Tirupati Tourism – Best Tourism Places , Andhra Pradesh

Tirupati is a urban center in the Indian province of Andhra Pradesh state . It is the regulatory base camp of the Tirupati locale. The city is house to the significant Hindu hallowed place of Tirumala Venkateswara Temple and other notable sanctuaries and is alluded to as the “Profound Capital of Andhra Pradesh state “. It is found 415 kilometer (258 mi) southwest of land’s capital Amaravati. It is ace of the 8 Swayam vyaktha kshetras (Self-Showed Sanctuaries) devoted to Hindu deity. Tirupati is a metropolitan organization and the central command of Tirupati (metropolitan) mandal, Tirupati (provincial) mandal, and the Tirupati income division.

Starting around 2011 statistics, it had a populace of 287,035 arriving the ninth most crowded city in State. It is the 2nd greatest city in Rayalaseema later Kurnool. For the yr 2012-2013, India’s Service from The travel industry named Tirupati while the “Best Legacy City”. Tirupati has been chosen as 1 of the hundred Indian urban communities to be created as a brilliant city under Savvy Urban communities Mission by Legislature of India.

 Best Tourism Places To Visit In Tirupati

1.Sri Venkateswara Temple

Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple – Very Famous Hindu Temple

Sri Venkateshwara Temple is the most respected and praised temple of Tirupati having sightseers and explorers flooding in the entire year. This is 1 of the most blessed and the most well off sanctuaries on the planet and a huge number of enthusiasts run here to pay their worship.

Around 50,000 explorers visit the temple each day, which is a huge number.

Climate : 29° C

Time Expected : 2 to 3 Hrs

Best Opportunity to Visit : September – October

Well known Celebration Celebrated : Bramhotsavam Celebration

Built In: twelfth Hundred years

2. Akasaganga Teertham

Akasaganga Teertham – 3 kms Away From the Main Temple

Akasaganga Teertham is a cascade in Tirupati, situated a ways off of 3 kilometer from the primary temple. The cascade has water streaming all over time and holds monstrous strict importance.

Explorers can likewise honor the Devi temple arranged extremely near the cascade. During the rainstorm, the cascade is a lovely sight to the hearts.



While geography and paleohistory cultivate various hypotheses, the stone arrangement is additionally attached to convictions of its association with the symbol of Ruler Venkateswara. The stone development is a public landmark and is safeguarded by the Government.

4.Swami Pushkarini Lake

Swami Pushkarini Lake – Holy water Lake

Practically adjoining the Sri Venkateshwara Temple, is Master Pushkarini Lake. As per the legends, the lake had a place with Ruler Vishnu and was situated in Vaikuntham Tourism places .

It was brought around the earth by Hindu deity, for the game of Sri Venkateshwara. Very sacred, the travelers generally take a dunk in the water system of this lake prior to continuing to the fundamental temple.

5.Vedadri Narasimha Swamy Temple

Vedadri Narasimha Swamy Temple

This temple lies a good ways off of 70 km of Tirupati and was built by Sir Avatar Deva Raya. It holds incredible fanciful significance and is accepted to be the place where Ruler Vishnu struggled with Rasksash Somali, won and assumed control over the vedas of him.

6.Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple

Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple

At a little separation from the fundamental city region, one finds the Sr Padmavathi Ammavari Temple committed to Goddess Padmavathi.

The temple is every now and again visited by the aficionados on their otherworldly path about the town.

7.TTD gardens

TTD gardens

Covering an area of 460 sections of land, the TTD gardens on Tirupati are done it for their elaborately enlivened and manicured bloom gardens. Close by its rich green excellence, the nursery additionally incorporates Alwar Tank, Mangalabhavi plus Ananthapalligunta.

Blossoms to the every one of the sanctuaries in Tirupati are provided from this nursery. They have a yearly agriculture show plus Pushpa Yagnam wherein outlandish blossoms are displyed for the guests.

8.Chittoor Tourism

Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh

Likewise honored with picturesque magnificence, flowing cascades and a delightful slope station, Chittoor isn’t a mistake to the voyager who looks for reclamation from the bustling metro life. Otherwise called the Mango Urban center, Chittoor offers bunch varities of superb mangoes to satisfy its guests.

Best Tourism Places To Visit In Chittoor

A.Sri Venkateshwara National Park

Spectacular View of Sri Venkateshwara National Park

Situated around 10 km of Tirupati and with the Eastern Ghats, Venkateshwara Public Park and biosphere hold is home to endemic flora species and intriguing fauna species like Slim Loris, Tree vixen, Wild canine and so on.

Bird watchers are additionally in for deals with like Peaked Snake Hawk, Indian Roller, Kingfishers and so on. Be that as it may, the principal fascination of this public park are the three cascades, viz, Talakona, Gundalakona plus Gujana.

Talakona is the most noteworthy cascade in Andhra Pradesh and obviously, it is a staggering exhibition. With great Backwoods visitor houses and convenience offices accessible, one can go through a whole day here.

Climate : N.A.

