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Srisailam is a statistics town in Nandyal locale of the Indian province of State. It is the mandal base camp of Srisailam  tourism places mandal in Atmakur income division. It is situated around 160 kilometers (99 mi) from the region central command Nandyal, 180 kilometers (112 mi) of Kurnool, 216 kilometers (134 mi) of Hyderabad and furthermore it is situated around 264 kilometers (164 mi) of Vijayawada. The town is well known for Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga Temple and is 1 of the heavenly journey site for Saivism plus Shaktism factions of Hinduism. The townspeople is named both Jyotirlinga plus Shakti Peetha.


Srisailam Entrance Gopuram

Starting around 2001 India evaluation, Srisailam had a populace of 23,257. Guys comprised 54% of the populace and females 46%. Srisailam Venture (RFC) Municipality has a typical education pace of 75.62% more in high spirits than the state normal of 67.02%. Male proficiency is around 85.68% as female education rate is 63.24%.

 Best Tourism Places To Visit In Srisailam

1.Pathala Ganga

Ropeway to Pathala Ganga at Srisailam

As the Stream Krishna turns down slope, it is encircled by a specific otherworldliness in the air. Partake in the landscapes around you and bring a dunk into these sacrosanct waters, accepted to have restorative properties for mending skin illnesses.

One can likewise attempt the charming ropeway vehicle ride and peer down at the grand stream and lavish green magnificence all around.

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Beginning stage:

Close to Srisailam Mallikarjuna Temple


Ropeway- 06:00 AM to 05:30 PM

Boating  : 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM


Ropeway-Grown-ups INR 50 and Youngsters INR 35

Sailing Grown-ups INR 50 and Kids INR 35

2. Srisailam Tiger Reserve

tiger predator animal tooth

Srisailam is really a go-to objective for any explorer. A should visit place when you consider the Srisailam calling places is the Nagarjuna Sage Srisailam tiger save. An uneven jeep ride in the midst of the wild paying special attention to savage tigers is an action you should decide on.

Vacationers are permitted to go into the woodland from 7 am to five pm regular. Nature sweethearts, photographic artists and youthful swashbucklers get to observe the excellence while they catch photos of the tigers and numerous different creatures like deer, wild pig, elephants and that’s just the beginning. Notwithstanding, the best opportunity to visit the hold is between the long stretches of June to October.

Area: Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Hold, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India

Value: Rs 800 ( as 6 jeep travelers)

Timing: 07 am – 05 pm

Best chance to visit : 07 am – 11:00 am.

3. Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple

Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple Gopuram

Ruler Shiva’s Mallikarjuna temple is 1 of the 12 promising jyotirlingas tracked down in India. According to the legend, Ruler Shiva and God Parvati fell to Srisailam to bother their senior child Kartike who gave the Kailash mountain discouraged that he lost a challenge to his sibling Ganesh.

This temple is a vital and valuable spot for each devout Hindu as per the Hindu folklore.

Area : Srisailam, Andhra Pradesh state, India

Timing : 05.30 am – 01:00 pm, 3 pm  to 7 pm (ordinary)

Best chance to visit : Oct to February.

4. Akkamahadevi Caverns

Akkamahadevi Caves

Add Akka Mahadevi caverns to the Srisailam moldiness-visit places in your schedule as this is 1 of the most bold encounters in Srisailam. The know of visiting the cavern makes it a lot cooler. Guests need to board the container boat crossing the rich green waterway course to show up at a nearer point close to the caverns. After which a 10 minute journey through a flimsy steep is finished to show up at the caverns. This excursion is the thing makes the caverns one of the height-visited traveler lays in Srisailam.

The boat drive begins from 10.thirty am and the general experience would cost you about Rs 350. To enhance your involvement with the caverns, you can arrive at a late evening or a 12 PM visit with light lights and sticks to assist you with moving over to the caverns.

Nonetheless, On the off chance that you are not game an experience or have a senior traveler along who’d be happy with utilizing the street, select to take the 5 kilometer mud street that can be gotten to by means of Hyderabad – Srisailam expressway.

