Tamabil, Sylhet -Best Tourism Places/24


Tamabil, Sylhet -Best Tourism Places

Tamabil is an uneven region in Sylhet of  the line among Bangladesh is  the Indian province of Meghalaya around 5 kilometer from Jaflong.

It remains on the Sylhet, Shilling Street around 55 km of Sylhet town on Bangladesh. It is notable for the Bangladesh Final Home, which is situated on the Bangladesh and India line, and this  Jaiñtia Slope Resort.

From Tamabil, different spots of view, including slopes, cascades are seen on Meghalaya, and India. So a great deal of guests refer Tamaybil to be captivated by the delightful scene.

A flickering perspective on the tremendous mountains and cascades en route to Tamabil duplicates the interest of heading out to Tamabil.

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Nature’s game plans are additionally there for the magnificence of Tamabil to partake in the excellence of Swachh Pani Lake,  and Tamabil Zero  (0) Point, and Jainta Slope Resort.

How to go to Tamabil

To attend Tamabil, you need to concern Sylhet, the tea area. Sylhet can equal visited from various pieces of the area. Sylhet buns be taken by transport, train, or air of the capital Dhaka.

How to go from Sylhet to Tamabil:


To attend Tamabil by neighborhood transport, come to Shivaganj on Sylhet city and attend Tamabil at Rs’ charge. 80 for each individual. It will cost R.s 1200 to R.s 2000 to attend Tamabil on CNG or autorickshaw.

What’s more, microbus will cost R.s 3000 to R.s 5000 to arrive a booking for the afternoon. You can likewise go to Tamabil on Jaflong bounce vehicles from any spot in  the Sylhet metropolis.

Where to stay near Tamabil

At that place is a decent quality lodging framework called Jainta Slope Resort on  Tamabil. You can likewise book ahead of time at the visitor house plus Zilla Parishad home in Jaflong.

There is  are additionally a few customary minimal expense lay houses in Lalabazar and Dargah Street in Sylhet.

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