Rangamati Best Tourism Places in Bangladesh.

Rangamati is the authoritative central command of Rangamati Slope Locale in the Chittagong Slope Plots of Bangladesh. The townspeople is situated at 22°47’60N 92°13’0E and has an elevation of 14 meters (46 ft). The locale is regulated by a office named as Area Organization, Rangamati.

Of Chittagong a 77 kilometers (48 mi) street prompts Rangamati. The municipality is situated on the westerly bank from the Kaptai lake places . Rangamati was a getaway destination owing to its scene, grand excellence, lake, native gatherings (Chakma, Marma, Tripuri,  and Tanchangya Pangkhua and so forth), widely varied vegetation, native exhibition hall, hanging span and so on.

Hanging Bridge, Kaptai Lake.
Hanging Bridge, Kaptai Lake.

Tourist attractions

Rangamati is encircled by normal highlights like as mountains, waterways, lakes, and cascades. Rangamati is likewise home to a few ethnic gatherings. Probably the most famous attractions ar:

1.Sajek ValleyTourism places

Sajek valley Rangamati best tourism places in Bangladesh.
Sajek valley Rangamati best tourism places in Bangladesh.

2.Kaptai Lake Tourism Places

Kaptai lake rangamati
Kaptai lake rangamati

Kaptai Lake is an man made lake on south-easterly Bangladesh. It is situated in the Kaptai lake  Upazila below Rangamati Area of Chittagong Part. The lake was made because of building in  the Kaptai Dam in the Karnaphuli Waterway, as a feature of the Karnaphuli Hydr–electric task. The Kaptai Lake’s typical profundity is 100 fts (30 m) and greatest profundity is 490 fts (150 meter). This lake was created by immersing valleys and plain terrains between the many slopes.

3.Hanging Bridge

Hanging Bridge,Kaptai Lake
Hanging Bridge,Kaptai Lake

In Bangla the name from the Hanging Extension is Jhulonto Scaffold and this is additionally well known to its guests. This hanging span is laid out on Kaptai Lake places . This is the connection method of Kaptai Water. The all out level of this scaffold is 335 fts and is the milestone symbol of Rangamati. Tourism

4.Kaptai Public Park

Kaptai Public Park overflows between the Karnaphuly  Kaptai Mountain collections. It was customary in 1999 and itregion is 5,464.79 hectares (13,504.8 sections of land). Before declaration of the public park it cost Sitapahar Save. It is around 57 kilometer from Chittagong city. Therein park 1 can find a lot of old tree diagram which lived planted in 1874. In Kaptai Public Park, there is different natural life, for example, deer, wilderness feline, elephant, monkey, and so on. Numerous types of birds may likewise hold any importance with travelers and bird sweethearts. Kaptai Public Park is a safety and asylum for birds plus other untamed life. The Backwoods Division established excursion spots, and cafés in that park.

5.Shuvolong Waterfalls

Shuvolong a spot in Barkol sub region, situated around 25 kilometers (11 kilometers straight from one point to the other) away of Rangamati town. Thither are not many cascades in that frame of mind with the biggest one tumbling from since high as 300 fts. In the beyond quite a while, this spot has transformed into a vacationer location because of its cascades and close by market. Shuvolong is open by hurry boat or speedboats from Rangamati.


6. Chittagong University Museum

7. Kaptai Kayak Club

8. Bayazid Bostami Mazar

9. Afmi Plaza

10. Zia Memorial Museum

11. Baatighar

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