Sonargaon museum – Best Tourism Places in  Narayanganj.

Sonargaon is a notable city in focal Bangladesh. It compares to the Sonargaon Upazila from Narayanganj Region in Dhaka Part.

Sonargaon is one from the old capitals from the notable district of Bengal and was a managerial focus of easterly Bengal. It was likewise a stream port. It’s hinter land was the focal point of the muslin exchange Bengal, with a huge populace of weavers and craftsmans. The region was a base because the Vanga, Samatata,and  Sena, and Deva traditions.

Sonargaon was the capital of Isha Khan and his palace is there.
Sonargaon was the capital of Isha Khan and his palace is there.

Sonargaon acquired significance throughout the Delhi Sultanate. It existed the capital from the sultanate managed by  the Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah of Iran and his child Ikhtiyaruddin Ghazi Shah. It facilitated a regal court and mint from the Bengal Sultanate and furthermore the Capital from the Bengal Sultanate below the rule of Ghiyasuddin Azan Shah. Sonargaon got perhaps of the main municipality in Bengal. The Rulers fabricated mosques and burial chambers. It was afterward the seat from the Baro-Bhuyan alliance that opposed Mughal development under the administration of Is a Khan and his child Musa Khan. Sonargaon then, at that point, turned into a locale of Mughal Bengal. During English provincial rule, shippers fabricated numerous Indo-Saracenic condos in the Panam area. Sonargaon attracts numerous vacationers every year Bangladesh. It has the Bangladesh Society Expressions and Specialties Establishment, as well as different archeological locales, Sufi holy places, Hindu sanctuaries, and memorable mosques and burial chambers.

Indo-Saracenic architecture

Madras High Court buildings are a prime example of Indo-Saracenic architecture, designed by J. W. Brassington under the guidance of British architect Henry Irwin, 1892.
Madras High Court buildings are a prime example of Indo-Saracenic architecture, designed by J. W. Brassington under the guidance of British architect Henry Irwin, 1892.

Indo-Saracenic design (otherwise called Indo-Gothic, Mughal-Gothic, and Neo-Mughal, and  Hindoo style) was an evangelist structural style generally involved by English draftsmen on India in the later nineteenth hundred years, particularly out in the open and government structures in the English Raj, and the castles of leaders of the royal states. It drew expressive and ornamental components from local Indo-Islamic design, particularly Mughal engineering, which the English viewed as the exemplary Indian style, and, on rare occasions, from Hindu sanctuary architecture.The essential format and construction of the structures would in general be near that utilized in contemporary structures in other Pentecostal styles, like Gothic restoration and Neo-Traditional, with explicit Indian elements and improvement added.


Sonargaon is situated close to the old course from the Brahmaputra Waterway. Toward the north from Sonargaon ar the Wari-Bateshwar destroys, which archeologists have viewed as the retail store (exchanging province) of Sounagoura referenced by Greco-Roman authors.The name Sonargaon began with the antiquated term from Suvarnagrama.Sonargaon was controlled by Vanga and Samatata Realms during vestige. The Deva administration Ruler Dasharathadeva moved his capital of Bikrampur to Suvarnagrama on the thirteenth century.Sonargaon is likewise one of the potential areas for the famous place where there is Suvarnabhumi that is alluded in societies across the Indian subcontinent plus Southeast Asia.

Delhi Sultanate (thirteenth and fourteenth hundreds of years)

Muslim pilgrims previously showed up in Sonargaon around 1281. In the mid fourteenth hundred years, Sonargaon turned out to be important for the Delhi Sultanate once Shamsuddin Firoz Shah, Delhi’s lead representative in Gauda, vanquished focal Bengal.Firoz Shah fabricated a mont in Sonargaon from where an enormous number of coins were given. Delhi’s lead representatives in Bengal frequently attempted to affirm their autonomy. Rebel lead representatives frequently picked Sonargaon because the capital of Bengal. At the point when Firoz Shah kicked the bucket in 1322, his child, Ghiyasuddin Bahadur Shah, supplanted him as ruler. On 1324, the Delhi Ruler Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq pronounced battle against him and prevailed with regards to catching Bahadur Shah in fight. During that very year, King Muhammad receptacle Tughlaq delivered him and designated him as the legislative head of Sonargaon.