Climate: N.A.

Timings : Boatride begins at all around 10:35AM

Time Expected : 2-3 hours

Section Expense : No passage charge.

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History of Akkamahadevi Caverns

As the caverns are a characteristic development, reducing a specific date for its formation is very hard. The caverns are named later on the Kannada poetess, holy person and savant of the twelfth 100 years, Akka Mahadevi. She is ordered to have performed atonement and offered supplications inside the caverns to the normally existing Shivalingam somewhere inside the cavern arrangement.

Design of Akkamahadevi Caverns

The regular quality of the Akkamahadevi spelunks is any nature darling’s piece of paradise. Encircled by the upstream water system of the Krishna stream and the grand slopes of the Nallamala scope of the Eastern Stairways, the caverns have been molded essentially’s powers for north of 1,000,000 years and keeps up with its natural scene. It estimates 200x16x4 infantries in size.

The Shivalingam interior the cavern premises are a fascination and hold extraordinary strict and social importance. You can meander along the cavern pathway for up to very nearly 150 meters down, however the way is thin and clogged, requiring a touch of slithering and strolling sideways, so embrace the experience at your own possibility.

Best Chance To Visit Akkamahadevi Caverns

The mid year months in the locale arrive at a boiling 40 degrees Celcius during busy times and are awkward times to visit the spot. July to Sep, which is the storm months offer heavy deluge, and this is when quality is at its tranquil rich green best! On the off chance that the weather conditions is your fundamental measures, the cold weather months are the best opportunity to visit with a charming environment and captivating setting.

Ways to visit Akkamahadevi Caverns

1. Make certain to convey sufficient water and a couple of electric lamps or a candle as entering the caverns as they are black as night and proposition no wellspring of light at all.

2. The drifting tickets can be acquired at the ropeway place at Patala Gang.

3. It is better for claustrophobic people to avoid the most unimaginable meanderings of the caverns.

Step by step instructions to Arrive at Akkamahadevi Caverns

The Akkamahadevi Caverns can be arrived at from Srisailam subsequent to going for around 10-15 kilometers on the Krishna Stream, an excursion that requires about an hr by boat. Boats are given by the travel industry branch of the territory of Andhra Pradesh. To arrive at the caverns, you really want to continue towards Patala Ganga. It Subsequent to arriving at the land by means of boat, it requires a short 10-minute journey to arrive at the opening of the caverns. They are just 5 kilometers from the HyderabadSrisailam street, yet the way is sloppy and distant the majority of the times.

5. Srisailam Dam

Srisailam Dam Andhra pradesh

One of the primary communities of fascination for the townspeople, the Srisailam Dam up in Telangana is additionally one of the 12 biggest hydroelectric undertakings in India. A mix of continuous regular magnificence and designing virtuoso, the Srisailam Dam arises out of the verdant plant life of the Nallamala Slopes to stamp its presence. It is worked across persistent verve of the Krishna stream and is settled in a profound gully, encompassed by woods and views, tracking down a home in on the sound of spouting and falling water. The street up to the dam up is a beautiful delight as well, and the perspective on the Srisailam Dam up is a lowering incredible sight.

Perhaps of the best thing to do around the place of the Srisailam dam up is to invest some quality energy with your loved ones as you glance over to the murmuring waters of Stream Krishna. Inferable from its normal charms, it is a superb objective for nature fans and photography darlings too. A weekend outing to this fascination is a moment fix from the pressure of face-paced urban center life.

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History of Srisailam Dam

The underpinning of the Srisailam Dam up was set down in the yr 1960 with an emphasis on it being a ability age project.

Design of Srisailam Dam

Srisailam Dam best tourism places

The impressive construction of Srisailam Dam is roosted on a gigantic level of 300 meters above ocean level. The actual structure is 145 meters in level and 512 meters long. It has an ability to hold an enormous book of 178.74 Tmcft plus equal to water line of 885 fts, and 12 single outspread peak entryways give an outlet to the equivalent. Gear wise, the Srisailam Dam up has 6 reversible 150 MW Francis siphon turbine frameworks on the left half of the stream bank, while on the correct side there are 7 110 MW Francis turbine authors. The whole gathering gives water to an field of 2000 square kilometers.

