Sajek Valley: The Best Tourism Places in Bangladesh

Sajek Valley Best tourism places

Sajek Tripuri Valley is one of the most popular tourist spots in Bangladesh situated among the hills of the Kasalong range of mountains in Sajek union, Baghaichhari Upazila in Rangamati District. The valley is 2,000 feet (610 m) above sea level. Sajek Tripuri Valley is known as the Queen of Hills & Roof of Rangamati.

Origin of name

Sajek Valley Rangamati

The name of Sajek Valley came from the Sajek River that originates from Karnafuli river. The Sajek river works as a border between Bangladesh and India.



Sajek is a union located in the north of Chittagong Hill Tracts. It’s under Baghaichori Upazila in Rangamati hill district, it is situated 67 kilometres (42 mi) north-east from Khagrachhari town and 95 kilometres (59 mi) north from Rangamati city. The border of Bangladesh and Mizoram of India is 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) east from Sajek.


Sajek valley is known for its natural environment and is surrounded by mountains, dense forest, and grassland hill tracks. Many small rivers flow through the mountains among which the Kachalong and the Machalong are notable. On the way to Sajek valley, one has to cross the Mayni range and the Mayni river. The road to Sajek has high peaks and falls.

People and culture


The native people of Sajek valley are ethnic minorities. Among them Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Pankho, Kaibarta, Lushai, other indigenous Assamese communities, and Sagma are mentionable. Women seem to be more involved in economic activities here.Tea stalls, food joints and roadside marketplaces are dominated by women.[citation needed] Picking fruits and vegetables early in the morning is a common trade here.They are not fluent in Bengali but the young population speak some English.


How to go

The valley is mainly in Rangamati District, but it would be easy for the tourists to reach there from Khagrachhari. The route is Khagrachhari – Dighinala Bazaar – Bagaihat Bazaar – Machalong Haat – and then Sajek. It is around 75 km from Khagrachhari. The distance between Dighinala and Sajek is 52 km. Main transportation of that area is Chander Gari. It will cost around Tk. 6000-Tk. 8000/- up and down from Khagrachhari. It is like a four wheel jeep. Sometimes visitors can take some tea break on the way at Haat. From Dighinala, travelers can hire motor bike. It may cost Tk. 1000-Tk. 1500/- up-down. The region is extremely backward.

How To Reach: Rangamati District

By Road

  1. Shamoli Paribahan: From Dhaka,
    Sayedabad counter, Contact: 02 -7541019
    Arambag counter, Contact: 02-7193910
    Fakirpul counter, Contact: 02-933364
    Bus starts at 9:30 am.
  2. S Alam Paribahan: From Dhaka,
    Fakirpul counter, Contact: 02-9331864
    Bus starts at 8am and 10.15 am.
  3. Hanif Paribahan: From Dhaka,
    Gabtoli counter, Contact: 01190-806447
    Sayedabad counter, Contact: 01191-125048
    Starting time: 8:30 am

Where to Stay

Some of the hotels/motels in Rangamati are listed below for your assistance.

1. Hotel Golden Hill
Address: Reserve Bazar Rangamati
Contact: 01820 304714

2. Hotel Green Castle
Address: Reserve Bazar Rangamati
Contact: 61200

3. Hotel Lake View
Address: Reserve Bazar Rangamati
Contact: 62063

4. Hotel Sufia
Address:Kathaltoli Rangamati
Contact: 62145

5. Peda Ting Ting
Contact: 62082

Eating Facilities

In Sajek, you can enjoy your food at ‘Diganta Restaurant’ of Runmoy Resort and ‘Stone Garden Restaurant’ of Sajek Resort. Outside local restaurants are also available but we don’t suggest you to be there regularly.

You can eat in the hotels and restaurants situated in that place. Also, you can take preparation to cook instead. You can find cooking arrangements in that place. Referred to where to eat in Rangamati, click here.

