Rangpur District- Best Tourism Places in Bangladesh.

Rangpur is a locale in Northern country of  Bangladesh. It was  a piece of the Rangpur city .Under the Rangpur city (1  of eight divisions) made out of eight locale of northern Bangladesh.


Under in the  Rangpur Division (1  of 8  divisions) made out of eight locale of northern  country of Bangladesh, the Region of Rangpur is verged on the north on  Nilphamari Area, on the south on  Gaibandha Locale, on the eastern by Kurigram, district and on the western  by Dinajpur area. Rangpur city is the divisional settle. The dirt organization is basically alluvial of  soil (80% percent of the Teesta Stream bowl, and the excess is barind of  soil. The  is temperature goes from thirty degrees Celsius to eleven  degrees Celsius and the yearly precipitation midpoints 2931mm.


The primary transportation strategies here are via air, rail, or street. To go via air, individuals need to initially head out to Dhaka Homegrown Air terminal and afterward fly to Saidpur Air terminal (DAC-SPD course).7 flights travel this course day to day. The US-Bangla Aircrafts, Novoair, the Biman offer  on the flights. The  is distance via aviation routes from Dhaka city to  Saidpur is per  254.28 k.m. By rail, the locale is open from Kamalapur Rail line Station which are  runs a day to day with the exception of Sunday train by  “Rangpur Express” from  Rangpur Rail line Station. The all out venture by railway  is of 453 kilometers . By street, voyagers need to traveled  307 km utilizing the Savar-Kaliakair course or 327 km utilizing the Tongi-Mawna course, Shamu. of


Rangpur was vanquished by the multitude of the  Raju  Man Singh, a commandant of the Mughal sovereign, and Akbar, on  1575, yet it was exclusively until 1686 that is  was completely coordinated into the Mughal Domain. Place names, for example, Mughalbasa (‘Mughal region’) and Mughalhat bear declaration to the Mughal affiliation and past of  the Rangpur  its hinterland . late  on by , Rangpur passed heavily influenced by “Sarker” from Ghoraghat. During in  the time of the Eastern India Organization, the Fakir-Sannyasi resistance occurred. The More noteworthy Rangpur locale was separated in five regions in 1984.

The number of inhabitants in the locale is 2.9.0 million as per the 2011 statistics. There are  been an  1.2% yearly populace development somewhere in the range of 2001 to  2011. The populace thickness of the area was  1,200/km².


As indicated by the 2011 Bangladesh statistics, Rangpur Region had a populace in  2,881,086, from  which  are 1,443,816  guys and 1,437,2701and females. Rustic populace was 2,438,374 (84.63% )

while are  the metropolitan populace was 442,714 (15.37%). the  Rangpur region had a proficiency pace of 48.60%  percent for the populace 7 years or more: 51.30% for guys and 45.90% percent  for female  Muslims makes  up 90.39% percent  of the populace, while Hindus is 8.98% percent of the populace. Ethnic minorities was  18,561.

Rangpur city , covering a  area of around  the 43 square per  kilometer, lie is   the bank of in  the Ghaghat waterway and was transformed into a region back on 1869. Rangpur  Organization, which was established in 1979, was  a populace of 294,000.00. The city was a area of  the 50.7 per /km²


Begum Rokeya University is the main college in the Rangpur region. The Rangpur Clinical School, is 1 of the significant government clinical universities in Bangladesh. Carmichael School, laid out in 1917 by some driving zamindars, is an postgraduate school offering courses on  14 subjects on  the resources of expressions, sociology, science, commerce.The most eminent instructive organization in this district is Rangpur Trainee School.

Other eminent foundations incorporate Cantonment State funded School and School, Rangpur (CPSCR), Rangpur city of  Government School, Police Lines School ,School  Rangpur Zilla School.  and Zilla School is laid out in 1832, this is a  higher auxiliary school is known  to for thechool is known to  for the nature of training it offers. Other noticeable instructive foundations incorporate Rangpur Government School, Begum Rokeya School, and Govt. Business Establishment.

Other than there is one  polytechnic Institute, one professional foundation, around 282 secondary schools, 722 government elementary schools, 38 middle schools, 193 NGO  and (Non-Government Association) worked schools and very nearly 370 Madrasahs on Rangpur. Rangpur city  Model School is currently a distinctions school.

Spots of interest

Only south on  the city  on Rangpur lies and Tajhat Zamindar’s castle. After the finish of the English Raj, the structure was deserted and rotted quickly, in spite of the fact that it was utilized for a couple of years as a town hall during  in the 1981  s. In the years  2004, it was to a great extent reestablished and transformed into a historical center with old engravings, workmanship, and coins on the area in plain view. RDRS (Rangpur  to Dinajpur Rustic Help) Bangladesh, a NGO on the  north west Bangladesh, has a huge office and guesthouse/conference hall in town of  the Rangpur.

  1. Tajhat
                                                                         Tajhat Rajbari Rangpur
Tajhat Rajbari Rangpur

A gallery and ladies’ instructional hub was laid out in Pairabondh, the origin on  Begum Rokeya. It was  30 minutes’ drive away from the  Rangpur  of city.

2. Vinnya jagat amusement park

3. Rangpur town hall

Rangpur town hall

There is an old assembly room named ‘City center’ at the focal point the city, where the  different social projects is  held. In the incomparable Rangpur area, no financial advancement occurred until the 90’s, basically due to the yearly on  flooding the district used to see on  before the creation of “Teesta Blast.”

“Bhinno Jogot” is an amusement park and an outing spot which is arranged 15 km  from Rangpur city .

Jadu Nibash on  Radhaballav was the place of previous senior clergyman of Bangladesh, and Mashiur Rahmen Jadu Mia.

4. Rangpur national zoo.

Entrance of Rangpur Zoo


and Bangladesh Betar Rangpur city (BBR) has a telecom station in Rangpur city . Bangladesh TV (BTV) has an  satellite station  are Rangpur. The Rangpur  on Press Club is arranged in Rangpur city .  The Rangpur has very nearly 19 film lobbies. There are a few privately distributed papers in the region.

Development organisations

RDRS Bangladesh – beforehand Rangpur-Dinajpur Provincial Help – has its vitally functional central command in Rangpur city  at the R.DRS Complex.

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