Exercises in Srisailam Dam

There are various exercises that you can seek after in Srisailam Dam. First of all, a stroll around the dam behind is the ideal method for investigating the region around. Sliding over the design of the dam, the 10,000 foot perspective of Srisailam is stunning. Sailing in the Krishna Stream is a brilliant action to seek after too.

Best Chance To Visit Srisailam Dam

The best chance to visit Srisailam Dam up is during the rainstorm season when the stream is honored with the abundance of water and the whole view is enveloped by radiant excellence.

Instructions to Arrive at Srisailam Dam

Srisailam Dam up is arranged just 14 kilometers from Srisailam Transport Stand and you can undoubtedly take any of the transports that work between Srisailam Dam and close by towns. Travelers can likewise recruit a taxi of Srisailam or Hyderabad to cut down them straightforwardly at the dam up.

6. Shikaresvara Temple, Srisailam

Shikaresvara Temple, Srisailam

At the most elevated place of Srisailam, alluded to as Sikharam, one feels a temple committed to Sikhareswara Swamy temple watching over the scenes and an unblemished Stream Krishna streaming beneath.

Sikhareswara Swamy, is 1 of the types of Master Shiva, and is accepted to have the ability to liberate his enthusiasts from their transgressions. Among this house of the Ruler of Sikharam and the absolute most gorgeous perspectives nearby, there is another temple, committed to Master Ganesha. Visit the temple, for stunning landscapes, perspectives and slopes, all folded over in a wisp of otherworldliness and dedication.

7. Sri Bhramaramba Devi Temple

Srisailam Entrance Gopuram

This promising Shakthi peetha is another should visit vacationer place in Srisailam for lovers. The temple of God Bhramarambika homes in the Sri Mallikarjuna temple. The temple has the symbol of the God with 8 arms.

There are various stories related with the temple of Bhramarambha, 1 of which discusses when Goddess Sati demoralized with the affront by her dad towards her better half leaps into a blessed fire and finishes herself, Ruler Shiva losing his quiet kills the Lord and plays out the tandav of obliteration, a dance conveying the carcass of the Goddess. Ruler Vishnu mediates to stop the tplusav and to the universe of discourse from Master Shiva’s obliteration.

He delivers the Sudharshan Chakra toward the cadaver to part it into pieces and supposedly the neck of the God fell at the Bhramarambha  and Shakthi Peetas at the temple spot.

Area : Srisaila Devasthanam,  and Srisailam, Andhra Pradesh state , India,

Timing : 04:30 am  to 10 pm

Best chance to visit : During Navratri Beaver State the Kumbham celebration.

8. Sakshi Ganapati Temple, Kurnool

Sakshi Ganapati Temple, Kurnool

A little Ganapati sanctum near the principal temple, this temple is considered as a significant spot in Srisailam to call. The Ganapati icon has a leaf plus a pen in his grasp thus, it is accepted that Ruler Ganesha is taking note of down the calls of the lovers visiting Srisailam. The travelers visit introducing themselves to the Ruler.

Area: Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh state , India

Timing : 06 am – 09 pm

Best chance to visit : Whenever of day.

9. Chenchu Lakshmi Tribal Museum


Wind up entranced as you witness occurrences of the vocations and societies of the clans of Andhra Pradesh state  at the Chenchu Lakshmi Gallery.

10. Octopus View Point

Octopus View Point beautiful places in andhra pradesh

Devilfish View Direct is one of the most recent augmentations toward the vacation spots on Srisailam in Andhra Pradesh state . The view point is found 5 kilometer before Domalpenta and offers astonishing perspectives on the bordering woods, charming crevasses and the hypnotizing backwaters of Krishna Stream. Octopus View Degree has been called so due to Krishna Stream down underneath that seems to be an octopus spread among the hillocks.