Travel Tips

A new road has been built up to the Ruilui Para by the guidance of Bangladesh army. On the way traveler need to take permission from the army camp. Bangladesh army is very helpful and cooperative. Now mobile network is available here.

Perfect Time To Visit Sajek Valley:

Sajek is beautiful in all the season. According to the seasons, it gets a new color that is attractive and exceptional. So, it is no matter if you are going in the Summer or Winter, you will get a new taste of Sajek. But in the Rainy, Autumn, and Late autumn, you will feel the white clouds very closely. So, it is considered as the best time to visit Sajek Valley. There is no problem if you go another time to travel Sajek.

Sajek Valley : Resorts And Hotels (Cheap & Best)


Sajek is a union in Baghaichhari upazila of Rangamati district. This is the largest union in Bangladesh. Its area is 702 square miles. Sajek is bounded on the north by Tripura in India, on the south by Lankadu in Rangamati, on the east by Mizoram in India and on the west by Dighinala in Khagrachari.

The border of Mizoram province of India is only 15 km from Sajek. This Sajek valley is located at a distance of 34 km from Baghaihat, 49 km from Dighinala and 70 km from Khagrachhari Sadar.

The ceremony of Green as far as the eye can see. Numerous small and big hills are peeking out from the middle of this green. There is a huge fair of green and mountains up to the horizon. Cloud rafts have come down from the sky to enhance the aesthetics of this fair. Clouds hang like white cotton from one hill to another as the green gap melts.

Who wouldn’t love to see clouds, mountains and such a huge green sea underfoot? And because it looks good, maybe Sajek Valley or Sajek valley is one of the most popular and popular tourist destinations in our country.

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Cheap And Best Resorts And Hotels In Sajek Valley

Although it is located in Rangamati district, it is convenient to go to Sajek from Khagrachhari. Sajek has to be entered through Dighinala Army Camp in Khagrachhari. Basically, you have to enter this camp only with your identity and permission. Sajek has basically two villages or neighborhoods or settlements.

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Ruilui village falls first after crossing the army camp. Which is located at an altitude of 1800 feet above sea level. After that Kanlak Para. Lusai, Tripura and Pangkhoa live here. It is also known as the roof of Rangamati as most of the Rangamati can be seen from Sajek.

Sajek’s form changes from morning to noon. Which fascinates people who love to travel again and again. And so, for tourists to see with their own eyes the true form of this sage called Dhal. Throughout the year, Sajek is crowded with tourists, but mainly during the monsoons, autumn and winter, more and more tourists flock to watch the game of hide and seek in the clouds.

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And so Sajek has built numerous resorts and cottages with tourists in mind. You can stay in these resorts or cottages with your family or friends. And today’s goal is basically focus on all the popular resorts and cottages of Sajek.

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Let’s check out all top popular, cheap and best resort & cottage of Sajek Valley (20+).

  1. Sajek Resort RungRang Cottage
    Rungrang is one of the best resorts in Sajek. Sitting at the resort, it is ideal to see rows of mountains and clouds on the horizon. Decorated with aesthetic interior design, the resort has 4 double and 4 couple rooms. On holidays double bed room rent is 3500 Taka and couple 2800 Taka. On all other days the double bed room rent is 2600 Taka and couple 2000 Taka. Rungrang Resort offers 10-15% discount on room bookings for the users of Travel Mate. Contact Us when booking a room and enjoy this special offer.

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  1. Meghpunji Resort Cottage
    Meghpunji Resort is one of the most interesting and popular resorts in Sajek. Meghpunji Resort has 4 cottages named Tarasha, Purbasha, Rodela Meghla with beautiful eco-friendly decoration and attractive landscape view. Each can have a maximum of 4 people. The rent of 3 cottages in Meghpunji is 4000 BDT, and the rent of another cottage is 4500 Takas. Meghpunji Resort has 24-hour water and electricity facilities. If you want to get a room in Meghpunji for more popularity, you have to book at least a month before the trip, although you can book through us to get it done for you. You can book the Meghpunji Resort by contacting us on mobile or through website.

