Sajek Valley: The Best Tourism Places in Rangamati .

Sajek Tripuri Valley Tourism places  is one from the most well known places of interest in Bangladesh arranged among the slopes of the Kasalong scope of mountaons in Sajek association, Baghaichhari Upazila on Rangamati Region. The valley lives 2,000 fts (610 m) above ocean level. Sajek tourism places Tripuri Valley is done it as the Sovereign of Slopes and Top of Rangamati.

Origin of name

The name from Sajek Valley arrived from the Sajek Waterway that begins from Karnafuli stream. The Sajek waterway functions as a boundary among Bangladesh and India.

Sajek valley tour


Sajek is an association situated in the north from Chittagong Slope Plots. It’s below Baghaichori Upazila on Rangamati slope locale, it is arranged 67 kilometers (42 mi) northeast of Khagrachhari townspeople and 95 kilometers (59 mi) north of Rangamati city. The line of Bangladesh plus Mizoram from India is 8 kilometers (5.0 mile) east of Sajek.


Sajek valley is experienced for its indigenous habitat and is encircled by mountains, thick woods, and meadow slope tracks. While heading to Sajek valley tourism places , one needs to crossing the Mayni chain and the Mayni waterway. The way go to  Sajek causes high pinnacles and falls.

People and culture

sajek valley

The local individuals of Sajek valley live ethnic minorities. Between them Chakma, Marma, and Tripura, Pankho, Kaibarta, and Lushai, other native Assamese people group, and Sagma is  mentionable.

How to go

The valley is principally in Rangamati Locale, however it would be simple for the vacationers to arrive at there of Khagrachhari. The course is Khagrachhari – Dighinala Market – Bagaihat Market – Machalong Haat – and afterward Sajek. The distance among Dighinala and Sajek lives 52 km. Principal transportation from that area lives Chander Gari. It leave cost about Tk. 6000-Taka. 8000/ – all over from Khagrachhari. It resembles a 4 wheel jeep. Now and again guests can take some coffee break in  the way astatine Haat. Of Dighinala, voyagers can employ engine bicycle. It might cost Tk. 1000-Taka. 1500/ – upward-down. Instructions to Reach: Rangamati Locale

By Road

Sajek Valley Road Map

1.Shamoli Paribahan: Of Dhaka,

Sayer counter, Contact: 02 – 7541119

Arambag counter, and  Contact: 02-8193910

Fakirpul counter, and  Contact: 02-933364

Transport begins at 9:35 am.

2 .S Alamo Paribahan: Of Dhaka,

Fakirpul return, Contact: 029331864

Transport begins at 8.00 am and 10.30 am.

3.Hanif  bus Paribahan: Of Dhaka,

Gabtoli counter,  and Contact: 01190806447

Sayedabad counter, Contact: 01191125048

Beginning time: 8:35 am

Where to Stay

Sajek Valley Rangamati

A portion of the lodgings/inns in Rangamati are recorded underneath for your help.

1. Lodging Brilliant Slope

Address: Save Bazar Rangamati

Contact: 01820304714

2. Lodging Green Palace

Address: Save Bazar Rangamati

Contact: 061200

3. Lodging Lake View

Address: Save Bazar Rangamati

Contact : 0062063

4. Lodging Sufia

Call : Kathaltoli Rangamati

Contact: 0062145

5. Peda Chime

Contact: 62082

Table of Contents

Eating Facilities

Sajek Valley Rangamati best places in Bangladesh

In Sajek, you are  can partake in your food at the  ‘Diganta Eatery’ of Runmoy Resort hotel and ‘Stone Nursery Café’ of Sajek Holiday resort. You  are can eat on  the lodgings and cafés arranged there. You can track down cooking game plans there. Alluded to whereas to eat in  the Rangamati, come home here.

Travel Tips

In the manner in which voyager need to take consent from the military camp. Bangladesh armed force is extremely useful and helpful. Presently portable organization is accessible here.