Timings  : Monday – Sunday: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Passage Expense : For Grown-ups: INR 50

For Youngsters: INR 10

Best Chance to Visit : December to Spring and August to November

Traveling : Permitted

B .Srikalahasti Temple

Srikalahasti aerial view

Arranged in Chittoor, Srikalahasti Temple is well known among aficionados who visit the temple alongside the exceptionally adored Tirupati Temple, which is only 36 km away. Devoted to Master Shiva, Kalahasti temple has colossal strict significance for Hindus and was developed in the yr 1516 by Krishnadevraya, a ruler of the Vijayanagara domain.

The intricate construction of the Srikalahasti temple complex is a stunning perspective right from the entry. This heavenly temple is frequently reffered while the Kailasa and Kashi from the south. The temple addresses one of the five components (Pancha Bhoota) – Air Beaver State Vayu.

The spot has a wealth of lively, divine emanation and can possibly draw guests with its fancy sanctuaries and hypnotizing excellence. Srikalahasti is a superb illustration of South Indian temple engineering where exceptionally ornamented gopurams with broad complicatedly cut insides unfurl the great fortunes of the Dravidian fashion of design.

Climate : N.A.

Timings : Monday – Sun: 6:00 AM  to 9:00 PM

Time Expected : 3-4 Hours

Section Expense : Passage: Free.

Rahu Kethu Sarpa Dosage Nivarana Puja: INR   Rupi 300-500 (external patio), INR 1500-2500 (inside temple premises)

Best Opportunity to Visit : November  to February

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Legends of Srikalahasti Temple

The most renowned legend expresses that during the underlying periods of the production of the world, Master Vayu performed repentance to satisfy Karpoora Lingam for millennia. Master Shiva, enchanted with Ruler Vayu’s commitment, in all actuality him three helps. Master Vayu consequently requested him to allow him overall presence, to be a fundamental piece of each and every living being in the world and to tend the consent to rename the Karpoora Ligament as Samba Siva temple . These three solicitations were allowed by Ruler Shiva, and Vayu  has since been a vital piece of life on the planet and the lingam was venerated as Samba Siva Beaver State the Karpoora Hindu deity Lingam.

C. Nagalapuram

Nagalapuram Waterfalls best tourism places

Secret like a gem behind the rich green backwoods of Andhra Pradesh  state lies a peaceful and serene spot named Nagalapuram. Otherwise called Nagala Slopes, it is popular for the different audacious exercises proffered in this picturesque town. Nagalpuram is likewise known for lodging the Nagalpuram Falls. A gathering of 3 cascades, it offers an incredible journeying an open door and a shocking all encompassing perspective.

Encircled by superb slopes and murmuring cascades, the quiet Nagalapuram plus Nagalpuram Falls is generally visited by vacationers from Chennai because of nearness.

Climate : N.A.

Timings  : Open 24 Hrs

Time Expected : 1 – 2 Days

Entry Charge : No Section Expense

Best Chance to Visit : October – March

D. Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills andhra pradesh

Situated close to the southwestern line between Andhra Pradesh plus Karnataka, Horsley Slopes alludes to a slope station that is the ideal blend from the charms from Andhra Pradesh and the magnificence of the slopes. This normal wonder is arranged at an amazing level of 4312 meters and is notable for its stunning scenes.

Likewise called as Yenugulla Mallarmé Konda, this spot is home to the biggest Banyan tree and the most seasoned Eucalyptus Tree, it is fixed with thick woods regions with 113 types of birds. The pleasant scene of Horsley Konda likewise bends over as an objective for experience sports and exercises, for example, trampoline, shooting, bow and bolt, wall climbing, water strolling, rappelling, pool, fish spa plus a small scale zoo.

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Sightseeing Around Horsley Hills

Horsley Slopes brings many lovely sights to the table. In the meantime, visit Thimmamma Marrubium banyan tree which is supposed to be the world’s biggest banyan tree spread covering up an area of 8 sections of land.

The most noteworthy place of the slopes offers a hypnotizing perspective on the encompassing foliage, and the lot is peaceful against the setting of the sapphire sky. Arranged close by is the Horsley Slopes Climate Center which is home to various creatures like deer and crocodiles. Gurramkonda Post and Lead representative’s home are other intriguing bits of history ought to be a piece of your end of the week escape here.

Spots to visit

A piece of the Eastern Stairways, the slopes in the district are accepted to be 1 of the most established regarding land presence. How the slopes came to be done it as Horsley Slopes is a mysterious story! It is expressed that there was when a pony that monitored the Gurramkonda post arranged close by with such fierceness that as pant as it stayed there, nobody thought for even a second to go after the stronghold.

The title of the slopes close to the post was consequently devoted to the sacrificial assistance of the pony, and the name Horsley Slopes (Horsley Konda) became. Some others accepted that it is named later an English General with a similar name who constructed a home here.

Horsley Hills Climate

Horsely Slopes, being a slope station in Andhra Pradesh, encounters a seriously wonderful and chilly climate over time. The vegetation changes tones from the dull embrowns to invigorating and wonderful greens, and the precipitation is additionally moderate to high up. The winters, as well, aren’t excessively cold and present a brilliant chance to observe and encounter the chill of the slopes!