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  1. Sajek Resort
    Sajek Resort is a resort run by Bangladesh Army. The rent for these non AC rooms is Tk. 10,000 to Tk. 15,000. There are food arrangements and discounts for government officers serving in the army or first class. Travel Mate can help you too book on Sajek Resort at any time.

There are four rooms on the top floor of this two-storey resort. Mostly couples come to this resort most of the time. For, when the window is opened, one can enjoy the beautiful nature of Sajek on the one hand; The resort also has food facilities.

  1. Megh Machang
    Many people like Megh Machang Resort located in Ruilui Para for its beautiful view. Megh Machang Resort has a total of five cottages made with wooden and Bamboo. Excluding holidays, the rent of Bamboo Cottage is Tk. 3500 and the rent of Wooden Cottage is Tk. 4000. On holidays, the rent of Bamboo Cottage is Tk. 4,000 and Wooden Cottage is Tk. 4,500. Each cottage has an open veranda facing Mizoram to enjoy the clouds. Megh Machang Resort has catering facilities.

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  1. TGB Lushai Cottage
    TGB Lushai Cottage is a resort run by the popular travel group ‘Tour Group BD’ based on Facebook. The resort is located on the opposite side of the Sajek resort run by the army in Bangladesh. With beautiful decoration and good landscape view, TGB Lusai Cottage has different categories of rooms for couples, families or groups. The rent of these rooms is from 2500 to 4500 Taka. There is a discount of Tk. 500 on this fare except on holidays.

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  1. Chander Bari Resort
    Chander Bari Resort located on the opposite side of the Rock Garden is an ideal place to see the sea of ​​clouds. The resort has a total of 8 rooms. And from every room there is a beautiful view of Mizoram hills. Each room also has a double bed and extra beds. The rent of a premium cottage on holidays is Tk. 4,000, excluding holidays Tk. 3,500. The room rent of Economy Cottage is Tk. 3500 excluding holidays and Tk. 3000 excluding holidays.

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  1. MadVenture Resort
    Madventure is always at the center of travelers’ interest with three cloud view points arranged in aesthetic presentation. The location of the MadVenture Resort is just opposite the Stone Garden, the entrance to the Sajeke Valley. The resort has a spacious veranda on each floor. There is 24 hour electricity and water supply. Premium couple room rent is Tk 4,000, couple classic room rent is Tk 3,500 and double classic room rent is Tk 3,500 at MadVenture Resort.

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  1. Jumghor Eco Resort
    Located behind the Ruilui Para Club House, Jumghor Eco Resort is very popular with Sajek travelers for its aesthetic presentation. The resort has a total of 6 couple rooms in separate cottages for accommodation. Each room has a maximum of 4 accommodations. The cottage rent of Jumghar Eco Resort is Tk 4,000 and the rent is the same throughout the year. Each cottage has a large veranda, swings, beautiful gardens and seating arrangements for cloud watching. If you want to stay at this resort on holidays, it is better to book a cottage in advance.

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  1. Sampari Resort
    Sampari Resort has gained a lot of popularity among the youth with its open environment and excellent view points. Sampari Resort has a variety of rooms for honeymoon, couple, family or group. The rent in the Resort for Couple Cottage 3500 Taka, Couple room 2500 BDT, 2 bed room 3500 Taka, 3 bed room 4000 Tk. The charge for additional bedding is 500 BDT. 500 Taka discount is given for each room rent except working day.

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  1. Laxman Cottage Salka
    The location of Laxman Cottage Salka Resort near Ruilui Para Shiva Temple. To many it is known as Salka Eco Resort. Salka Resort has a total of 4 rooms. Exclusive full view room rent is Tk 4,000 and general category room rent is Tk 2,500. Laxman Cottage Salker has an open veranda with exclusive full view rooms. Sitting in the room or on the veranda, there is an opportunity to spend time chatting with nature.