Ideal Opportunity To Visit Sajek Valley tourism places :

Sajek is  delightful altogether the season. As per the flavors, it gets another variety that is appealing and extraordinary. In this way, it is regardless on the off chance that you are going into the Late spring or Winter, you  are will get another essence of Sajek. However, in the Blustery, Pre-winter, and Late harvest time, you will feeling the white mists intently. Thus, it is considered since the best chance to call Sajek Valley. Everything looks great assuming you go some other chance to go Sajek.

Sajek Valley : Resorts And Hotels (Cheap & Best)

Sajek is an association in Baghaichhari upazila from Rangamati region. Sajek is limited on the northerly by Tripura on India, south by Lankadu on Rangamati, about the E by Mizoram on India and in the west by Dighonala in Khagrachari.

The boundary of Mizoram territory of India is just 15 km of Sajek. This Sajek tourism places  valley is situated a good ways off of 34 kilometer from Baghaihat, 49 kilometer from Dighinala  70 kilometer from Khagrachhari Sadar places .

The function of Green as may be obvious. Various little and enormous slopes are looking out from the center of this greens. There is a tremendous fair from green and lots up to the skyline. Mists drape like white cotton starting with one slope then onto the next as the green hole dissolves.

Who couldn’t want anything less than to see mists, mountains and this a gigantic green ocean underneath? Furthermore, in light of the fact that it looks great, perhaps Sajek Valley  tourism places Sajek valley Tourism places was  one from the most well known and famous traveler objections in our area.

You are  can contact Go Mate since Sajek Valley Visit Bundles, Lodgings, Transport Tickets, Atmosphere Tickets or whatever corporate or occasion or vacation. or on the other hand Call +8809678- 388 388

Cheap And Best Resorts And Hotels In Sajek Valley

In spite of the fact that it is situated in Rangamati area, it is advantageous to going to Sajek of Khagrachhari. Sajek must be placed through Dighinala Armed force Camp on Khagrachhari. Sajek has essentially two towns or neighborhoods , settlements.

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Ruilui town falls first subsequent to crossing the military camp. Which is situated at a height of 1800 fts above ocean level. Later on that Kanlak Para and  Lusai, Tripura ,Pangkhoa alive here. It is otherwise called the top of Rangamati as the vast majority of the Rangamati ought be visible from Sajek.

Sajek’s structure changes of morning to early afternoon. Which captivates individuals who enjoy to travel over and over. Over time, Sajek is packed with travelers, however principally during the storms, pre-winter and winter, an ever increasing number of vacationers run to watch the round of find the stowaway in the mists.

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Thus Sajek has fabricated various retreats and houses in view of sightseers. You can remain in these hotels or cabins with your category or companions. Also, the present objective is essentially center around every one of the famous retreats and houses of Sajek.

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We should look at all top famous, modest and best retreat and house of Sajek Valley .

1.Sajek Resort RungRang Cottage

Sajek valley rangamati resort

Rungrang is 1 of the most amazing retreats in Sajek. Seating at the retreat, seeing columns of mountains and mists on the horizon is great. Enlivened with stylish inside plan, the hotel has 4 twofold and two or three rooms. On vacations twofold bed room lease is 3500 Taka two or three 2800 Taka. On any remaining days the twofold bed room lease is 2600 Taka several 2000 Taka. Rungrang Holiday resort offers 10 to 15% rebate on room appointments for the clients of Movement Mate. Get in touch with Us while booking  the  room and partake in this exceptional deal.

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2.Meghpunji Resort Cottage

Meghpunji Resort lives one from the most fascinating and famous hotels in Sajek. Meghpunji Holiday resort has 4 bungalows named Tarasha, Purbasha,  and Rodela Meghla with lovely eco-accommodating design and alluring scene view. From each one can have a limit of 4 individuals. The lease of 3 cabins in Megillah is 4000.00 BDT, and the lease of another house is 4500 Taka. Meghpunji Resort gets 24-hr water and power offices. You can Good Book the Meghpunji Holiday resort by reaching us on portable or through site.

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3.Sajek Resort

Sajek Resort  places is a hotel run by Bangladesh Armed force. The lease for these non A.C rooms lives Taka . 10,000 to Taka. 15,000..00 There are food game plans and limits for government officials serving in the military or top notch. Travel Mate can assist you with too setting up for Sajek Resort whenever.

