Sundarbans, The World’s Largest Mangrove Forest.

The Sundarbans is a colossal mangrove woodland on the shoreline of the Ganges geological formation by the Inlet of Bengal. 65% of the woodland lies in south western Bangladesh; the excess 40% in West Bengal, Republic of India. It is an UNESCO World Legacy Site and renowned as a safe-haven of the Bengal tiger.

Tourist motorboats passing through narrow creeks of Sundarbans river delta
Tourist motorboats passing through narrow creeks of Sundarbans river delta


1. Sundarbans South Untamed life Safe-haven, Bangladesh

2. Sundarbans East Untamed life Safe-haven, Bangladesh

3. Sundarbans West Untamed life Safe-haven, Bangladesh

4. Sundarbans Public Park, West Bengal


The Sundarbans are the biggest littoral mangrove belt on the planet, extending 80 kilometer (50 mi) in to the Bangladeshi and Indian hinter land of the coast. The Sundarbans gets been proclaimed an UNESCO World Legacy Site. The backwoods aren’t simply mangrove overwhelms however, they incorporate a portion of the final stands of the powerful wildernesses which once crossed the Gangetic evident. The Sundarbans continue an field from 10,500 km/h, of which around 33% is canvassed in water or bog regions. Starting around 1966 the Sundarbans cause been a natural life safe-haven, and it is assessed that there are presently 400 Imperial Bengal tigers and around 30,000 seen deer nearby.

Flora and fauna

The main hunters are the Bengal tiger, blurred panther, saltwater crocodile, dark puma and fishing feline. The Sundarbans is house to various types of birds, warm blooded creatures, bugs, reptiles and fishes. North of 120 types of fish and more than 260 types of birds have been kept in the Sundarbans. The Gangling Stream Dolphin (Platanista gangeticus) is normal in the waterways. Something like 50 types of reptiles and eight types of creatures of land and water are known to happen. The Sundarbans currently support the main populace of the Estuarial, or Salt Water Croc (Crocodylus parasol) on Bangladesh, and that populace is assessed at under 200 people.

The recreation area is likewise home to the ocean wanderer fishing families who find fish utilizing prepared otters.

Tourist motorboats waiting for tourists at Godkhali jetty, in Sundarbans


October to Feb — winter, cool and mild

March to May — summer, sweltering and sticky

June to September — the rainstorm season, wet and blustery

Get in

From Bangladesh

Safaris are accessible from Dhaka , Khulna. These excursions range from being for the time being to a week plus are likely the most ideal way to encounter the Sundarbans. A portion of the organizations offering bundle visits:

Arranger Visits and Ventures, 6 Farazi Para Fundamental Street, Khulna, Tel: +88041723031, +8801817403070,

At any point Green Visits, Tel: +8801711942555, +8801911080077

Pugmark Visits and Ventures, KDA Building,  and Shibbarirmore, Khulna, Tel: +8801715167740, +8801919298001

As of Dec 2018, the cost for 3-4 roadtrip is all over Tk 15-20000.

Putting together your own excursion from Munsiganj-Satkhira, Mongla Beaver State Khulna is conceivable (and less expensive, on the off chance that you’re a keen mediator), however tentatively worth the problem. You really want a license from the Divisional Woodland Office in Khulna. With license close by, it’s feasible to enlist a boat of Mongla or Dhangmari to arrive you to Hiron Point. Of Hiron Point you should employ a manual for bring you into the recreation area.

Roadtrips from Mongla are not extremely intriguing, and most likely better stayed away from. Subsequent to arranging the cost of a boat devour to something just somewhat less crazy you’ll probably be taken to Karamjal Untamed life Community, where there are some manageable deer to take care of and some monkeys, crocodiles and snakes in confines. Be that as it may, certainly you didn’t come this method for seeing an overview zoo overflowing with discouraged creatures and rowdy Bangladeshis. Boatmen appear to need something like Tk 200 for the outing (local people pay Tk 50 day), plus the middle charges an extremely steep Tk 750/day passage expense for outsiders.

From Kolkata

Tiger drinking water from river

Sundarban is situated in south eastern edge of Indian state State. Occupied areas of Indian piece of Sundarbans are very much associated with Kolkata by both street and rail.

Godkhali Port-inverse Gosaba Islplus and Gosaba, it lives the last possessed islands towards Sajnekhali Untamed life asylum and Sundarban Tiger project field of Sundarban save backwoods. The most brief course distance to Godkhali port of Kolkata is 82 kilometer and 95 kilometer from Kolkata air terminal (Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Global Air terminal).

Koikhali-closer to the Haliday untamed life asylum and Vacationers attractions care Bonnie camp, Kalas Ground and ocean side, Haliday Island and so on of Sundarban save backwoods. Koikhali is 83/84 and 92 kilometer away of Kolkata and Kolkata air terminal separately.