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  1. Adrika Echo Cottage
    Adrika Echo Resort is an ideal place for those who want to be like themselves in an open environment. The location of this resort is behind TGB Lusai Cottage. The resort’s spacious veranda offers breathtaking natural landscapes. The veranda has easy chairs and seating arrangements. The resort has only two large rooms. Each room has a master bed and a mattress. So that maximum 4 people can stay. Room rent is Tk. 4,000 on Fridays, Saturdays and other holidays and Tk. 3,500 on other days. If you want to stay at this resort, it is better to go with advance booking. Contact Travel Mate to book here.
  2. Trinity Resort
    Trinity Resort is located near Ruilui Para Shiva Temple on the right side of Sajek’s entrance. The resort has a total of 8 rooms including four double beds and four couple rooms. The rent for a double bed or couple room at Trinity Resort on a normal day, excluding holidays, is BDT 4,000. And the rent on holidays is 4500 Taka. From the two couple rooms and two double bed rooms at Trinity Resort, one can enjoy the magnificent landscape of Sajak. The resort also has a spacious common veranda, cradle and cloudview point for all guests.

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  1. Chayanir Eco Resort
    Chayanir Eco Resort is located on the opposite side of Meghpunji Resort near Ruilui Para Club House. Built in a triangular aesthetic style, this resort attracts the attention of everyone who comes to Saje. There are 3 types of rooms, standard and premium, in the shady eco resort. Standard room rent is Tk. 3000 per night and premium room rent is Tk. 3500. Room rents at this resort remain almost unchanged throughout the year. Excellent sunset views can be enjoyed from the shady eco resort.

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  1. Rului Resort
    Located just behind the Ruilui Para Club House. Each cottage at the Ruilui Resort has a beautiful veranda with the convenience of enjoying the breathtaking scenery. Each room rent at Ruilui Resort is Tk 4,000 to Tk5,000. Discounts are available at different rates on room rentals except on holidays.

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  1. Meghadree Eco Resort
    From the verandah of Meghadri Eco Resort where mountains, sky, clouds are all seen in a unique form of nature. Meghadri Eco Resort has 6 couple rooms and 2 double bed rooms. However, there is only a balcony in front of the double bed room to see the unique landscape of Sajak. Excluding holidays, double room rent is Tk. 3500 and couple room rent is Tk. 3000. And on holidays the room rent of this resort increases depending on the demand of the tourists.
  2. Sumui Eco Resort
    Sumui Eco Cottage, located in Ruilui Para, has two Mizoram View rooms. From the room one can enjoy the magnificent landscape of Sajak. There is also extra bedding in each room. Room rent at Sumui Eco Cottage remains almost unchanged throughout the year. The current room rent of this resort is 4000 BDT.

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  1. Runmoy Resort
    There are a total of five rooms on the ground floor and two floors in this runaway resort. The resort is also popular as its rent is relatively low and beautiful scenery can be enjoyed. Downstairs room rent is about 4450 Taka. The upstairs room rent is about 4950 Taka. In these rooms built for two, you can also arrange an extra bed with an additional Tk 600. In addition to the food arrangements, there is also an opportunity to have a barbecue at the resort, but it has to be informed in advance.

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  1. Alo Resort
    This resort is located in Ruilui Para. There are 6 rooms in total. Double room 4 and 2 single. Double room rent is 800 to 1500 Taka. The single bed in the single room will cost 1 thousand Taka and the double bed in the single room will cost 1500 Taka. Although there is electricity facilities for the limited period, the food and cost will satisfy you. If you search for low-budget hotel, then it will be perfect.

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  1. Abakash Eco Cottage
    Room rent on the ground floor of this three-storey cottage is 2500 BDT. However, on the second and third floors it costs 3000 Taka. There can be 4 people in each room with double bed.

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  1. Indigenous houses (Most Cheap and Budget)
    Apart from resorts and cottages, tribal houses can also be accommodated. Those who are not couple and want to enjoy the taste of the indigenous people, they can stay the night on the indigenous people. It is savvy as well as cheap. If you go with friends and want to save money, then this can be a great for you. The cost per person is 200 to 300 BDT. You will get food from them and even if you tell they will offer their traditional foods as well.