Shilpacharja Jainul Abedin ( Folk and Arts Museum)
Shilpacharja Jainul Abedin ( Folk and Arts Museum)

Sonargaon started to create as a seat from Muslim finding out and Persian writing. Numerous Persian and Persianate Turkic workers got comfortable Sonargaon. Maulana Sharfuddin and Abu Tawwama from Bukhara came to Sonargaon around 1270 and laid out a Sufi khanqah plus madrasa, which granted both strict and mainstream training. The establishments became rumored all through the Indian subcontinent.  The are Sharfuddin Yahya Maneri, an observed Sufi researcher of Bihar, was a graduate of Sonargaon. and Tawwama’s book on enchantment, Maqamat, partook in a solid standing. During the organization of Roknuddin Kail (1291-1301 Promotion), child of Nasiruddin Bughra Khan,  of Nam-I-Haq, a Good Book on fiqh (law), was written in exquisite Persian verse, in Sonargaon. However the origin of such book has been credited to Shaikh Sharafu’d-Commotion Abu Tawwama, the writer’s presentation affirms that the book was really composed by one of the pupils of Shaikh Sharafu’d-Clamor based on his teachings.The is  Fatwa-I-Tatarkhani was accumulated at the drive Tatar Khan, the Tughluq legislative leader of Sonargaon.

Sonargaon Sultanate (fourteenth 100 years)

Right front view of Sonargaon Museum
Right front view of Sonargaon Museum

The Sultanate of Sonargaon turned into a fleeting free state with command over focal, northeastern and southeastern Bengal. At the point when Bahram Khan passed on in 1338, his protective layer carrier, Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah, proclaimed himself the free Ruler of Sonargaon.Fakhruddin supported a few development projects, including a trunk street and raised banks, alongside mosques and tombs.Sonargaon started to overcome regions held by the eastern realms of Arakan plus Tripura. The multitude of Sonargaon vanquished Chittagong in south eastern Bengal in 1340. Within the west, Sonargaon rivaled the adjoining city-provinces of Lakhnauti and Satgaon because military matchless quality in Bengal. Sonargaon won in maritime missions during the rainstorm. Lakhnauti won in land crusades during the time of year.The fourteenth-century Moorish voyager Ibn Battuta called the Sonargaon Sultanate. He showed up through the port from Chittagong, from where he continued to the Sylhet locale to meet on Shah Jalal. He then continued to Sonargaon, the capital from the sultanate. He depicted Fakhruddin as “a recognized sovereign who cherished outsiders, especially the fakirs plus sufis”. In Sonargaon‘s waterway port, Ibn Battuta got on a Chinese garbage which accepted him to Java.Later the passong of Fakhruddon in 1349, his child Ikhtiyaruddin Ghazi Shah turned into the following free leader of Sonargaon.The leader of Satgaon Shamsuddin Image Shah in the long run crushed Sonargaon in 1352 and laid out the Bengal Sultanate.

Bengal of  Sultanate (fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth hundreds of years)


The three city-territories of Bengal were brought together into an autonomous sultanate. Sonargaon got one of the significant municipalities in the eastern piece of the Indian sub continent. It was a decisively significant waterway port with nearness to the Brahma putra Valley and the Sound of Bengal. The one-third Bengali Ruler Ghiyasuddin Azam Shah laid out a regal court in Sonargaon. The municipality prospered as a middle for journalists, law specialists and legal counselors. The tremendous measure of Persian exposition and verse created in Sonargaon throughout this period has been depicted as the “brilliant time of Persian writing” in Bengal. The Ruler welcomed the Persian artist Hafez to this Bengali court on Sonargaon. The establishments established by Abu Tawwama were kept up with by his replacements, including the Sufi ministers Saiyid Ibrahim Danishmand, and Saiyid Arif Billah Mohammad Kamel, and Saiyid Mohammed Yusuf and others.