Climate : N.A.

Timings : 08:30 AM – 06:00 PM

Cost :  rupi INR 10 for every individual.

11. Paladhara Panchadara

Paladhara Panchadara

Paladhara Panchadara is a wonderful picturesque spot that is situated around 4 kilometer from Srisailam on Andhra Pradesh state The spot can be arrived at by a stairway that prompts an implantation of a few streams. The murmuring of streams alongside the beauteous regular habitat encompassing the spot makes it the absolute best spot to reflect and loosen up. Moreover, it likewise holds a huge strict significance as the call of the focal stream Paladhara Panchadara is gotten from the Hindu God Master Shiva. It is accepted that the stream was called later on the one beginning from Master Shiva’s temple ‘pala’ signifies ‘brow’ and ‘dhara’ signifies ‘stream’.

There is additionally this other text message Bhramaramba Ashtaka made by him where he commended Goddess Bhramaramba. For similar explanation, icons of Sarada Devi plus Sri Adi Shankaracharya accept been worked at the spot that draws in a ton of lovers other than the customary vacationers.

12. Ista Kameswari Temple

Ista Kameswari Temple

Arranged a ways off of 20 kilometer from Srisailam on Andhra Pradesh state, Ista Kameswari Temple is a venerated Hindoo temple devoted to a symbol of God Parvati-Goddess Istakameswari. Tracing all the way back to somewhere close to the eighth and tenth hundred years, the temple is situated in a rich green woods and brags of staggering scene. Done it to have a striking engineering and wonderful plans, the temple isn’t just visited by fans yet in addition by history and design devotees.

Ista Kameswari Temple is situated inside the closes of a cavern that gets in all the really fascinating and special.

Climate : N.A.

Timings : 05:00 AM – 09:00 PM

13. Nagalooty


In the midst of the woodland region, 28 kms from Srisailam is the temple of Nagalooty. The construction of the temple talks about its maturing and the quantity of administrations and Divine beings related with it. It is accepted that the temple was made on the 1326 Promotion by the Reddy rulers clearing way to the fan to arrive at Srisailam effortlessly by walking.

Albeit the pathway houses a temple complex of Veerabhadra Master. In the Garbhagriha from the temple is God Bhadrakali.

Timing: 12:00 am  to 11:59 pm

Best chance to visit: 07 am – 06 pm.

14. Rudra Vanam Park

Rudra Vanam Park on your trip to Srisailam

The temple relationship of Srisailam has embraced the development and advancement of parks for certain colorful ranches, the greater part of which are critical in the Hindu pooja’s. One such interestingly kept up with park is the Rudra Vancouver park.

This 6 sections of land of land by the stream Krishna is devoted to developing the rudras, a fundamental component in a large portion of the Hindu stylized poojas. The recreation area likewise has a sculpture of Ruler Rudra in its premisses. The different blossoms, plants and rudras are applied in the temple particularly for playing out the propitious Dharma Pracharam.

Area: Srisailam, Andra Pradesh, India

Best chance to visit: 09 am  to  6.35 pm.

15. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Temple & Museum

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Temple & Museum

Behind the Bhramarambha temple is this perfectly done temple and gallery of Chatrapati Shivaree, a Maratha Hero. As the Legend chokes, Shivaji on 1 of his calls to Srisailam played out his request at the temple here when the Goddess seemed to favor him and gave him with a blade.

As time elapsed by the temple structure required redesign and Shivaji helped re-try it, which is the point at which an immense sculpture of the champion was introduced by individuals of the town tolerating him as theirs. The temple and gallery is practical on Sunday, Monday plus Tuesday consistently.

Area: Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Temple and Museum,Srisailam, Andhra Pradesh

Value: Rs 85

Timing: Capabilities on Sunday, Mon and Tuesday (24 hrs).