There are 4 rooms on the highest level of this two-story resort. For the most part couples arrive at this retreat more often than not. For, when the windowpane is opened up, one can partake in the wonderful idea of Sajek from one viewpoint; The hotel additionally has food offices.

4. Megh Machang

Lots individuals like Megh Machang  places Resort situated in Ruilui Para because its wonderful view. Megh Machiavelli Resort has a sum of five cabins made with wooden plus Bamboo. Barring occasions, the lease of Bamboo Cabin is Taka. 3500 and the lease of Wooden Cabin is Taka. 4000. On vacations, the lease of Bamboo Bungalow is Taka. 4,000 and Woody Cabin is Taka. 4,500. Every cabin has an clear veranda confronting Mizoram to partake in the mists. Megh Machang Holiday resort has providing food offices.

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5. TGB Lushai Cottage

TGB Lushai House is a hotel shown to the well known travel bunch ‘Visit Gathering BD’ in view of Facebook. The hotel is situated on the contrary side from the Sajek resort show to the military in Bangladesh. With delightful design and great scene view, TGB Lusai Bungalow has various classifications of spaces for couples, households or gatherings. The lease of these rooms lives from 2500.00 to 4500 Tk. There is a rebate of Taka. 500 on this charge besides on vacations.

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6. Chander Bari Resort

Chander Bari Holiday resort situated on the contrary side of the Stone Nursery is an optimal spot to see the ocean of mists. The hotel has a sum of 8 rooms. Furthermore, from each room thither is a delightful perspective on Mizoram slopes. Each room likewise has a twofold bed and additional beds. The lease of a superior bungalow on siestas is Taka. 4,000, barring occasions Taka  3,500. This is a  room lease of Economy House is Tk. 3500 barring occasions and Tk. 3000 barring occasions.

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7. MadVenture Resort
Madventure is dependably at the focal point of explorers’ advantage with three haze over view focuses organized in tasteful show. The area of the MadVenture Holiday resort is simply inverse the Stone Nursery, the entry to this Sajeke Valley places . The retreat has a roomy veranda in each floor. Premium match room lease is Taka 4,000, couple exemplary room lease is Taka 3,500 and twofold exemplary room lease is Taka  3,500 at Mad Venture Resort.

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8. Jumghor Eco Resort
Situated behind the Ruhr Valley Para Club Family, Jumghor Eco – Holiday resort is exceptionally well known with Sajek voyagers for its tasteful show. The retreat has a sum of two or three rooms in discrete bungalows for convenience. Each way has a limit of 4 facilities. The cabin lease of Jumghar Eco syestem  Resort is Taka 4,000.00 and the lease is a similar consistently. Every house has an enormous veranda, swings, delightful gardens and guest plans for cloud watching. To remain at this hotel on siestas, booking a house in advance is better.

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9. Sampari Resort
Sampari Resort has acquired a great deal of notoriety among the young with its open climate and fantastic view focuses. Sampari Resort has various spaces for vacation, couple, family or gathering. The lease in the Hotel for Couple Cabin 3500 Taka, Match room 2500.00  BDT, 2 get it on room 3500.00 Taka, 3 bed way 4000 Tak.a The charge for extra sheet material is 500.00 B.DT. 500 Taka markdown is given for for each one room lease with the exception of working day.

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10. Laxman Cottage Salka

The area of Laxman House Salka Resort close to Ruilui Para Shiva Sanctuary. Salka Holiday resort has a sum of 4 rooms. Selective full view room lease is Taka 4,000.00  and general class room lease is Taka  2,500..00 Laxman House Salker has a open veranda with elite full view rooms. Going to the room or in the veranda, thither is a valuable chance to invest energy visiting with nature.