Exercises At Horsley Slopes

As well as being a quiet temple of nature, Horsley Slopes is the ideal spot for some old fashioned journeying, and you can likewise take a stab at swimming.

You can likewise appreciate elephant rides, rope sliding, crossover the Burma Scaffold, zorbing, shooting bow and bolt, fish spa and water strolling.

Ways to visit Horsley Slopes

1. Take a bundled visit, as it leave be more helpful for you to design your excursion and make the essential plans.

2. Try not to wander into the wild all alone.

3. There are no cafés other than the ones in the retreat. In any case, two or three shops on the manner in which offer prepared to gobble snacks so you can load up on those.

4. Remember to convey strolling shoes and a few light woolens.

Convenience at Horsley Slopes

The slope station is revolved around the Harita Slope Resort, which is a curious visit kept up with by Andhra Pradesh The travel industry Improvement Partnership (APTDC). Aside from this, other confidential retreats, for example, Occasion Home Palace Wind, Wind Fall Horsley Slope, Wild Wings and Horsley Slopes Occasion Home Hotels are likewise accessible.

History of Horsley Hills

How the slopes came to be done it as Horsley Slopes is a baffling story! .The title from the slopes close to the post was thus devoted to the sacrificial assistance of the pony, and the name Horsley Slopes became.

E. Kailasakona Waterfalls

Kailasakona Waterfalls

Arranged in Nagari Valley close to Tirupati, Kailasakona Cascades are wonderful lasting cascades with a fascinating story behind them. Rumors have spread far and wide suggesting that Master Kailasanatheshwara played out the marriage of Ruler Venkateshwara Master and God Padmavati and later performed compensation here.

The foot from the cascade can be reached and 1 can expand at the spectacular sight.

Climate : N.A.

Time Expected : 1 – 2 Hrs

Level : Around 40 Feet

Best Chance to Visit : Oct.  to  Feb.

F. Kaigal Falls

Arranged in the area of Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh state , the Kaigal fall is settled in the midst of the Koundinya Untamed life safe-haven. The Kaigal cascade gets its name from the town Kaigal, that encompasses it.

Privately known as Dumukurallu cascades ( a Telugu word utilized for a sound looking like the sound from falling stones from a higher place), Kaigal falls are perpetual. The cascade is partitioned into three flowing falls and water tumbles from a level of roughly 40 ft. The water frames a few little pools at the base.

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Places to Visit

1. Koundinya Untamed life Safe-haven
Asian Elephant at Koundinya Wildlife

Koundinya untamed life safe-haven is an untamed life safe-haven in addition to elephant hold. It houses colorful Asian elephants.

The safe-haven is a famous fascination around April. The Koundinya Untamed life safe-haven is around 52 kms from the Kaigal comes. High slopes and profound valleys encompass this colossally wonderful untamed life safe-haven.

2. Shivalinga

Local people visit it on extraordinary events like Shivaratri. The cascade parts into three solitary falls, one of which streams over this shivalinga temple . It is a lovely site to see water flowing over the Shivling.

Ways to visit Kaigal Falls

1. Convey eatables and water, because there are no shops close by.

2. Surface  in  the falls is tricky, thus be careful.

Instructions to Arrive at Kaigal Falls

Kaigal falls is roughly a good ways off of 100 kilometers from Bangalore. You can without much of a stretch arrive at Bangalore as it is very much associated with every one of the significant urban communities of the country. The town of Kaigal falls upon the Kuppam-Palamaner thruway. From Bangalore travel toward Kolar thruway, and from Mulbagal carry a right for kaigal town.

Somewhat farther than Kuppam town, falls the town of Kaigal. There is stopping at the Kaigal cascades. What’s more, the cascade is 1 km of the parking space, which is to equal covered by walking. Individuals likewise take bicycle rides of Bangalore to Kaigal, however it is simpler and more agreeable to employ a taxi or a taxi since the excursion. It is a 2 to 3 hr drive of Bangalore to Kaigal.

G. Kanji Vinayaka temple

Chittoor is a locale weighed down with popular sanctuaries, one of them living the Kanipakkam Vinayaka Temple. The temple was ideated and developed in the eleventh century CE through Kulothunga Chola I, a respected Chola ruler. What makes the Kanipakam temple remarkable is the tales and legends related with it!

This authentic temple with Ganesha as its essential god is otherwise called Holy place of Water plus is in Irala Mandal from Chittoor area. The lofty Kanipakam temple has enormous strict importance and significance due to its wonderful icon. The water viewed in the complex is accepted as heavenly and can fix different disfigurements.

Pioneers visit this temple prior to going to Tirupati as it is a Vinayaka Temple. The Kanipakam temple is very much kept up with by the specialists regardless of being a significant group puller and is a quickly creating complex. This one of a kind safe-haven of Ganesha is in a waterway. Its importance lies in its immaculateness and rich legacy.