Namkhana-117 kilometer away of Kolkata and 123 kilometer away from Kolkata Air terminal. Namkhana is likewise associated with railroad from Kolkata and outdistance is 109 km. This spot is nearer to Bhagabatpur crocodile design and Lothian untamed life asylum of Sundarban.

Canning-the closest railroad head to the Sundarban Panthera tigris Task. Rail line distance of Kolkata to Firing is 45 kilometer and 29 kilometer away of Godkhali Port. World transportations are accessible among Canning and Godkhali harbor.

One from the Sundarban visit administrators in Kolkata offering different bundle visits

Dream Safari: There are regions like Burirdabri, Netidhopani’r stairway, Kalas land, Boney camp and so on that are situated external the typical Sajnekhali range. These regions are delightful and are only from time to time visited by all. Dream safari can orchestrate your visit to such areas on the off chance that you are intrigued.

Expenses and allows

Tiger drinking water from river

Divisional Backwoods Office, Circuit House Street, Khulna, +20665 is the spot to apply for the obligatory license.

For visiting the tiger save (West Bengal, India), authorization is given by:

Field Chief, Sunderban Tiger Save, Port Canning.

Section Grants can be gotten from Bagna, Firing and Sonakhali because STR (Sundarban Tiger Hold) and at Namkhana, Canning plus Raidighi for Western locale of Sunderban Backwoods.

For grants, outsiders can contact: The Join Secretary (Woodland), Govt. of West Bengal, fourth Floor, G-Block, Essayists’ Structure, Kolkata-700 001. Tel: 2255601 Ext: 411/754.

Passage grants can likewise be acquired from Sajnekhali Tiger Save Office.

Get around

The wooden bridge, boardwalk, wooden walkway for nature trail the mangrove forest

You need to depend on boats since visiting the different places of interest of the Sunderbans. You  are can likewise recruit your own boat however the charges are steep ( 1500-2000 every day). Notwithstanding, in the event that you wish to travel all alone, try to enlist an aide or, more than likely the boatsmen may have a good time with you (the streams of the Sunderbans equal so like each other that regardless of whether your boat arrives at round of a similar spot, you will not have the option to differentiate without the administrations of an accomplished aide). The Sajnekhali Tiger Hold (West Bengal, India) lives the spot from where you can recruit an aide.


The wooden bridge, boardwalk, wooden walkway for nature trail the mangrove forest
The wooden bridge, boardwalk, wooden walkway for nature trail the mangrove forest

Hiron Point a lovely spot, extraordinary for discerning tigers and other natural life

Tin Kona Island one more well known spot for natural life spotting.

Katka a basis for safaris, and great spot to consider tigers and for bird-looking out.

Dublar Scorch Island fishing here is conceivable.

For individuals visiting the spot from India (State), the accompanying ought to frame a piece of the schedule:

Sudhanyakhali Watch Pinnacle – A large portion of the tigers are located from this pinnacle. Some other natural life like hub deers and crocodiles may likewise be seen of this look out tower.

Sajnekhali Watch Pinnacle – Another watch tower that likewise houses a gallery, a Bonobibi Sanctuary and a crocodile park inside its premises.

Dobanki Watch Pinnacle

Bhagbatpur crocodile design


Netidhopani – It bears a sanctuary that is 400 years of age

Kanak – Ideal for review the Olive Ridley Turns turtle

Haliday Island – It is popular for the Yelping Deers

Watch predominates in the Indian piece of the Sundarbans


Aside from visiting the vacationer locations, you may likewise get some down time to go to a close by town to see the way of life of the nearby individuals and converse with them to have an understanding into their lives.


Wild Honey gathered by neighborhood individuals from the jaw of Imperial Bengal Tiger throughout April – May.

A few high quality articles made by the nearby individuals make great keepsakes to bring around home.


It’s ideal to relish the delightful dishes made of new gets from the water as though shrimp, crab, ilsha, and  vetki, pangas, partsay, boal,  and ruhu, or katla. A portion of the hotels likewise have their own kitchen nursery to provide the visitors with an example of new produce.


It is insightful to convey drinking water or convey water decontamination gear. Coconut water is generally accessible and modest.


The main versatile organization accessible across Sundarbans is Telescopy, so you will require one from their SIM cards to arrive a gathering while visiting.



Suranjana Resort, Dayapur, inverse Sajney Khali Woods Office, (Two hrs by boat of Gadkhali), +8809163914473, Registration: 3 days, 2 evenings bundle.. 24-hour buffet. Social program each night. Morning backwoods touring by boat every day part of bundle. 4200. alter

Lodging Door Resort, Dulki, +880 9038055530

Stay safe

While as a traveler you are probably not going to confront any risk from the neighborhood natural life, it is savvy to be educated that two regarding the most possibly hazardous creatures on Earth live inside the Sundarbans. The  are Sundarbans is notable as the main spot left where Bengal Tigers actually chase and kill people, and they do it routinely. These casualties are consistently local people who live inside the Sundarbans and depend on it for endurance. Thus this hazard is acknowledged among local people.

