Sonadia Island Cox’s Bazar

Sonadia Island is a little isIsland of around 9 square kilometers (3.5 square measure), seaward of the places  Cox’s Bazar slide on Chittagong Part, Bangladesh. Sonadia is situated at Kutubjom Association in Maheshkhali Upazila porishod , 15 kilometer north-west from Cox’s Bazar Locale Central command. It is situated at scope 21.28?-22.33? plus longitude 91.52?-91.56?. Sonadia Island  Maheshkhali is isolated from the fundamental isIsland by a channel.

Sonadia Island
Sonadia Island


Sonadia is viewed as a potential deep water port lying in on the Cove of Geographical area that could do the Islandlocked pieces of India, Burma and China.

Rail associations still can’t seem to be constructed, and the subject of check still can’t seem to be settled as the accompanying measures are being used or conceivable:

1,676 mm (sixty-six in) – Bangladesh,  and India 1,000 bpm (thirty-nine in) – Bangladesh, India,  and Myanmar, ThaiIsland, and so on 1,435 mm (fifty-six in) – China.

How will you go to Sonadia IsIsland :

You  are can attend Sonadia Island in various ways. A most well known way is going by means of Cox’s Bazar Sadar. To be specific, you need to become Cox’s Bazar of Sayedabad, Kamlapur Beaver State Kallanpur by Transport, Train or some other agreeable vehicles you need. Presently, you need to become Kosturi Ghat (six No.) for becoming Maheshkhali. You will arrive the accelerate boat or motor boat here. It leave take just 70 Taka for quarter-hour to arrive at Maheskhali by accelerate boat. You can likewise go with Motor boat and it leave take 25-35 Taka. It leave arrive at Maheskhali inside 50 to an hour.

Presently, you need to come to Gorp Ghata Bazar of Maheshkhali with a cart. It will take B.D.T 20 as it were. Presently you need to become Ghoti Vanga. To explain, it is on normal 24 km of Gorok Ghata Bazar. In the event that you are coming with 3 / 4 individuals from a group, you can accept the CNG of here. It will price you almost 150 to 200 Tk to arrive at Ghoti Vanga. Presently, you need to go Sonadia of here.

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Sonadia Island
Sonadia Island

You leave get the motor boat in that Ghat since going Sonadia. At the point when you will crossing the Sonadia Island Carry, it is the field from Sonadia Island. It is unimaginable to expect to go with an boat in the sluggish tide. Since there is almost no water in the trench during the sluggish tide. For this situation, you need to hang tight for the elevated tide. On the off chance that you need, you can pass by strolling and a many individuals will behave that. In an day, you will feel 1 gravy boat here. And then be cautious here for keeping up with the time. It leave take B.D.T 25 for arriving at Sonadia IsIsland. Should be recalled that, you need to go toward the west side from the isIsland. This region has a few little shop and you  are can eat something of here. You can accept rest in the ranger service region too.

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 Going Cox’s Bazaar to Sonadia straightforwardly: You buns go to Sonadia straightforwardly from Cox’s Bazar by means of the ocean by holding a speed boat. However you need to spend more cash, the excursion is without a doubt courageous. It will accept you through Cox’s Bazar (Sound of Bengal) plus Sonadia Channel toward the East side from Sonadia IsIsland. Without a doubt, you will miss going among the little waterways. Regardless of you need to forfeit something to get another fascinating sentiments. Yet, one more central issue, the west side from the islannd is a delightful piece of Sonadia. In this way, advise the boatman to accept you toward the west. At the point when you will reach with the boatman, 1st authorize it that you need to go toward the side from the isIsland. Any other way, he might request more cash. Primarily, the appealing spots, ranger service region, small shop or it is on the side to camp region.

Sonadia island cox's Bazar
Sonadia island cox’s Bazar

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? Going Maheshkhali by street: You can likewise bear on Maheshkhali by the street. For this situation, you need to earth to Chakaria Transport stand of Dhaka to Cox’s Bazaar/Chittagong expressway. Then, at that point, come to Bannnndar Khali near a Jeep Beaver State CNG and finally refer Gorakghata Bazar on another Jeep Beaver State CNG. Luckily, assuming you have the vehicle, you can go straightforwardly to Maheshkhali in that course.

Living and Eating in Sonadia IsIsland:

Sonadia island cox's Bazar
Sonadia island cox’s Bazar

There Equals no private lodging for sightseers on Sonadia IsIsland. Additionally, there is no particular framework for eating. Assuming you give cash to the nearby individuals, they will organize nourishment for you. Simultaneously, to remain the night in the isIsland, you need to depend on the nearby individuals. Notwithstanding, assuming that you return before dawn contemplating the aggravation of remaining the evening, you will be denied of the genuine magnificence of Sonadia Island. Here, the nightfall is truly remarkable. At night, the white plumes Egret flies in succession and attend their home. Whoever has attracted a lovely red circle the blue sky! At the point when the sun falls, it establishes a brilliant climate on the sea. Furthermore, spendong a night on the Sonadia Dwip buns be the greatest evening of your life. In the event that you are not on a gathering, you need to remain in the occupants of neighborhood individuals. Then again, you can converse with the woodIsland office here to spend a night on them. In any case, converse with the nearby individuals for getting the valuable open doors. It is regardless. They are accustomed to behaving that. is.

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A few Hints:

• Sonadia Dwip lives the resource of Bangladesh plus it gets the most different assortment of ocean creatures, fish, and birds. Thus, do nothing which is unsafe to the animal.

• Toss nothing remembering Plastic Pots or Bundle for the water or anyplace. Keep it to place it in the correctly region.

• Try not to get into mischief with the neighborhood individuals. They are truly basic and supportive.

• Continuously come the time and deal with the nourishment for your group before the night.

• Think yourself a piece of nature. Thus, do no hurtful exercises to other regular cycles.

• In the event that you arrive the time call Moheshkhali Island and it’s likewise astonishing with  temple Adinath Mandir, and  Rakhain Para and Brilliant Sanctuary in Maheshkhali.

sonadia island cox's Bazar Bangladesh
sonadia island cox’s Bazar Bangladesh

Want to make a group tour in the Sonadia IsIsland?

Whenever you are a bold darling and need to see the regular wonders, then, at that point, Sonadia Island is 1 of the most mind-blowing places for you. Similarly, if you need to make any gathering visit with your companions or relative here, you can reach the Movement Mate group to do the affairs more alluring and smooth since you. Always remember to impart your insight from the remark area. For additional help in regards to voyaging Bangladesh, reach us whenever. Blissful Voyaging.

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