Climate : N.A.

Timings : Passage: 4:00 AM  to 9:30 PM,

Darshan: 06:00 AM  to 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM  to 8:00 PM

Time Expected : 2-3 Hrs

Passage Expense : Section: Free,

Pujas and Sevas shift from INR 116 from INR 7500 relying upon the kind of custom you wish to do at the temple

Best Chance to Visit : September to Feb

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History of Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple

The rich temple was built in the mid eleventh 100 years by the Chola ruler, Kulothunga Chola I plus further extended in 1336 by the sovereigns of Vijayanagara tradition. The name Kanipakam itself lets out Kani (wetland) and pakam (stream of water into wetland) because of its presence close to waterway Bahuda. A Siva Temple was likewise made in the complicated when Kulothunga Chola extended the temple. It was to express his commitment to Master Shiva as well as Ruler Ganesha.

Kulothunga Chola was an exceptionally strict individual who committed his life to reestablishing and remodeling old sanctuaries and building new 1s. The Kedah locale in Malaysia additionally has occasions of the design utilized during the development of this temple because of the developing rule of Kulothunga Chola. They was an enthusiast of the God, and the design of the Kanipakam Vinayaka temple is basically the same as the Pudukottai temple that he built.

Legend of Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple

The popular symbol which prompted the development of the Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple has numerous accounts connected to it. The most renowned legend discusses three ranchers who were stupid, visually impaired and hard of hearing by birth. They required water to inundate their fields. Before long the entire water had become red due to the blood. He shouted to the next two ranchers to observe the occasion.

Indeed, even today, the icon lives in the well, plus its water branches equal perineal and timeless. During the storm season, the well spills over and the water is given to the lovers as Tirtham, blessed water.

The waterway of Bahuda, alongside the banks from which the temple is fabricated, likewise has an exceptionally famous story. Two siblings Sanka plus Likhita were on a journey when the more youthful sibling Likhita felt hungry. Overlooking his senior sibling’s recommendation, he culled a mango from the close by mango woods and ate it.

Afterward, when Likhita lived taking a dunk in the Bahuda stream, a supernatural occurrence happened. The two his arms were reestablished! Hearing this, the rule renamed the waterway as ‘Bahuda’ thinking of human arm.

Celebrations Celebrated at Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple

The Kanipakam Vinayaka temple celebrates two significant celebrations that match – Brahmotsavam that falls throughout the Ganesh Chaturthi festivities between the English months Sep and October. As per legend, Ruler Brahma slides on to Earth and plays out the Utsav in nine days. Throughout the Brahmotsav, Vahanans are hauled all over the complex of the temple through the columns of aficionados. The vast majority of these parades are on chariot-care wooden vehicles. Aficionados from one side of the planet to the other come to Chittor to go to the celebration as it is one from the most devout celebrations of the Hindu religion. Every one of the sanctuaries in Chittor praise the Brahmotsavam in an extremely great way because of the significance of the Tirumala Temple. Every one of the three sanctuaries, including Kanipakam Vinayagar Temple, are visited during this season.

Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple Timings and Sevas

There are a ton of sevas that an enthusiast can take part in at the grand Kanipakam temple. It stirs the god plus is the 1st darshan of the Master. Then is the Paalabhishekam places  where enthusiasts offer the Master milk. This seva occurs over the course of the day, with every meeting being 30 minutes in length.

It occurs from 09:00 AM- 12:00 PM. Extraordinary Abhishekham happens multiple times in a day, from each one Abhishekham being 30 minutes in length. The recently hitched couples or couples having effects at home can take part in the Pavan Seva that occurs from 09:30 AM to 10:30 AM.

Nithya places Kalyanotshavam Seva is since couples who are confronting a great difficult situation in getting hitched as a result of clear complaints. The timings since this seva is 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM. In the event that you are wanting to get a superior darshan and be nearer to the symbol, you can decide on the Vunjala Seva whereas the master is put on the enthusiast’s shoulders and the icon is subsequently positioned in a support and made it lights-out time by them. This seva begins at 6:35 PM and finishes at 7:30 PM, arriving at itvthe end seva of the day.

Ways to visit Kanipakam Vinayaka temple

1. Prasadam is served with the expectation of complimentary external the temple from 01:00 PM to 04:00 PM.

2. Headwind like covers and caps are restricted inside the temple premises.

3. Try not to purchase prasadam from road merchants who sell deceptive things at additional rates. The prasad is accessible at the temple counter.

4. Offices to store gear, cell phones and footwear are additionally accessible.

5. Try not to visit during the storm season as it is exceptionally packed and turns into a significant pioneer site around then.

H. Tada Falls

Tada Comes down, Chittoor Outline

Otherwise called Ubbalamudugu Falls, Tadalafil Falls is a ravishing cascade situated close to the close to Tricity and Unity Temple in the Chittoor region of India. Flowing from a transcending level of across a 100 m, the completely clear cascade tumbling down the stones is a visual joy and something else.