Saltwater Crocodiles likewise occupy the Sundarbans and are notable to be the biggest and (alongside the Nile Crocodile) most forceful reptile on The planet. In the Sundarbans places  you are probably not going to be in that frame of mind without a huge boat, so the gamble is negligible.

Very little gamble is presented to the typical vacationer. Snakes exist, however are basically either timid or nighttime, except if you anticipate wandering off into the bramble alone you don’t have a lot to stress over.

Stay healthy

Mosquito-borne infections including intestinal sickness and dengue fever are available inside the Sundarbans at different levels reliant upon the time of year (the wet season implying the most serious danger.) The most dreaded creature (by local people and sightseers) inside the jungles is the mosquito and addresses an extraordinary

Things to do in Sundarbans

1.Boat Tour of the Mangrove Forest

Boat Voyages through the mangrove backwoods are the best way to appropriately investigate the profundities of Sundarbans because there are no more jeep safaris here. Early dawn boat rides through the rivers and channels are the best opportunity to watch the creatures and birds. It is suggested that these boat visits are finished in more modest gatherings as huge gatherings can startle away creatures and birdwatches.

2. Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary

Ardent bird watchers can call Sajnekhali Bird Safe-haven arranged inside Sundarbans Public Park. Here lots bird species can be noticed uninhibitedly inside the rich vegetation. A few animal varieties that can be recognized here incorporate kingfishers, open charged storks, White Bellied Ocean Hawk, Heaven Flycatcher, and the intriguing Asian Dowitchers.

3. River Boat Cruise

Waterway Boat Travels can be delighted in along the vast waters of the stream in enormous gatherings. These travels are very well known for locating stream dolphins inside the public park. It is very engaging to see the dolphwithins in the wild being energetic.

4. Sightsee from the Watch Towers

There are numerous tall lookouts from where guests can enjoiy all encompassing perspectives on the district and catch looks at the birds and creatures. The Sajnekhali Watch Pinnacle and Sudhanyakhali Watch Pinnacle are two such distinguishes which offer incredible perspectives.

5. Watch Turtles at Kanak Island

Kanak Land is the settling ground from the Olive Ridley turtles on Sundarban Public Park. During the settling season, countless turtles are believed to come to the land from north of 100 Km off to lay their egg. The settling season is throughout the colder time of year season and endures from December to Spring early.

What is the best time to visit Sundarbans?

September to Spring are the greatest months to call Sundarbans, the winters existence the most charming period in the district. Summers can be really sweltering and with temperatures and dampness expanding as the month roll on, yet can oblige travel somewhat. The storms bring weighty and hanker showers which makes voyaging to some degree troublesome however sees vacationers who can overcome the downpours.

More about Best Opportunity to Venture out to Sundarbans

Sundarbans inside Winter (November – February)

Winter is the best opportunity to observe the excellence of the Sundarban Public Park. While summers and storms are went with horrendous intensity and stickiness, the environment in the cold weather months is very lovely and even gives alleviation to the creatures sleeping in the assumptions. This is the best chance to investigate the timberlands and experience the regular excellence of the area. This likewise intends that there is more opportunity for guests to recognize the creatures and bird species really of stowing away. The renowned boat safari is likewise a chance as the stream isn’t over overflowed and in this way not risky. The temperatures throughout the colder time of year season range of 10 degree centigrade to 30 Celsius, which is doubly great for sightseers as they can stroll around and partake in exercises without stressing over the environment.

Deer in Sundarbans

Sundarbans in Rainstorm (June – October)

The storms a very long time of June to Sept are loaded down with weighty downpours. The storm downpours carry back life to the letter after the singing summers. This arrives at the mangroves, which are one more renowned fascination of the recreation area, flourish and celebrate in the showers. The creatures also get help from the mid year heat via the precipitation throughout these months. The temperatures likewise decreanse down to a charming 25 to 35 degree centigrade. Nonetheless, one of the principal drawbacks of visiting the Sundarban Public Park in the rainstorm months is the way that the waterway, which is the essential method of transport to the recreation area, is spilling over with water. This makes it very dangerous for transportation and admittance to the recreation area premises, and thus, storms are not idealistic to visit the recreation area.

Sundarbans Public Park in Storm

Sundarbans in Summer (March – May)

The summers inch the Sundarban Public Park region is blistering, damp and generally around awkward. Most guests and local people the same will quite often keep away from this season towards visiting the recreation area. The temperatures in the mid year months range of 30 to 42 degree centigrade. There is a shortage of water in the locale in this season as well. Huge intensity waves likewise go with these temperatures. These variables together make the creatures, particularly the tigers; take conceal in the high tree diagram which makes them undetectable to the unaided eye.

Sundarbans Top Hotels

1. Royal Sundarban Wild Resort

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3. Sundarban Gateway Resort by WB Inn

4.sundarban jungle mahal resort

5.Solitary NookOpens in new window

6.Sunderban Tiger Residency

7.Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort

8. Sunderban Tiger Camp

9.Banani Resort By WB Inn


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