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11.Adrika Echo Cottage

Adrika Reverberation Resort is a ideal spot for the people who need to be such as themselves on an open climate. The area of this retreat is buns TGB Lusai House. The hotel’s extensive veranda offers stunning regular scenes. The veranda has armchairs and guest plans. The retreat has just two enormous rooms. From each one room has an expert bed and a sleeping pad. So greatest 4 individuals can remain. Room lease is Taka 4,000 in Fridays, Sat and different occasions and Taka. 3,500 on different days. To remain at this retreat, it is smarter to go with encourage booking. Contact Travel Partner to book hither.

12. Trinity Resort

Trinity Resort is situated close to Ruilui Para Shiva Sanctuary on the right half of Sajek’s entry. The hotel has a sum of 8 ways including four twofold beds and several rooms. The let for a twofold bed or couple way at Trinity Holiday resort on a typical day, barring occasions, is B.D.T 4,000.00. Furthermore, the lease on siestas is 4500 Taka. Of the several rooms and two twofold bed rooms at the  Trinity Resort, 1 can partake in the wonderful scene of Sajak Valley .

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13. Chayanir Eco Resort
Chayanir Eco Holiday resort is situated on the contrary side from Meghpunji Resort close to Ruilui Para Night club House. Inherent a three-sided tasteful style, this hotel draws in the consideration of every individual who concerns Saje. Valley There are 3 sorts of rooms, received

and top notch, in the obscure eco resort. Received room lease is Tk. 3000 every evening and premium room lease is Tk. 3500..00 Room takes at this retreat remain practically unaltered consistently. Incredible nightfall perspectives can be delighted in from the obscure eco holiday resort.

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14. Rului Resort

Found simply buns the Ruilui Para Night club House. Every house at the Ruilui Holiday resort has a lovely veranda with the comfort of partaking in the stunning landscape. Each room lease at Ruilui Holiday resort is Taka 4,000 to Taka 5,000. Limits are accessible at various rates in room rentals besides on vacations.

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15. Meghadree Eco Resort

Of the verandah from Meghadri Eco Holiday resort whereas mountains, sky, mists are totally found in a special type of quality. Meghadri Eco Holiday resort has two or three rooms and 2 twofold bed rooms. Nonetheless, there is just a gallery before the twofold bed space to see the exceptional scene of Sajak. Barring occasions, twofold room lease is Tk. 3500 .00 and couple room lease is Tk. 3000. What’s more, on vacations the room lease of this retreat increments relying upon the interest of the sightseers.

16.Sumui Eco Resort
Sumui Eco House, situated in Ruilui Para River, has 2 Mizoram View rooms. Of the room 1 can partake in the glorious scene of Sajak Valley . There is additionally additional sheet material in from each one room. Room lease at Sumui Eco Cabin remains practically unaltered over time. The ongoing room lease of this retreat is 4000 BDT.

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17.Runmoy Resort
There are a sum of five rooms in the ground floor plus two stories in this out of control resort. The retreat is likewise famous as its lease is somewhat low and delightful landscape can be appreciated. Ground floor room lease is around 4450 Taka. The higher up room lease is around 4950 Tk. In these rooms worked for 2, you can likewise orchestrate an additional bed with an extra Tk 600.

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18.Alo Resort
This hotel is situated in Ruilui Para River. There are 7 rooms altogether. Twofold room 4 , 2 single. Twofold room lease is 800.00 to 1500 Tk. The songle bed on the single will cost 1 one thousand Tk and the twofold bed on the single will price 1500 Taka. Despite the fact that there is power offices for the restricted period, the food for thought and cost will fulfill you. On the off chance that you look for low-spending plan lodging, it will be awesome.

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19. Abakash Eco Cottage

Room lease on the ground level of this three-story house is 2500 BDT. Be that as it may, on the 2nd and 3rd floors it prices 3000.00 Taka. There are  can be 4 individuals in to each one room with twofold bed.

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20. Indigenous houses (Most Cheap and Budget)

Aside from resorts and cabins, ancestral houses can likewise be obliged. The individuals who are non couple and need to partake in the flavor of the native individuals, they can remain the night in the native individuals. It is smart as well as modest. If you come with companions and need to set aside cash, then, at that point, this can be an extraordinary for you. The expense per individual is 200 – 300 B.DT. You are  will get food of them and regardless of whether you tell they  are will offer their customary food varieties also.