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Other hotel and cottages with low budget in Sajek Valley
A few words about hotel resort booking In Sajek Valley: Before booking a hotel or resort in Sajek Valley, it is better to look at its location, distance from the hills, restaurant, security and other facilities, etc. In case of room rent, bargain well. And the rent of the following hotels and resorts varies depending on the season. During the season (November-March) the tourist pressure is naturally higher. Then the rent of the resorts is unusually high. So room booking should always be done after thorough verification. And if you want to book in advance, of course, there is a request to check yourself before the financial transaction.

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As Sajek Valley is one of the most tourist destination in Bangladesh, there are nearly 50+ well-decorated hotels and resorts. There is no problems for accommodation here. The meal facilities are also good. Hence, I will tell there is no problem of going to Sajek Valley. But taking support from the travel experts or agency, will make the tour more comfortable. For this reason, if you need any support, contact us at any time.

Let’s see some other hotels and resort in Sajek Valley. For more information, we request to contact us. or visit our office.

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Dighinala Guest House
Meghalaya Resort
Jhi Jhi Pokar Bari
Rock Paradise Cottage
Megh Kabbo Hilltop Cottage, Sajek Valley
Sajek Classic Resorts
Mono Adam Resort
Monghor Resort
Hotel Moitree
Note: If you are a owner/manager of a quality hotel or resort in Sajek Valley, and watching here- not listed your hotel or resort. Contact us with a para of detailed, photos, videos (If you have). If you see any old information or need to update the information, then you are welcome to contact us as well or call us directly. Thanks and sorry for our limitation.

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You can reduce costs depending on what time you are going. If you go in the off-season, you will get a lot of discounts on hotel or resort rentals. If you go during the season (November-March), even if you go on a weekly holiday or on a public holiday, it will cost less to rent a hotel or resort. Also, if you go a little further inland from the beach, you will be able to stay at a lower cost. When a few friends get together, you can reduce the cost a lot by sharing a double or triple bedroom. The cost of Sajak travel will largely depend on how well you adapt to the environment. If you prefer to travel with a little bit of your own comfort, the cost will be within your reach.
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Take the Help Of Travel Mate For Ensuring A Hassle-free Hotels Or Resorts For you!
If you are looking for support to buy the ticket or booking for a hotel from Dhaka or any other places of Bangladesh to Sajek Valley, contact Travel Mate, the most reliable and most visited travel partner in Bangladesh. Similarly, if you want to travel Sajek Valley with safety and want to enjoy the place with more joy, Travel Mate can help you with arranging the tour. Contact us for further details. Above all, you may add any missing information from the comment section about Sajek Valley. Happy Traveling.


Tips for Traveling Sajek:
1.Before going to Sajek, ensure the booking of your room via phone call. It will help you to avoid a hassle in the holidays or on-season.
2.There is no electricity in Sajek. Though there are the options of Solar Charging, takes longer to charge and is not easily available. Good options to keep Power Bank with you.
3.In Sajek, there are only available mobile networks including Robi, Airtel, and Teletalk networks.
The way to go to Sajek is very screwed and high, so this path is dangerous. Beware of traveling in the roof of the jeep.
4.In Sajek, it does not need to take the help of any guide.
Take permission for indigenous photographs. Do not take pictures without permission.
Indigenous people are very simple and honest. Always respect their lifestyle, belief, and culture.
5.There are security camps in some places on the way of Sajek. They need some information about travelers. Cooperate for your safety. Keep a copy of your national identity card.
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6.If you want to stay more than two or three days, instead of keeping the car with you, just fix the car to go. Come back with another vehicle or return to Dighinala by renting another car.
7.It is a remote place and hilly areas, so keep necessary items and emergency medicine with you. Do throw any chips, packets or waste anywhere of the hilly areas, keep it in the right place. This is our pride, so it is our duty to keep neat and clean.

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