Throughout the fifteenth hundred years, the Chinese Fortune journeys incorporated an undertaking to Sonargaon. The Chinese consulates to Bengal were important for the mission of Naval commander Zheng He. In 1451, Mama Huan depicted Sonargaon as a braced walled city, with a regal court, markets, clamoring roads, water repositories, and a port.

Throughout the Hussain Shahi line, Sonargaon wans utilized as a basis by the Rulers during efforts versus Assam, Tripura plus Arakan. The Kings sent off assaults into Assam and Tripura of Sonargaon. The stream port was crucial during maritime missions, for example, throughout the Bengal Sultanate-Kamata Realm War plus the Bengal Sultanate-Realm of Mrauk U Conflict of 1512-1516.

Sonragaon facilitated a mint. It cost the vital authoritative focal point of eastern Bengal, especially the Bhati area. High authorities from the Bengal Sultanate were situated in Sonargaon. Turkic, Middle Easterner, Habesha, Persian, and Pashtun and Rajput pilgrims relocated to the district and became Sonargaiyas. Sonargaon additionally turned into the eastern end of the Excellent Trunk Street, which was worked by Sher Shah Suri on the sixteenth 100 years. The Fantastic Trunk Street was a significant shipping lane extending from Bengal to Focal Asia. The thriving from the Bengal Sultanate was validated by European explorers, including Ludovico and di Varthema, Duarte Barbosa plus Tomé Pires. As per explorers, Sonargaon was a significant business place. At the point when the Bengal Sultanate deteriorated in the late sixteenth 100 years, Sonargaon kept on being a stronghold of Bengali freedom for years and years.

Twelve Bhuiyans (late sixteenth and mid seventeenth hundreds of years)

Under Ruler Taj Khan Karrani, the aristocrat Isa Khan, who was head of the state in the King’s court, acquired a domain covering the area from Sonargaon. The Karrani tradition was crushed by Mughal powers in western Bengal. Isan Khan and a confederation from zamindars opposed Mughal extension in easterly Bengal. The confederation admitted Bangla Muslim and Bengali Hindustani zamindars, a large number of whom accepted Turkic and Rajput heritage who in the long run became Sonargaiya done time. Isa Khan bit by bit expanded his solidarity and he was assigned as the leader of the entire Bhati locale, with the title from Mansad-e-Ala.

Isa Khan

Within the Ain-I-Akee, Abul Fazl expounded on the “fine Bengali conflict boats” from Isa Khan’s navy.Within the Akbarnama, Abul Fazl expressed “Isa obtained notoriety by his ready judgment and deliberateness, and arrived at the 12 zamindars from Bengal subject to hisself”. Isa Khan utilized the Jangalbari Stronghold. In 1578, the 12 Bhuiyans crushed Mughal emissary Khan Jahan I below the authority of zamindars Majlis Pratap plus Majlis Dilawar, later Isa Khan had to withdraw during a fight on the Meghna Waterway. In 1584, following an intrusion by Shahbaz Khan Kamboh, and Isa Khan , Masum Khan Kabuli sent off a fruitful land and maritime counterattack on Egarosindur on the banks from the Brahmaputra Stream, which rebuffed the Mughal intrusion. In 1597, Isa Khan’s naval force managed an enormous loss to the Mughal Naval force on the Padma Waterway. Isa Khan’s naval force had encircled the Mughal armada on 4 sides.

Within 1580, the English voyager Ralph Fitch portrayed Isa Khan’s realm, expressing “for here are such countless Streams and Terrains, that they (Mughals) escape starting with one then onto the next, by which his (Akbar) horsemen can’t beat them. Extraordinary store of cotton fabric is reached here. Sinnergan (Sonargaon) is an towne sixe associations from Serrepore, whereas there is awesome plus best fabric made from cotton that is altogether India.

