taxis and transports are accessible to back this distance.

Rail: Closest stations are Kakinada,  and Rajahmundry  Samalkot. When Samalkot is straightforwardly associated with the subway system of the country, to arrive at Kakinada, Rajahmundry, you should change once inside the city.

Street: Found simply 6 kilometers away of Ramachandran Purana in the East Godavari Region, Just transports are viewed as reasonable to arrive at the temple. There are transports running from different piece of the country. Individuals embrace a break excursion and travel via train first and afterward take a nearby transport which much of the time runs among Kakinada and Draksharama.

9. Dowleswaram

Dowleswaram Barrage

Dowleswaram is a little city in the Rajahmundry locale of Andhra Pradesh  state which was just an evaluation town till 2012 and was as of late included completely in the partnership in 2013. The feature of the township is the Down Blast which is worked across Waterway Godavari and is 1 of the top vacation destinations in the area.

10. Sir Arthur Cotton Museum

Sir Arthur Cotton Museum

Built in 1988, this gallery is devoted to the memory from Sir Arthur Cotton plant who was the genius behind the change for the savage Godavari stream into a manageable power valuable for water system and water supply.

. the exhibition hall accounts his work through figures.

11. Dwaraka Tirumala,

Devotees near entrance of Dwaraka Tirumala temple

Arranged a good ways off of 94 kilometer from Rajahmundry and Dwaraka Tirumala is an old heavenly town and a well known journey spot in the territory of Andhra Pradesh. The feature of the townspeople is the devout and venerated hallowed place devoted to Master Venkateshwar. The temple is known all over for the gigantic sculpture of Master Venkateshwar at the posterior of the temple. The temple is likewise called Chinna Tirupati later the managing god.

The most effective method to Arrive at Rajahmundry

The most effective method to Arrive at Outline

The Rajahmundry Air terminal is all around associated with Hyderabad and Chennai by Jet Flight path and SpiceJet. Every one of the trains among Vishakhapatnam and Vijayawada block at Rajahmundry. The rail route station is arranged practically in the downtown area. Situated on NH5, it is exceptionally helpful to head out to Rajahmundry by street moreover.

Instructions to arrive at Rajahmundry by flight of steps

Rajahmundry has a homegrown air terminal that has administration trips forward and backward from Hyderabad and Madras. You can accept a trip to Hyderabad and afterward a help trip to Rajahmundry. The air terminal is around 12 kilometer from the downtown area, and prepaid taxis are effectively accessible.

Step by step instructions to arrive at Rajahmundry by street

Rajahmundry is situated on Public Roadway 5 and lies in on the side of the Brilliant Quadrilateral interfacing Kolkata and Chennai and Rajahmundry has four transport warehouses – APSRTC Transport complex, Kotipalli transport stand, Gokavaram transport stand and Kakinada transport stand. The city is very much associated by streets to local towns and towns.

Instructions to arrive at Rajahmundry by  train

The Rajahmundry rail line statialong lies on the Howto – Chennai primary beach front rail. Every one of the trains among Vishakhapatnam  Vijayawada block at Rajahmundry. The railroad station is nearly at the downtown area. The least expensive methods of transport accessible are the auto carts. Taxis are additionally accessible external the railroad station.

Step by step instructions to arrive at Rajahmundry by streams

You can enter Rajahmundry of the Godavari waterway through Bhadrachallam by boat.

Nearby vehicle in Rajahmundry

Nearby transports are the least expensive method of transport here. Anyway in the event that you’re time bound, recruiting a taxi or confidential vehicle for a daytime would be more achievable.

Lodgings in Rajahmundry

Food of Rajahmundry

The nearby food here is prevailed by rich flavors. Telugu, Persian and Hyderabadi way of cooking all track down a tasty mix in the neighborhood food.

Rosemilk and Pootharekulu (Paper desserts) are a specialty of Raja laevis.

Here are the top 2 restaurants in Rajahmundry

1. Dolphin’s Group of Restros

 Dolphinn’s Restros, Door No: 76-1-4/1, Gandhipuram-2, Rajahmundry, India  


 INR 300 For Two

2. JK Restaurant

 Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, India  


 INR 300 For Two

Showing top 10 Hotels in Rajahmundry

  1. Manjeera Sarovar Premiere


3. Leela pavilion

4. OYO 35442 Parnasala Princely

5. Sona Residency

6. OYO 79403 hotel bommana residency

7. SPOT ON 65489 SS Grand

8. Hotel Anand Regency

9. Akshay Residency

10. Sesha Residency

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