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Situated in the Chittoor locale of Andhra Pradesh, the blessed urban center of Srikalahasti is a well known vacationer location because of its popular Srikalahasti Temple . It is one from the main Shiva sanctuaries of South India worked during the old Pallava administration. With lively days gone by, this spot has exhibited appealing the guests with its extreme sanctuaries and immaculate beauty potential.

Srikalahasti is a phenomenal illustration of south Indian design where exceptionally decorated gopurams and widely cut insides unfurl the radiant appeals of Dravidian style. SrikalahasteeswaraTemple , Bharadwaja Tirtham, DurgambikaTemple  and Veyilingala Kona Cascades draw victors for their staggering area, quietness and wonderment striking history.

                                   Best Paces To visit In Srikalahasti

  1. Srikalahasti Temple
Srikalahasti Temple

Arranged in Chittoor, Srikalahasti Temple  is well known among lovers who visit theTemple  alongside the exceptionally adored Tirupati Temple , which is only 36 km away. Committed to Master Shiva, KalahastiTemple  has gigantic strict significance for Hindus and was built in the yr 1516 by Krishnadevraya, a lord of the Vijayanagara domain.

The intricate design of the SrikalahastiTemple  complex is a stunning perspective right from the entry. It has perplexing carvings of various legendary representations that one can investigate in the heavenly environmental elements. This greatTemple  is frequently referrer since the Kailasa and Kashi from the south. TheTemple  addresses one of the five components  Air or Vayu.

The spot has an overflow of energetic, divine emanation and can possibly draw guests with its lavish sanctuaries and entrancing excellence. Srikalahasti is a phenomenal illustration of South IndianTemple  engineering where exceptionally ornamented gopurams with broad complicatedly cut insides unfurl the sublime fortunes of the Dravidian fashion of design.

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Legends of SrikalahastiTemple

1.The most renowned legend expresses that during the underlying periods of the making of the world, Ruler Vayu performed retribution to satisfy Karpoora Lingam for millennia. Master Shiva, pleased with Ruler Vayu’s commitment, in truth him three helps. Master Vayu in this way requested him to allow him overall presence, to be a fundamental piece of each and every living being in the world and to run the authorization to make the Karpoora Ligam since Samba Siva. These 3 solicitations were allowed by Ruler Shiva, plus Vayu  has since been an indispensable piece of life on the planet and the lingam was revered as Samba Siva  temple or the Karpoora Vayu Symbol.

2. Another legend expresses that God Parvati was once reviled by Ruler Shiva and was built to leave her heavenly symbol and appear as a common human. Goddess Parvati performed compensation for a considerable length of time at Srikalahasti to free herself from the revile. Master Shiva was gigantically satisfied with her commitment and devotion, and he reproduced Parvati in a glorious symbol which is done it as Gnana Prasunambika Hindu deity or Shiva Temple Gnanam Gnana or Prasunamba  places.

3.Allowing to another caption, Kannappa who was 1 of the 62 Saivite Holy people who gave for their entire lives to Master Shiva. Kannappa eagerly needed to offer his hearts to cover up the blood moving from Master Shiva‘s lingam. At the point when Master Shiva got to be familiar with this, he halted the holy person and allowed his delivery from the unending pattern of birth and demise. At the point when Ruler Shiva was satisfied with Ghanakala’s dedication, he reestablished her to her past structure.

History of Srikalahasti Temple

The name Srikalahasti was gotten from a legend that expressed that a Bug (Sri), a Snake in the grass (Kala) and an Elephant . revered Master Shiva temple  in the town to achieve Moksha. The center of this folklore was conceived as a sign by numerous strict devotees and thus, in the fifth Hundred years during the Pallava time frame, the SrikalahastiTemple  was fabricated.

Further development of theTemple  complex, remodels and a few most recent designs were worked during the rule of the Chola Realm during the eleventh 100 years and Vijayanagara Tradition during the sixteenth 100 years. Crafted by a Tamil Writer, Nakkeerar,  you have references to theTemple  demonstrating its presence during the Tamil Sangam Tradition. Nakkeerar and another well known Telugu Artist, Dhoorjati, composed various verses in recognition of Srikalahasteeswara.