The head lord of this multitude of nations is called in Isacan (Isa Khan), plus he is head of the multitude of different rulers, and is an incredible companion to all Christians”. Within 1600, the Jesuit Mission expressed that after the loss from the Bengal Sultanate, “Twelve rulers, in any case, called Boyones  who administered twelve regions in the late Lord’s name, got away from this slaughter. Exceptionally rich and discarding solid powers, they bear themselves as Lords, primarily he of Siripur [Sripur], likewise called in Cadaray Kedar Rai plus he from Chandecan Raja Pratapaditya from Jessore yet most the Mansondolin “Masnad-I ‘Muhammad Ali,” title from Isa Khan. Isa Khan passed on in September 1599. His child, Musa Khan, then assumed command over the Bhati area. The word reference Shabda-Ratnakari was incorporated by the court writer Nathuresh during the rule of Musa Khan.Later the loss of Musa Khan along 10 July 1610 in  Mughal universal Islam Khan, Sonargaon called on one from the regions of Bengal Subah. The of  capital from Bengal later created in the new Mughal city in Dhaka.

Mughal rule (seventeenth and eighteenth hundreds of years)

Sonargaon was 1 of the regions (sarkars) from Mughal Bengal. The Mughals constructed a few riverside strongholds close to Sonargaon, as a feature of protections for the common capital Dhaka versus Arakanese and Portuguese privateers. These incorporate the Hajiganj Post and Sonakanda Stronghold. The Mughals likewise constructed a few scaffolds, including the Panam Extension, Dalalpur Extension and Panamnagar Scaffold.

English rule (eighteenth, nineteenth and mid twentieth hundreds of years)

During English rule in the nineteenth hundred years, the neighborhood from Panam City created with apartments, workplaces, sanctuaries, and mosques. European engineering affected the plan of the area. Panam was a well off material business place, especially for cotton textures. The traders included Bengali Hindus, Marwaris plus Bengali Muslims

Current time

The Bangladesh People Expressions and Specialties Establishment was laid out in Sonargaon near Bangladeshi painter Zainul Abedin in 12 Walk 1975. The house, initially called in Bara Sardar Bari, was worked in 1901. A sub-locale of Narayanganj Region was named as Sonargaon. Specialties and craft of Sonargaon historical places

Sonargaon was an old focus of muslin creation and material assembling. Sonargaon was popular for a cotton based material called Khasa for its best quality.[26] The rich farmland around the town likewise created rice trades. The English voyager Ralph Fitch portrayed the cotton material winding around culture of the region in the sixteenth hundred years. Weavers framed an enormous piece of the populace. Extraordinary store of cotton material goeth from consequently, and much rice, where with they serue whole India, Ceylon,  and Pegu, Malacca”.   and Sonargaon was a stream port with admittance to the Sound of Bengal done the mouth from the Bengali delta. Sea ships went among Sonargaon and south east/west Asian nations.

Bangladesh People Expressions and Specialties Establishment

Bangladesh People Expressions and Specialties Establishment is an administration establishment that is liable for the conservation of; and organize preparing programs on expressions and artworks, and the founding of society craftsmanship gallery in Bangladesh and is situated in Sonargaon,  and Narayanganj, People’s Republic of Bangladesh.


It was revised through the Bangladesh Society Workmanship and Artworks Establishment Act in parliament. The clergyman of social issues. It holds a yearly drawn out fair commending society craftsmanship.

The most effective method to Go:

There are a few transport administrations run among the Sonargaon plus the Dhaka, for example, Sonargaon, Borak and so on. That large number of administrations leaves from the Gulistan from Dhaka. Leave the transport a Mograpara transport stoppage, which would associate with 30-an hour relying on of traffic condition. Everybody knows where the Sonargaon exhibition hall is, so make a few inquiries on the off chance that you are uncertain. The distance among Sonargaon and Dhaka is around 30 kilometer.

Sonargaon Historical center Opening times

The opening times of the Sonargaon Historical center change two times consistently in summer plus winter. Sonargaon Gallery off day, in any case, continues as before consistently.

