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The Sixty Dome Mosque is all the more regularly known as Shait Gambuj Mosque of God or Saith Gunbad Musjid), is a mosque of worship in Bagerhat, People’s Republic of Bangladesh. It is a piece of the Mosque City from Bagerhat, an UNESCO World Legacy Site. It is the biggest mosque in Bangladesh of the sultanate time frame (1352-1576). It was worked during the Bengal Sultanate away Khan Jahan Ali, the legislative head of the Sundarbans. It gets been depicted as “quite possibly of the most amazing Muslim landmark in the total of To the south Asia.

Southeastern View


Within the fifteenth 100 years, a Muslim province was established in the mangrove woods of the Sundarbans, close to the coast on the Bagerhat Locale by a holy person Universal, named of  Khan Jahan Ali. He taught in a wealthy city during the rule of King Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah, then done it as ‘Khalifatabad’. Khan Jahan decorated this city with in excess of twelve mosques, the remains of which are engaged around the most forcing and biggest multi-domed mosques on Bangladesh, done it as the Shait-Gumbuj Musjid (160’×108′).The development of the mosque was begun in 1442 plus it was finished in 1459. The mosque of worship was utilized for supplications, and furthermore as a madrasha and gathering corridor.


It is situated in Bagerhat region in sout hern Bangladesh which is on Khulna Division. It is around 5 kilometers (3 mi) from the primary town from Bagerhat. Bagerhat is almost 320 kilometer (200 mi) of Dhaka which is the Dhaka.


Sixty Dome Mosque

The ‘Sixty Vault’ Mosque has walls of uncommonly thick, tightened block in the Tughlaq fashion and a hovel molded roofline that expects later styles. The mosque of worship has an oval arrangement of 148’6″ x 101’4″ remotely and 123’3″ x 76’two” internally.Thither cost 77 low arches organized in seven lines of eleven, and one vault on each corner, carrying the all out to 81 vaults. There are four pinnacles. Two of four pinnacles were utilized to call up the azaan. The inside is partitioned into numerous walkways and straights by slim segments, which come full circle in various curves that help the rooftop.

Location of Bagerhat District in Bangladesh
Location of Bagerhat District in Bangladesh

The mosque of worship has 77 squat vaults with 7 four-sided contributed Bengali arches the center column. The tremendous supplication lobby, in spite of the fact that furnished with 11 curved entryways on east plus 7 each along north and in the south for ventilation system and light, presents a dull and grave appearance inside. It is partitioned into 7 longitudinal walkways and 11 profound narrows by a woods of 60 thin stone sections, from which springs lines of vast curves, supporting the vaults. 1.8 meter (6 ft) thick, somewhat tightening walls and empty and round, nearly withdrew corner towers, looking like the strongholds of post, each covered by little adjusted vaults, review the Tughlaq design of Delhi. The westerly wall has 11 mihrabs on the inside where ten are visually impaired and the focal ine is projected on the outside.The mosque addresses magnificent archeological magnificence which was the mark in the fifteenth hundred years.

Sixty arches or sixty sections

Sixty dome mosque in the evening

The mosque is privately known as the ‘Pooped Gomel Masjid’, which in Bengali has in mind Sixty Domed Mosque. Notwithstanding, there are 77 arches over the primary lobby and precisely 60 stone points of support. It is conceivable that the

mosque was initially alluded to as the 60 Pillared Mosque whereas Amud  meaning segment in Arabic/Persian, later on got adulterated to Gombuj  in Bengali, and that implies vaults.


How to go

Sixty Dome Mosque Bangladesh
Sixty Dome Mosque Bangladesh

It is situated in Bagerghat region of Khulna divisor. A cycle-cart from the transport stand to the Pooped Gombuj Mosque ought to go around Tk 10. Except if you’re in a rush, you probably will need to simply stroll to the sights of the transport stand. Travel west along the primary street, a genuinely decent walk put something aside for the rapid sounding transports. The main sight you’ll concern is the dargah; begin making a few inquiries for it after around 5km or somewhere in the vicinity. Pooped Gombuj mosque of worship is another 2 kilometer or so west on the fundamental street from the dargah switch off.

How To Reach: Bagerhat district

Side View

Bagerhat Region is connected with Dhaka and different areas by street and Water. You can utilize any of those.Many transport administrations are accessible from Capital of Bangladesh to Bagerhat. Some from them are recorded beneath for your help:

Meghna Paribahan

Sayedabad Final

Contact: 0171717388553

Toll: TaKa 350 (Approx.)

Shakura  bus Paribahan

Gabtoli Final

Contact: 01711010450

Toll: TaKa 500 (Approx.)

Porjotok bus  Paribahan

Sayadabad Terminus

Contact: 01711131078

Charge: TK 350 (Approx.)

Shohag bus  Paribahan

Gabtoli  bus Terminal

Contact: 01718679302

Charge: TaKa 380 (Approx.)

Where to Stay

There are just a not very many lodgings in Bagerhat where you might consider remaining in. Our proposal is:

Momtaz  hotel

Region: Rail street Bagerhat

It has basic convenience with restricted offices and decently great assistance. Notwithstanding, the spot is expensive. There are not many more equivalent lodgings close by a similar region.

Inn Jalico

Jalil Pinnacle 77, Lower Jessore Street, Khulna-9100,


Telephone: +88041283962, 811883, 810933, 725912

Portable: +880175743477

Fax: +880-41-724048



Lodging Al-Sovereign  Bar

Mongla Port, Bagerhat,  and khulna, Bangladesh

Telephone 88-04658-482

What should be done

With Pooped Gumbuj Mosque, you  are can see a few other more modest mosques. These live Bibi Begni’s Mosque of worship, around 500 m behind Crapped Gombuj mosque and across an enormous lake, which makes them interest botanical themes; the bulbous Chunakhola Mosque of worship, in a paddy field around 500m behind Bibi Begni’s; plus Singar Mosque, across the expressway from Pooed Gombuj mosque.

Eating Offices

Assuming you are ravenous, you might look for eateries or cheap food shops close by. You may likewise convey your have food.

Travel Tips

Thither isn’t a lot to purchase here beside some request globules and other little knickknacks close the dargah.

Bagerhat Hotels and Places to Stay

  1. Hotel Pashur

2. Hotel Green View International

3. Hotel Castle Salam

4.Hotel Swapnapuri Residential

5.Hotel Royal International

6.Hotel Ds Palace

7.The Grand Placid

9.Hotel Park

10.Hotel Golden Apple

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