Architercture  of Srikalahasti Temple 

The SrikalahastiTemple  is a delightful representation of the Dravidian Fashion of design that was worked during the Pallava time frame in the fifth 100 years. TheTemple  complex is situated at the foundation of a slope. The fabulousTemple  complex has its entry confronting the south, while the principal altar expressions the west. The blank stone Shiva Lingam  temple inside this holy place looks like the state of an elephant’s body. The primary gopuram of theTemple  is around 120 feet high up.

The mandap in theTemple  complex has 100 unpredictably cut points of support that were worked during the rule of a Vijayanagara Lord, Krishnadevraya, in 1516. The place of worship of Ruler Ganesh in the building complex is a 9.50 feet tall stone cutTemple . It likewise houses places of worship for J. M. Barrie, Kasi Viswanatha and  Suryanarayan or Subramanya, of Annapurna plus Sadyoganapathi that are embellished with pictures of Ganapati, and Mahalakshmi  or Ganapathi, of  Vallabha Ganapati temple ,Sahasra Lingeswara temple . TheTemple  region likewise has two more than mandaps, the Sadyogi Mandap or  the Jalkoti Mandap and 2 water torsos Chandra Pushkarani  temple and Surya Pushkarani.

Srikalahasti Temple Pooja Timings and Cost

Sanctuary Abhishekam – 6:00 AM to7:00 AM to 10:00 AM to 5:0PM, Mon. to Sun. – INR 600.

Subhrata Seva  rupi – INR 50

Archana  rupi – INR 25

Gomatha Pooja temple  – INR 50

Sahasranamarchana puja  – INR 200

Trisathi Archana  state – INR 125

Hindu deity Ketu Pooja  temple – 06:0 0AM to 06:00 PM, Mon. to Sun – INR 500

Kaal Sarin Nirvana Pooja temple  – 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM, Mon to Sun – INR 750

Aseervachana Hindu deity Ketu Kaal Sarpa Nirvana Pooh-pooh – 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM – INR 1500

Extraordinary Aseervachana Rahu Ketubim Kaal Sarpa Nirvana Pooja – 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM – INR 2500

Ways to visit Srikalahasti Temple

1. Try not to buy pooja materials from the slows down external theTemple . This ticket additionally qualifies you for a selective darshan (glimpse) and archana (extraordinary pooja) of the fundamental divinities inside theTemple .

2. Remember to check the Pathala Ganapathi undergroundTemple  situated in theTemple  complex.

Clerics request cash for each sculpture or thing he show.

4. Sure Dosha Pool could have a clothing regulation; if it’s not too much trouble, check at the just the ticket counter ahead of time.

5. For darshan, guarantee you wear moderate apparel.

2. Veyilingala Kona Waterfall

Veyilingala Kona Waterfall

In a real sense converting into ‘the vale of the 1000 lingas’, the Veyilingala Kona Cascade are one of the most loved spots of the two local people and guests.

The water here costs said to have places that can fix skin sicknesses and it is trusted that a plunge into the unblemished water here can give one salvation. 1 of the most gorgeous bits of the town, these cascades are a should visit region in Srikalahasti.

3. Sri Subrahmanya Swamy Temple

Sri Subrahmanya Swamy Temple

At the focal point of City of London, is a hugeTemple  devoted to Ruler Murugan. An unassuming move of 150 stages carry you to the temple of Sri Subrahmanya SwamyTemple , encompassed by complimenting perspectives on all that is’ around and wide rambling yards.

TheTemple  accumulates a lot of party and sparkle during a 8-day celebration called the Aadi Krithika celebration. During this time a parade is completed where Ruler Subrahmanya Swamy and his accords Sri Valli and Devastate are drawn on different vahanams Temple .

4. . Bharadwaja Tirtham

Bharadwaja Tirtham

With slopes and streams round, the Bharadwaja ’tis is a strict site with probably the most gorgeous environmental factors. The sculpture of Vinayaka with body of water all over, arrives at the spot all the seriously captivating.