Viewed as one of the top vacation spots of the town, there is Siddulaiah Kona woodland nearby the place which is an optimal spot for traveling, climbing and other foresty exercises. Plus, Tada Falls is done it for its a mind blowing scene, rich vegetation and ethereal hillocks.

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Best Tourism Places to Visit Close to Tada Falls

Notwithstanding that bounteous normal excellence, there are additionally a few locales of the travel industry and touring situated close to the cascades, similar to the staggering Pulicat Lake plus the Shiva Temple.

Other than standard vacationers, nature darlings and experience fans, the spot likewise visited by a ton of Master Shiva lovers. The most widely recognized action to appreciate close to Tada Falls otherwise swimming and picnicking, is journeying.

Journey to Tada Falls

As the cascades is situated in the forest, journeying is the most well-known and furthermore the most exciting to arrive at the Tada Comes down. You can leave your vehicle around 10 kilometer from the objective at the Tada Falls places  parking area, which is nearly at the intersection of the town  and the forest. The adrenaline surging journey has a few paths and courses through rough territories and difficult times.

This trail is weighed down with petite streams and rich green scene rambling everywhere, offering a wonderful encounter and a ravishing perspective.


1. Wear open to journeying shoes with a decent hold. Ensure you don’t step aerobics the water and  the streams on your shoes on. In the event that your shoes arrive wet, the lofty trip will be even more troublesome and unsafe.

2. The journey is somewhat troublesome, so bringing small kids and old people is prudent not.

Best Opportunity to Visit

The best opportunity to call Tada Falls is throughout the period among August and December. As of now, the sun is less extreme and piercing and consequently gives a lovely healthy encounter. It is exhorted not to visit the cascades between the long periods of Spring and June when the area encounters high dampness. Furthermore the sun is truly brilliant and traveling right now can be very awkward.

What is the best opportunity to visit Chittoor?

Chittoor encounters warm and dry environment consistently. The summers are searing, and with temperatures taking off up to 40 levels Celcius, visiting the town in summers isn’t fitting. Storm is gentle, and precipitation is spread over June-Sep. One can believe visiting the spot during this period as the temperatures are gentle, and precipitation isn’t weighty. Be that as it may, the best chance to visit is among September and Feb when the temperature are  moderate and the climate, generally speaking charming.

More about Best Opportunity to Make a trip to Chittoor

Chittoor in Wintertime (December-Feb)

The temperature in winters shifts somewhere in the range of 19 and 26 degrees Celsius. Winters are described by breezy mornings and cold evenings. November to Jan Is the most reasonable and top explorer season to call Chittoor.

Chittoor in Rainstorm (June – November)

Because of its area, Chittoor encounters storms in two stages South West rainstorm in June to Sep and North East rainstorm in October to Nov. The temperature in rainstorm differs between 20 to 28 degrees Celsius and is agreeable for pioneers.

Chittoor in Summer (March- May)

The temperature in summertime in Chittoor for the most part runs somewhere in the range of 24 and 41 degrees Celsius. Summers additionally encounters greatest mugginess. Be that as it may, periodic showers hold temperature under wraps in the area.

9. Sri Venkateswara Dhyana Vignan Mandiram

Sri Venkateswara Dhyana Vignan Mandiram

Laid out in the yr 1980,  the Sr Venkateswara Dhyana temple  places Vignan Mandola in Tirupati is an exhibition hall that houses probably the most customary articles that are utilized to perform Puja.

Many gemstone and wood cut things can likewise be located here.

Best opportunity to visit: The most active long stretches of temple exercises are September and Oct when the Brahmotsavam celebration is held with incredible ceremony. It is additionally the best opportunity to visit the temple.

Area: S Mada St. Tirumala and Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh state -517504.

10. Sri Govindarajaswami Temple

Sri Govindarajaswami Temple

The Govindaraja Temple situated a good ways off of around 20 Km from the widely popular Venkateshwara Temple is one from the most featured spots to call in Tirupati places . It is a venerated pioneer site between the Vaishnavites whose managing god is Ruler Vishnu. Given the quantity of adherents visiting the temple ordinary, ceremony of customs and the brightness of Dravidian engineering it grandstands, Govindaraja Temple is a design wonder to observe.

The historical backdrop of the Govindaraja Temple traces all the way back to the twelfth 100 years by the holy person Ramanujacharya. Of the sanctum of the temple you can get clearing perspectives on the Tirumala Slopes, Padmavathi Temple and Kapila Teertham.

Best opportunity to visit: The best chance to visit the temple is between October-Walk.

Timings: Section timing is among 5am – 9pm.

Value: Section expense is Rs. 5 for unique darshan plus Rs. 20 for speedy darshan.

Area: Close to Rail route Stn, Tirupati and Chittoor dist, Andhra Pradesh state -517501.

11. Sri Varahaswami Temple

Sri Varahaswami Temple

Remaining toward the north from Sri Venkateswara Temple is the Sri Varahaswami Temple which as indicated by a ton, is said to have a place with Sri Adi varahaswami. Different legends encompass this temple.