Step by step instructions to Arrive at Srisailam

The closest air terminal from Srisailam is around 195 kilometer in Hyderabad. There are transports associating the town on Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Guntur and Kurnool. If employing a confidential taxi, guarantee that the driver has know driving in ghat segments. Close by rail line stations equal at Marakpur (62 kilometer), Vinukonda (120 kilometer) and Kurnool (190 km).

The most effective method to arrive at Srisailam by flight

. The closest air terminal is in Hyderabad, for example the Rajiv Gandhi Global Air terminal.

Closest Air terminal: Hyderabad – 151 kilometers from Srisailam

Look for trips to Hyderabad

Nallamala Hills near Srisailam

Speculative return flight costs to Hyderabad from significant urban communities in India.

Step by step instructions to arrive at Srisailam by street

Ordinary transport administrations utilize forward and backward the city from Srisailam. They work consistently, whether day or night, of places like Nellore, Vishakhapatnam and so on.

Step by step instructions to arrive at Srisailam by train

There is no immediate rail network to Srisailam. The closest rail line station is in Cumbum locale, which is about 60 km. away of Srisailam. You can get an ordinary traveler along with express trains of Cumbum for Srisailam.

Neighborhood transport in Srisailam

Transports and taxis are accessible. Nonetheless, you can without much of a stretch walk.

What is the best chance to call Srisailam?

October to Feb offers the best environment for traveler exercises and journey. The season is great to visit Srisailam Asylum, the Phaladhara Panchadhara and the Srisailam Dam Look at Point and so forth.

The temperature stays charming somewhere in the range of 15°C and 33°C, making it an amazing opportunity to go touring. June to September is generally slow time of year on the grounds that the district gets weighty precipitation, however it tends to be a great time for temple visits and little excursions for vacationers on a little spending plan.

The mid year season isn’t by any stretch prescribed to travelers as the temperature remains intolerably hot and damp all through the season.

Octopus View Point

Month to month Climate in Srisailam

More about Best Time to Travel to Srisailam

Srisailam in Wintertime (Oct – February)

Srisailam encounters winter season which starts in October and endures till Feb. This is the best chance to call Srisailam as the somesthesia drifts somewhere in the range of 15°C and 27°C and the environment stays charming for investigating Srisailam. It is, in this way, the pinnacle season for voyagers visiting the heavenly journey of Ruler Shiva particularly on the event of Mahashivratri assuming it falls in February (fourteenth day of the Hindustani month of Magha). 1 can likewise visit the Srisailam Dam up and take a quiet Puttu Teppalu (round boat) street at night in the wake of calling the Jyotirlingam.

Srisailam in Storm (July – September)

Among June and Sep is the storm season in Srisailam. The locale gets moderate to weighty precipitation consistently and isn’t fitting to travelers inferable from the heavy storms. The typical yearly precipitation, nonetheless, is around 730 mm. It very well may be a decent season for spending plan explorers as the costs drop massively making housing and touring reasonable. One of the most outstanding attractions to observer close to this time is the SS Dam in spite of the fact that meeting the dam on a reasonable or a decently stormy day is much fitting. Travelers likewise need to remember that the locale encounters outrageous moistness that can become as high as 85%. The base temperature floats around 24°C while the greatest stays around 34°C.

Srisailam in Summer (March – June)

Among June and Sep is the rainstorm season in Srisailam. The area gets moderate to weighty precipitation consistently and isn’t prudent to travelers attributable to the heavy deluges. The typical yearly precipitation, nonetheless, is around 730 mm. It tends to be a decent season for financial plan explorers as the costs drop immensely making housing and touring reasonable. One of the most mind-blowing attractions to observer close to this time is the SS Dam up despite the fact that meeting the dam on a reasonable or a modestly blustery day is much prudent. Travelers additionally need to remember that the district encounters outrageous dampness that can go as heights as 84%. The base temperature floats around 24°C while the most extreme stays around 32°C.

Srisailam Lodgings and Places to Stay

  1. Hotel Rahul Residence

2.Pathaleswara Sadan

3.Fortune Select Grand Ridge

4. Pai Viceroy Hotel

5. Dolphin Hotel

6. The Park Visakhapatnam

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