5. Bhakta Kannappa Temple

Bhakta Kannappa Temple

TheTemple  houses an icon of Bhakti Kannappa and is attached to the legend that an ancestral early days called Bhakta Kansas City broke his eyes to the Ruler Shiva symbol in theTemple . About his commitment, contributions are built to Bhakta Kannappa ahead they are to Siva Linga temple  in thisTemple .

6. Durgambika Temple

Durgambika Temple

Ventures through a hillock, encompassed by broad perspectives takes one to an old committed to God Durgambika. Like most regions nearby, this one also gets itself a grand scenery and much normal magnificence around.

7. Aadi Krithigai Celebration

Devotees Gathered at Subramanya Swamy Temple to Celebrate Aadi Krithigai Festival

One of the main celebrations of Tamil Nadu state Aadi Krithigai is the festival of the powers of Ruler Murugan. Enthusiasts offer their requests with exceptional pujas, yagnas and taking part in the chariot parades of Murugan with expectations of adjusting goodness and flourishing to their lives.

Aadi Krithigai and Aadi Kartik, as it is at times articulated, is one of the main celebrations of the Tamil schedule. Celebrated toward the finish of July or start of Aug, or in the Aadi calendar month of Tamil schedule upon the arrival of Krittika star, this celebration is devoted to Master Muruga, the child of Ruler Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Large number of lovers accumulate in the Aruru Veedu – the six homesteads of Ruler Murugan in Tamil Nadu state, which are situated at Thiruthani, and  Swamimalai, Palani, Pazhamudircholai or  Thirupparankunram, and Thiruchendur. The numerous other little Murugan sanctuaries are packed during this celebration too.

Dates of Aadi Krithigai Celebration

In 2022, the Aadi Kriti Celebration will start on 23 July.

Scene of Aadi Krithigai Celebration

The celebration is commended with much excitement over Tamil Nadu in every one of the sanctuaries of Murugan, Karthikeya Beaver State Shanmugha. Be that as it may, the one of a kind settings are the Six Residences of Murugan at Thiruthani and  Swamimalai, Palani, Pazhamudircholai or Thirupparankunram, plus Thiruchendur, together called in is  the Arupadai Veedu.

Enter Charge at the Celebration

There is no passage expense to the sanctuaries for the celebration. Everybody is allowed to come and extend their requests at the different sanctuaries of Ruler Murugan on this propitious event.

About the Aadi Krithigai Celebration

The celebration is a recognition for the birth story of Ruler Murugan according to Skanda Purana. Living raised by six ladies who address 6 Krittika leads, the day of Krittika according to the Tamil lunar schedule is legitimately set apart as the day to commend the powers of Karthikeya.

Occasions at the Aadi Krithigai Celebration

Aadi Krithigai celebration being a strict one, for the most part incorporates paying reverences to Master Murugan. Enthusiasts crowd the sanctuaries, keeping diets, and stand in lines to do as such. In the six principal sanctuaries, serenades of religious text can be heard the entire day. The fire of yagna continues to flash from the beginning. There are chariot parades too, where Murugan is drawn on a chariot, enriched with greatness and pulled by gave admirers.

History of Aadi Krithigai Celebration

To beginning of Aadi Krithigai Celebration is established in Master Muruga’s introduction to the world story as depicted in the Skanda Purana. As per that legend, Ruler Muruga took birth of the aggregated force of Goddess Parvati and Master Shiva‘s third eye.

While conveying it to the Vindhyas places , he cut down the intensity in a water dead body that was subsequently named Saravana Pogai in Hindu deity Purana. After falling under the water, the bundle of searing energy separated into six ignites, each transforming into a delightful child kid.

After knowing the conditions, Master Shiva and Goddess Parvati showed up and brought the six Kriti stars of the sky.

