Ratargul Swamp Forest Best Tourism Places in Sylhet/24

Ratargul is Bangladesh‘s just Marsh Backwoods. It is situated around 26km beyond Sylhet area city. The Ratargul woodland is cover an area of around 30,325 sections of land. The 504-section of land site is brimming with woodlands, and the remainder of the area is finished with little and large water bodies.

Ratargul is done it as a “Sundarbans from Sylhet“. Travelers from everywhere Bangladesh ran to see the backwoods trees lowered in the water. Numerous vacationers called Ratargul the ‘Amazon from Bangladesh.’

wonderful Ratargul Swamp forest of sylhet
wonderful Ratargul Swamp forest of sylhet

In the stormy season, there are various types of birds found in the trees’ offsets, and afterward some untamed life additionally takes cover in the parts of the trees.

Moreover, a huge number of transient birds go to the water groups of Ratargul on winter. It is normally the perfect opportunity to head out to Ratargul of July  to  Oct (towards the finish of the storm).

Ratargul is a characteristic woods, and the neighborhood woodland division established a few trees here, including and Hijal, Varun, Karch. It additionally has around 25 types of water-lenient plants, including Kadam, and Jalibet, Arjuna.

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On 1973, the Bangladesh Timberland Division proclaimed a 504-section of land area of Ratargul woodland as a natural life safe-haven.

How to go to Ratargul?

Ratargul forest best tourism places
Ratargul forest best tourism places

Transports from Gabtoli,  and Fakirapul, and Saidabad transport terminals in Dhaka allow for for Sylhet. Ac transports like Green lines, and Saudia, S Alam, and Shyamoli, Ena, and so forth, cost Rs. 1000 to R.s. 1200 (11.77$ /14.14$) per transport per individual.

Furthermore, the cost of non-AC transports per individual is Rs 470 to R.s 600 (5.54$-7.007$).

You can accept Upobon, Jayantika,  and Parbat, and  Kalni express train of Kamlapur or Air terminal Railroad Station train to Sylhet of Dhaka as your sidekick.

From Chittagong, 2 trains, Paharika plus Udayan Express can go to Sylhet 6 days every week.

You can fly of Dhaka to Sylhet on Official Air, Joined Carriers, Novo Aircrafts, and US Bangla Air of Shahjalal Global Air terminal.

How to go from Sylhet to Ratargul?


Ratargul can be visited of Sylhet doubly. Ratargul can be arrived at rapidly through the streets inside Khadim Tea Nursery and Khadimnagar Public Park close to Sylhet city.

On this highway, one needs to go to Sringi Extension with CNG,  and autorickshaw, or JEEP.

Of Sylhet, you can attend Ratargul in the first part of the day and return by evening. So the CNG Beaver State autorickshaw charge will cost R.s 1200 to R.s 1500 (14.14$-17.77$) for the afternoon.

Assuming you use CNG all day long, you’ll get to attend Bichanakandi at a similar cost.

From Amberkhana on Sylhet, you’ll need to pay R.s 100 (1.18$) per individual to accost Sringi Extension. You will track down little boats of anglers to enter the Ratargul woods from Sringi Scaffold.

4-5 individuals board a little boat. The charge for one this boat is R.s 850 (10.01$). Life coats, umbrellas, and center caps, and so on, are accessible in Ratargul.

In the second course to Ratargul, you need to go to Jaflong of Sylhet and get to Sarighat. The nearby admission of Sylhet to Sarighat is R.s 40 to R.s 50 (0.47$-0.69$).

You need to come to Goainghat food market by CNG of Sarighat and going to Ratargul by boat. Be that as it may, it requires greater investment on this course.

From Sylhet Bandar Bazar Highlight Saheb Bazar will experience CNG to arrive at Motarghat and lease a soiled boat for Ratargul swamp woodland.

It is essential to recall that you need to recruit little boats from anglers to enter the timberland while heading to Ratargul. A limit of 4-5 individuals can be situated in an boat.

Where to stay around Ratargul Swamp Forest?


There are numerous modest private lodgings and rest houses on the Lala Bazar region and Dargah Street, where you can get various spaces for under 1000 (11.79$) taka.

You can likewise remain in lodgings like Inn Slope Town, Gulshan, Dargah Door, Surma, Kaikobad, and so forth, according to your requirements and manage.

Very much adjusted private lodgings incorporate Inn Haly Door, Hally Motel, La Vista Inn, Pansi Hotel, Inn Metro Worldwide, Britannia Inn, and so forth. These inns will cost between R.s 2,000 and R.s 10,000 (24.56$-117.90$).

Lavish lodgings and resorts incorporate Nivarana Motel, Inn Noorjahan Great, Rose View Inn, Nazimgar Resort, Terrific Royal residence, and so forth. The expense each night will be among Rs 8,000.00 to Rs 30,000 .00(94.24$-353.40$).

Precautions on travel to Ratargul

Be cautious that snakes normally take cover in parts of different trees after the woodland sinks in the rainstorm. There is likewise an invasion of the worm.

On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea how to swim, go on a day to day existence coat with you. Choose umbrellas and overcoats if important.



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