Sonargaon Historical center Opening times During Summer (April-Sept)

*Friday-Wednesday : 10 AM-06PM

Sonargaon Gallery Opening times During Winter(October-Walk)

*Friday-Wednesday : 9:00AM-5:00PM

Sonargaon Gallery Off Day

*Sonargaon Gallery off day leave be Thursdays consistently.

Sonargaon Gallery Opening times During the Govt. Occasions

*Not at all like other traveler destinations in Bangladesh ,Sonargaon Gallery stays open during the govt. occasions aside from special times of year of Wail e-kadar.

Sonargaon Historical center Opening times During Ramadan

*Sonargaon Historical center will be shut down at 3:30PM during the blessed month of Ramadan.

Sonargaon Exhibition hall Opening times During Eid Occasions

*Sonargaon Exhibition hall will stay open for guests throughout the Eid day. Sonargaon Exhibition hall Ticket Pice

Sonargaon Exhibition hall Ticket Costs for Nearby Guests : 50BDT

Sonargaon Exhibition hall Ticket Costs for Unfamiliar Guests : 100BDT

Sonargaon Exhibition hall Ticket Costs for Understudies on a review trip : 30BDT

Sonargaon Historical center Ticket Cost for Vehicle Leaving

Contiguous the gallery is the recently remodeled vehicle parkin region.

1.Bicycle: 10 BDT

2.CNG/Engine Bike:25 BDT

3.Automobiles,SUVs,Vans(NOAH/HIACE):100 BDT


Ticket Cost for Boat Riding about the Lake

There equals the course of action of riding paddle-bicycle boats about the lake inside the exhibition hall premises. The ticket cost for boat riding is 20 BDT per individual for 30 minutes.

Ticket Cost for Fishing along the Lake

You are  can go sportfishing by a snare on the lake. Excursion spot booking

Inside the establishment premises, there are a few excursion spots which you  are can book for an outing.

Shooting from film

For shooting of movies Sonargaon Exhibition hall premise, the accuse is 3,455 BDT for an entire day.

 Sonargaon Exhibition hall Contact No

For any in wuiry in regards to Sonargaon People Expressions and Artworks Establishment. You can call their authority IVR based help work area no 09604 000 777 and  land telephone no 02-7656331.

What should be done around Sonargaon

The Gallery region has a few lakes, and you could accept a gravy boat ride (by spending barely anything charge as it’s excessively modest). Likewise you could behave a fishing at the waters by paying an expected measure of expense. The historical center region is a tremendous one where you  are could do a cookout with your loved ones. At the point when I was a youngster we’ve made up there as a cookout after the Eid on family and neighbors. Of my perception it seemed as though individuals had considerably more interest in diversion as opposed to human expression and history there.

Likewise, there is a little nearby market where you could purchase makes, and different stuffs as if Jamdani Sarees.

Where to Stay:

Remaining in Dhaka throughout your visit is better. Dhaka has generally nature of lodgings (counting the outclasses from the country). Actually look at here for the rundown of lodgings from Dhaka.

Region Parishod  an Banglo

Sonargaon Upazila Parishad

2 places .Gono Biddyalay

Ichapara, and Sonargaon

Cell: 01712-002304

3.Folk and Expressions Establishment

Ichapara, Sonargaon

Cell : 0276-56331

Eating Offices

1.Kolapata Eatery

Mograpara Chourasta


Cell: 017601-44144

2.Khaja Eatery

Mograpara Chourasta


Cell: 01815-708079

3.Melin Kabab, Soup and Biryani Home

Mograpara Chourasta, Sonargaon

Cell: 018165-86220

4.Cafe Sonargaon Lodging and Eatery

1no. Entryway of Museum,Ichapara


5.Ruposhi Bangla Eatery

1no. entryway of Exhibition hall, ichapara

Cell: 01712-289708

6.Tazmahal Lodging

1no. entryway of Exhibition hall, ichapara

Cell: 01819167894

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