The meaning of Aadi Krithigai

This specific day is administered by Kriti Nakshatra, which is the heavenly portrayal of Ruler Muruga. Consequently, the Aadi Krithigai Celebration is tied in with commending the vast powers of Master Muruga with loads of festivities and enthusiasm. Fans accept that offering puja to Ruler Murugan on this consecrated day would achieve goodness in their lives, particularly in six explicit viewpoints – shrewdness, power, wellbeing, triumph, connections, and thriving.

Showing all the best Hotels  in Srikalahasti

Such is the better time to Visit in Srikalahasti?

The best time of year to bring down Srikalahasti is the colder time of year season. The temperature stays agreeable and is adept for touring. The greatest months to visit are Oct, November, December, Jan, February and march.

More about Best Chance to Head out to Srikalahasti

Srikalahasti in Wintertime (Oct-March)

Winters in Srikalahasti beginning in the long stretch of Dec and last until Feb. The weather conditions is wonderful during these calendar month, and the temperature goes from an agreeable 14 to 31degrees Celcius.

Srikalahasti in Rainstorm (July-September)

June denotes the start of Rainstorm season in Srikalahasti and goes on until September. Moderate precipitation is knowledgeable about the locale, and it looks delightful throughout this temper.

Srikalahasti in Summertime (April-June)

The summertimes in Srikalahasti are blistering and kept away from by the travelers. The period of Spring marks the beginning of summer time of year, and it goes on till May. Temperature ranges between 22 to 41 degrees Celcius throughout these months.

Food of Srikalahasti

The city offers you a few mouth-watering South-Indian luxuries enlivened with heaps of red chiles. One can attempt well known things like Dosage, Vada, Idli, Appam, Sambhar, RAS, Payassam and the sky is the limit from there. Being a chancel town, just veggie lover food is at go.

Here cost the main 1 cafés in Srikalahasti:

1. Hotel Saravana Bhavan

 Sannidhi Road, Srikalahasti HO, Srikalahasti .


 08:00 AM – 10:35 PM

 INR 200-250 rupi For Two

Step by step instructions to Arrive at Srikalahasti

The most effective method to Arrive at Outline

The closest homegrown air terminal is Tirupati Air terminal, Chittoor, generally thirty minutes drive from Srikalahasti. Srikalahasti likewise has its very own railroad station, with trains approaching from every one of the close by significant urban communities. The streets are profoundly all around kept up with, and the street transport given by the state is likewise great.

Step by step instructions to arrive at Srikalahasti by flight

The closest Air terminal is Tirupati Air terminal, generally 30 minutes cause from Srikalahasti. It is very much associated with a range of urban communities like Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and  Aurangabad, Bengalur to, Bhopal, Chennai, Coimbator or , Delhi, Goa, Indore and Kolkata, Madurai ,or Mumbai, Pune, and Vijayawada through Indigo, Go Air, and Air India, and Flavor Fly, and so on. A taxi can be employed from the air terminal to arrive at Srikalahasti.

Step by step instructions to arrive at Srikalahasti by street

Srikalahasti is all around associated with the remainder of the Andhra Pradesh  state by state transport transports. The street is all around kept up with, and you can likewise drive down from the significant urban areas like Chennai, Hyderabad,  state and Bangalore. It is ideal to enlist a taxi or a taxi as you can utilize a similar vehicle to investigate the locale.

Instructions to arrive at Srikalahasti via train

It has its rail route station named as Srikalahasti Rail route Station which is associated with every one of the significant urban communities of Andhra Pradesh state . It is all around associated with the significant urban areas like Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore, Hyderabad city  and Pune etc.An autorickshaw or  a axi behind be employed from outside the rail line station to go to any area of the city.

Nearby vehicle in Srikalahasti

You could walk around. In any case, the recurrence of transports is great and the tickets are modest. Cars are additionally accessible.

Top 10 Hotels in Srikalahasti


2. Jayaram Residency Srikalahasti

3.Hotel Bluestone

4.Shubhanga Residency


6.Devansh Bhanu Residency DBR

7.Sridhar Lodge

8.CB Budget Stay

9.LSR Hill View Residency

10.Hotel Jayaam

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