In the event that meeting the Venkateswara temple, it is encouraged to initially visit this temple. The explanation for this also tracks down establishes in a legend, as per which Sri Varahaswami claimed the seven slopes.

12. Sri Venugopalaswami Temple

Sri Venugopalaswami Temple – Must Visit Tourist Attraction in Thirumala

Somewhat away from the city from Tirupati, this temple is committed to Ruler Venugopalan. With the features being an icon of Sr Sita Ramula  and Pattabhishekam, it’s a should visit region, when in Tirupati.

A portion of the principal celebrations celebrated in this temple are Yearly Bhramotsava, Ugadi Asthanam  or  Sankranti Utsavam.

13. Nellore Tourism

Nellore, Andhra Pradesh

Nellore is a delightful city lying in the banks of Waterway Penna, a Civil Organization in the South Indian province of Andhra Pradesh. In days of yore known As Viking Simhapuri, it got its name of “Nelluru”, a mix of Tamil words “Nel” plus “Ooru” whereas Nel represents Paddy and Ooru implies Spot.

This city, arranged on the banks from the Penne Waterway is done it for its rich horticulture ad has been an exporter from Rice, Sugar endlessly stick based items, prawns, shrimps and a changed arrangement of yields. It is the sixth most crowded city in Andhra Pradesh, likewise, standing firm on its footing as the regulatory settle of Sr Potti Sri Ramulu Nellore Area. The city is likewise home to a few huge sanctuaries that witness an enormous number of enthusiasts consistently.

Spots To Call In Nellore

1.Ramalingeswara Temple

2.Narasimhaswamy Temple

3.Patu Ru

4.Range Temple

5.Mypadu Ocean side

7.Nelapattu Bird Safe-haven

14. Hare Krishna Tirupati

ISKCON Tirupati

The ISKCON Temple at Tirupati is 1 of the significant pioneer destinations of India and a middle for engendering the way of thinking of Ruler Krishna and lessons of Bhagavad Gita. Its pioneer is His Heavenly Effortlessness A.C. Bhaktivedanta Master Prabhupada.

The initiation of the temple was finished on April 10, 1984 done establishment of the “Archa Vigraha” from Sri Radha Govinda. Other than being a significant strict site the Iskcon Temple embraces different projects for the upliftment from the oppressed masses.

Best opportunity to visit: You can call the temple whenever of the year.

Timings: Temple timings are of 4:15 a.m. from  9:00 p.m.

Value: There is no passage expense to visit the temple.

Area: Chenna Reddy State, Marri Chenna Reddy Settlement, Tirupati and Andhra Pradesh state -517501.

15. Tumburu Teertham

Tumburu Theertham – Sacred Lake in Thirumala

Tumble Teertham is a holy lake situated in the midst of thick regular vegetation. The waters are accepted to have enchanted abilities and can exonerate one’s transgressions and assist them with achieving moksha. The fascination is likewise renowned for its normal magnificence and is visited ordinarily sweethearts for nature strolls.

16. Kapila Teertham

Kapila Teertham

An Shaivite temple, Kapila Teertham is a renowned journey in the city. The temple is situated at the entry of a mountain undermine at the lower regions of Tirumala Slopes and is a grand illustration of Dravidian design. The directing god is Ruler Shiva who is privately known as Master Kapileshwara. The icon of the divinity was introduced by Kapila Muni.

17. Talakona Waterfall

Situated in Sri Venkateswara Public Park, Talakona Cascade is the most elevated cascade in the locale and a well known cookout spot. The water is accepted to have restorative properties and arrives from an obscure underground stream. The fascination is additionally well known for journeying and has a few traveling courses going around it in the midst of the beautiful regular environmental elements.

18. Chandragiri Fort

Chandragiri Palace & Fort

The enormous stronghold of Chandragiri with its gigantic royal residences in particular the Raja Mahal plus Rani Mahal is between the most ideal getaway spots in Tirupati. Situated in the midst of rich plant life in the Chittoor region it offers an extraordinary journeying objective for experience lovers. The exceptional element of the stronghold is its development with block, lime mortar and stone absent any trace of any wood in the whole structure.

Under the rule of the Yadava Naidus and Chandragiri Post arrived at an achievement in Indian history when the fourth and the end capital of the Vijayanagara Realm. Such rich legacy draws in sightseers from different pieces of the state to this spot. You can see the vestiges of the Rani plus Raja Mahal in the post albeit in excess of 800 sanctuaries of the Shaiva or  Vaishnava people group are demolished totally. Now the Raja Mahal Royal residence is utilized as an archeological exhibition hall and is a fascination for history buffs. .

Best opportunity to visit: Cold weather months (December-Walk) is the best chance to visit.

Timings: Regulatings of call are from 10 am to 8:45 pm regularly (with the exception of Friday).

Value: Section charge is Rs. 20 for each individual for grown-ups (sound and display) Rs. 10 for kids (sound and   Rs. 100 as family.

Area: Chandragiri Post Street, Chandragiri, Andhra Pradesh state 517101.

