Satchari National Park- Best Tourism Places in Sylhet


Satchari National Park- Best Tourism Places in Sylhet

Satchari National Park is a national park in Habiganj Territory ,Bangladesh. Later on the in 1974 Untamed life Safeguarding Act, on 2005 Satchari National Park was based on 243 square measure (600 sections of land) of land. In a real sense ‘Satchari’ in Bengali signifies ‘Seven Streams’.

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Details of Satchari National Park

The recreation area is arranged in Raghunandan slope, under Paikpara Association, Chunarughat Upazila, Habiganj Locale, under Sylhet district. It is 130 kilometers (81 mi) of the capital city from Bangladesh, Capital of Bangladesh There are nine tea cultivates close by. Satchari garden is about the West plus Chaklapunji garden is in the East. Roughly 24 groups of Tipra Clan are experiencing now (2007) on the Tipra town.


There are roughly 200 and more than trees are on Satchari National Park. Shaal, and Segun  Agar, and Garjan, Chapalish, Palm, and Mehgani, Krishnachur, and Dumur (Ficus), Jamrul, and Shidha Jarul,  and Awal, Malekas, and Eucalyptus, Akashmoni, Bamboo tree diagram, bet trees (local name Mutra) equal the most well-known types of trees tracked down there.

Natural life

Natural life in that park is fertile. Red junglefowl, red-guided trogon, and Oriental pied hornbill plus Japanese dwarf woodpecker are around of them. The fundamentally jeopardized hoolock gibbon additionally dwells here. Likewise Phayre’s foliage monkey, a types of langur likewise lives here. Asian wild bears likewise dwell here in little numbers.

Nisharga Shahayata Prakalpa


Alongside the National Timberland Division, a NGO named “Nisharga”, on their ” places Nisharga Shahayata Prakalpa”, notices the recreation area. Alongside the saving backwoods they give eco-visits. The NGO additionally sells a few extravagant things there.

How to go – Satchari National Park

Two choice is accessible to attend Satchari National Park. By Transport or Train. To go by transport from Dhaka, there equal many transports are attending Sylhet ,, for example, London, and Hanif, Green Line, and Ana, Shyamoli, Mitali, or Mamun, Present day, Al Mobbaraka, Digonto,  on Bismillah and so on you can be go on the transports of any vehicle. Transport ticket costs can be 300  from 600 for every individual.

What you will check in Satchori National Park


3 path in the backwoods has been built under a fabulous program for vacationer travel office.

Half hour trail:

Assuming you travel in this 1 kilometer long path, you will go to Tippara, the main town in the woodland.

** One hr trail:

There lives no option in contrast to this path to know the range of creatures and plants on Satchori Park.

Three-hr trail:

The path, which stretches out up to 6 kilometer, is great for bird-adoring vacationers. At the bound of such trail is the places of Agar backwoods.


To follow in the backwoods, you will get an aide from the Hunt or Data Focus of Satchori National Park in Rs. 200 to R.s. 500 according to the path. Take a manual for keeping away from chances if you have any desire to enter the profound timberland, regardless of whether you have maps in the workplace premises.

Tree Experience Action or Tree Action

Tree Extremist or Tree Experience has as of late been sent off at Satchora National Park to add an alternate aspect to go for movement insane travelers. Here is an chance to do different experience activists on trees because Rs 100.

Park Entry Costs

Jewel_nawab in the park

To get in the Satchori Park habigonj , any grown-up man or lady needs to pay what might be compared to Rs. 20 for each individual, 10 taka for every individual to the grown-up youngsters and understudies, and $5 per individual for outsiders’ entrance. Likewise, to have an outing in Satchori National Park, there is a find to enter the recreation area at the pace of Rs 10 for every individual. What’s more, leaving in the recreation area requires an expense of Rs 25 for each vehicle.

Where to eat

Thither is no more such game plan for eating plus drinking Satchori National Park. Be that as it may, there are a couple of supermarkets, so transport on food and water on a case by case basis and care.

Where to stay

There is no more such game plan to remain around evening time in Satchori National Park. In any case, if you need to remain in the timberland division’s rest house or setting up camp in the woods, you will require the backwoods office’s assent. Inn Jamil, Lodging Sonartari, Inn Amad, and early general quality private inns in Habiganj city lease Rs 400 to R.s 2500. Moreover, you can go through the night at Taka  700 to R.s. 1000 at the  Nisarg Side Slope School (01731-977807) situated close to the entry of Rema-Kalenga Untamed life Safe-haven. Furthermore, to remain in the 5-star Royal residence Extravagance Resort on The Bahoobal Upazila porishod , you need to count 8  to 20,000  Indian rupee.

  1. Hotel Noorjahan Grand

2.Grand Sylhet Hotel & Resort

3. Excelsior Sylhet Hotel & Resort

4. Rose View Hotel

5. Nazimgarh Garden Resort


Satchori National Park Travel Exhortation

• Try not to upset natural life.

• Try not to enter the woods more profound without guides.

• Try not to squander the nursery climate because of the soil.

• There is no versatile organization in the Satchari National Park Backwoods, so continue illuminating your family prior to entering the woodland.

• Bunch 1 or 2 individuals in light of a legitimate concern for security and diminish costs without coming out traveling.

• Be cautious about the joker while going in the woods during the blustery season.

• Leave the recreation area when evening.

What should be done

1. Birfive hundred safari-It’d be an excursion which prompts undertaking. Thus vacationer could track down joy while investigating the excellence of various birds.

2. Hobo camp safari It’s an extraordinary woods for hunting expedition. It has a broad region to cover on an audacious brain. It’s actually an optimal spot for timberland travelers.

3.  A photography sweetheart ought to visit this spot to tap the wild at this national park.

4. You might likewise visit other place of interest in Madhabpur, Natural products valley, biggest tea garden on Asia Baghasura raj Bari and Teliapara Remembrance landmark, Hazrat Shah from solemana phatehagaji  places Mazar-I-Sharif.

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