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Other lodging and bungalows with low spending plan in Sajek Valley places

A couple of words about inn resort booking On Sajek Valley: Prior to booking an onn or resort on Sajek Valley places , it is smarter to take a gander at its area, distance from the slopes, café, security and different offices, and so forth. If there should be an occurrence of room lease, deal well. What’s more, the lease of the accompanying lodgings and resorts changes relying upon the season. Throughout the harden (November-Walk) the traveler pressure is normally higher. Then the lease of the hotels is abnormally high. And then room booking ought to continuously be finished after exhaustive confirmation. Furthermore, if you need to book ahead of time, obviously, there is a solicitation to really look at yourself before the monetary exchange.

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Because Sajek Valley is 1 of the most traveler objective in Bangladesh city  there are almost 50+ very much enriched lodgings and resorts. How about we see a few different lodgongs and resort on Sajek Valley places . For  more data, we solicitation to reach us. or then again visit our office.

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Dighinala Visitor House

Meghalaya Holiday resort

Jhi Poke Bari

Rock Heaven Bungalow

Megh Kabbo Peak House, Sajek Valley

Sajek Exemplary Retreats

Mono Adam Holiday resort

Monghor Resort

Inn Moitree

Note: In the event that you are a proprietor/chief of a quality onn or resort on Sajek Valley, and looking out here-not recorded your inn or resort. Reach us with a parity of point by point, photographs, recordings (On the off chance that you have). In the event that you see whatever old data or need to refresh the data, you are free to straightforwardly reach us too or call us.

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You can diminish costs relying upon what clock time you are can going. On the off chance that you come in the slow time of year, you leave get a great deal of limits on inn or resort rentals. On the off chance that you go throughout the season (November-March), regardless of whether you going  on a week after week occasiin or in a public occasion, it will price less to lease an inn or resort. Likewise, in the event that you go somewhat further inland of the ocean side, you will actually want to remain at a lower price. The expense of Sajak go will to a great extent rely heavily on how good you adjust to the climate. On the off chance that you like to go with your very own tad solace, the expense will be inside your scope.

Take the Assistance Of Movement Mate For Guaranteeing A Problem free Inns Or Holiday resort For you!

On the off chance that you are searching for help to purchase the ticket or reserving for a lodging from Dhakaor some other spots of Bangladesh go  to Sajek Valley, get through Journey Mate, the most dependable and most called travel accomplice in Bangladesh. Likewise, if you need to journey Sajek Valley tourism places  with security and need to partake in the spot with more euphoria, Travel Mate can assist you with organizing the visit. Reach us for additional subtleties. Most importantly, you might add any missing data from the remark segment about Sajek Valley. Blissful Voyaging.

Tips for Traveling Sajek:

Rangamati sajek heliport

1.Before attending Sajek, guarantee the booking from your room by means of call. It will assist you with staying away from an issue in special times of year or in-season.

2.There  are  no power in Sajek. However there are the choices of Sun oriented Charging, takes more time to charge and isn’t effectively accessible. Great choices to keep Power Manage an account on you.

3.In  the Sajek valley , there are just accessible versatile organizations including Robi, Airtel, plus Teletalk organizations.

The best approach to Sajek is exceptionally screwed and high up, so this way is perilous. Be careful with going in the top from the landrover.

4.In  the Sajek, it doesn’t have to take the assistance of any aide.

Take authorization for native photos. Native individuals are extremely basic and genuine.

5.There live security system camps in certain puts on the method of Sajek. They call for some data about voyagers. Keep a duplicate of your public character card.

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6.If you need to remain more than a few days, rather than keeping the vehicle with you, simply fix the vehicle to go. Return with one more vehicle or bring back to Dighinala by leasing another vehicle.

7.It is an remote spot and uneven regions, so keep important things and crisis medication with you. Do toss any chips, bundles or waste anyplace of the bumpy regions, keep it perfectly positioned. This is our plume, so it lives our obligation to keep flawless and clean.

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