19. Chakra Teertham Waterfalls

Chakra Teertham Waterfalls – Sacred Waterfall in Tirupati

Chakra Teertham Cascades is a renowned water body considered of  have high strict significance. It is accepted that Master Brahma performed compensation at this area which was subsequently scrubbed by Ruler Vishnu with his  in the Sudarshan Chakra. Where his the  Chakra fell is done it as Chakra Teethe. The water is stated to have recuperating abilities and can exonerate one of their wrongdoings.

20. Rock Garden

Rock Garden, Tirupati

The Stone Nursery is one of the most amazing spots to see in Tirupati tourism places  which is viewed as hallowed among the adherents of Master Vishnu. It is otherwise called Silathoranam when it has a Characteristic stone development as a curve. The Precambrian regular stone development of the Stone Nursery is the only 1 of its sort seen as in the mainland.

The curve is venerated as a heavenly sculpture and is offered everyday aarti by its devotees two times per day. The heavenly curve is a safeguarded landmark which draws in a huge number of guests round the yr to see this regular scene.

Best opportunity to visit: The best chance to visit the Stone Nursery is between Sep-February

Timings: 10AM – 6PM

Area: Chittoor Street Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh state -518002.

21.Sri Venkateswara National Park

Sri Venkateswara National Park

Sri Venkateswara Public Park is a biosafety that involves north of 350 square kilometers of the region on the Eastern Ghats from India. The recreation area is notable for a few cascades and an elevated degree of biodiversity. It has incredible geological elements and normal scene, subsequently is a most loved fascination for nature and creature darlings.

22. Srivari Museum

Srivari Museum

Sri Vari Historical center is a popular fascination with get a brief look into the strict history of the district. The historical center has a noteworthy assortment of relics that give experiences into the old history and design of the temple that incorporates models, photos, sacred texts, temple and pooja utensils, and so forth.

23. Sri Veda Nayaranaswami Temple

Sri Veda Nayaranaswami Temple

Sri Veda Nayaranaswami Temple is devoted to the incomparable God, Ruler Vishnu. It is 1 of only a handful of exceptional sanctuaries in the country that portray the manifestations of Ruler Vishnu whose superb structure, Matsya of  the fish is likewise portrayed. Here Vishnu crushed evil presence Somaka and appeared as a fish to recover the Vedas tossed in the water on the devil.

24. Regional Science Centre, Tirupati

Regional Science Centre, Tirupati

Provincial Science Place is a popular planetarium worked with most recent computerized innovation. They have a radiant sky perception deck, displays, parks and hardware of the greatest quality.

25. Kanipakam

Kanipakam – Scenic Small Town Famous for Vinayaka Temple best tourism places

Kanipakam is a town in the locale generally well known for the Kanipakam Vinayak Temple, worked in the eleventh hundred years by Ruler Mahavarman Sundara Pplusian and for the Shiva Temple which was worked by Lord Kullotunga Chola. The rich strict meaning of the sanctuaries and the shocking antiquated design draws in guests in huge numbers every year.

26. Sri Kalyana Venkateswaraswami Temple

Sri Kalyana Venkateswaraswami Temple

Sri Kalyana Venkateswaraswami Temple is an old Vaishnavite temple, additionally viewed as an archeologically significant landmark in India. The managing divinity is Ruler Venkateswara, who is viewed as exceptionally strong and can vindicate one of their wrongdoings, doshas and dispose of any impediments they look in their lives.

27. Nagalapuram

Nagalapuram Hills

Secret like a gem behind the rich green timberlands of Andhra Pradesh state  lies a peaceful and quiet spot named Nagalapuram. Nagalpuram is likewise known for lodging the Nagalpuram Falls. A gathering of 3 cascades, it offers an extraordinary traveling an open door and a shocking all encompassing perspective.

Encircled by glorious slopes and sputtering cascades, the quiet Nagalapuram or  Nagalpuram Falls is generally visited by travelers from Chennai because of closeness.

Climate : N.A.

Timings : Open 24 Hrs

Time Expected : 1 – 2 Days

Section Charge : No Passage Expense

Best Opportunity to Visit : October – March.

28. Sri Prasanna Venkateswaraswami Temple

Sri Prasanna Venkateshwara Swamy Temple – Built in Dravidian Style Architecture

Sri Prasanna Venkateswaraswami Temple is an old sanctum devoted to Master Venkateswara. The Dravidian temple engineering, the heavenly icon of the managing god and the heavenly energy draw in guests everyday.

29. Kapila Theertham

Kapila Theertham water falls from Seshachalam Hills and Kapileswara Temple (right)

A good ways off of 4 kilometers from the downtown area, Kapila Theertham is a famous cascades arranged inside the premises from Kapileswara Swamy Temple at the foundation of Sheshadari Slopes. The water flowing down of 100 meters to frame a pool at the basis is a beautifully charming sight to see.

Climate : N.A.

Timings : 24 hours

Time Expected : 1 – 2 hrs

Section Charge : No Passage Expense.

30. Highway Grand World

Highway Grand World – Water Theme Park in Tirupati

Arranged on Chennai – Thiruttani  and  Renigunta Hwy, Veerakaverirajupuram close to Tirupati, Thruway Fantastic World is a terrific water park on Tirupati. The water park likewise has private gatherings, weddings, work social events and school bunch trips.

Climate : N.A.

Timings : 10:35 AM  to 5:00 PM

Time Expected : 2 – 3 hrs

Section Charge : Grown-ups – INR 200, Children – INR 250.

31. Teppotsavam

Teppotsavam – Sacred Float Festival in Tirupati

Tirumala Tirupati tourisim places Teppotsavam in any case called as the float celebration is one from the most well known boat celebration held at the Krishna Temple at Tirupati. In the midst of the serenades hailing Ruler Govinda, the Teppot savam is a stupendous showcase of culture, religion, custom and commitment of lovers.

Dates of Teppot savam 2021

The celebration happens at the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple in Andhra Pradesh state  and will be held of Walk 25 to Walk 28 2021.

Peruse More on Teppotsavam

Ceremonies and Festivities at Teppotsavam

The icons are helped around the temple complex through the mada roads, which lie right external the principal building. In the wake of circumambulating the tank car, the Murtis are climbed on beautifully beautified drifts and completed to the center of the tank  on  the Vasantha Mandapam. This  is the Mandapam is a 4-pillared design worked in the Pushkarini, where unique petitions to God are held.

In Ekadasi, the primary day, a finished float bearing Ruler Rama, his heavenly partner Woman Sita and Master Lakshmana and Ruler Hanuman are drawn to the tank car. As the parade finishes three rounds about the mada roads, spectators are blessed to receive mitigating serenades of the Sacred writings and great music from nearby artists.

On the subsequent day – Dvadasi, one more manifestation of Master Vishnu – Ruler Krishna and his partner Woman Rukmini, are drawn on a wonderful ride to the bomb. As the summons approach the Masters to present benevolence and thriving to the lovers, the sight is genuinely hypnotizing to watch. Later three rounds of the parade, the gods are taken to the lake.

On Trayodashi, Chaturdashi , Pournami – the third, 4th and last day – , finely decked floats conveying the directing god of Tirumala – Sri Malayappa Master and his consorts Woman Sridevi and Woman Bhudevi are brought round the Srivari Pushkarini in the midst of much pomp. As the days build up, the gods are taken out on additional rounds roughly the temple complex. On the last day, Pournami, the floats is  taken out multiple times, doubtlessly arousing a lot of delight for the lovers. As the full moon sparkles supernaturally on the observers, exceptional supplications and customs are seen in the tank. Staggeringly embellished with lights, colors, fragrant blossoms and decorations, the designs are to be sure an incredible sight. Nadaswaram, a customary breeze instrument, loans divine music as clerics discuss blessed mantras and petition God for the prosperity of mankind.

Teppotsavam Tickets

Day:  Rupi nINR 500

Arjitha Seva: rupi INR 200

Enthusiasts are supposed to book the hour of their darshan ahead of time, and online appointments on the Tirumala Tirupati  Tourism places in Devasthanam site are liked. The Teppotsavam Seva is valued at INR 500 for every individual each day. Fans are given contributions of silk articles of clothing, a shirt piece and prasadam as a component of the Seva Temple . The seva or supplication following the Teppotsavam is cried Arjitha Seva. The celebrated Tirupati lade is lip-smackingly delightful!

Dates of Teppotsavam

The celebration happens at the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple in Andhra Pradesh state  and will be held of Walk 25 to Walk 28 2021. The Teppot savam is a five-day celebration held on  the Hindu month from Phalguna or Chaitra (contingent upon the date), which happens in February-Walk. The dates on the Gregorian schedule fluctuate consistently.

The parades are held at night, typically between 07:00 PM and  08:00 PM. The drawn out occasion starts at the sacred tank.

History of Tequila Float Celebration

Teppot savam has been one from the earliest Hindu temple celebrations, tracing all the way back to times when temple tanks were 1st constructed.The heavenly journey denotes one more exceptional approach to praising the many marvels of the god.

Instructions to arrive at Tirumala

Tirumala town is situated in Chittoor region of Andhra Pradesh state  and is effectively open by all methods of transport. The Tirumala slopes, where the Venkateswara temple is found, is essential for a seven-slope range that a few fans scale by foot too. The Temple of Seven Slopes is open by street, air and rail also.

Worldwide guests can find corresponding flights of New Delhi, Mumbai and  Chennai  and  Bangalore.

The Tirupati Rail line Station, found 25 kilometers away, is the closest rail route station to Tirumala. Significant trains that handle on this course incorporate the Tirupati Coimbatore Express and  Seven Slopes Express, Narayanadri Express and Tirupati Express and Narsapur Express, Vijayawada Express and Madras Express, Tirumala Express and Swarna Jayanti, Krishna Express or  Gurudev Express. All significant urban communities of India are associated with Tirupati.

Government transports associate Tirupati and other significant urban areas of Andhra Pradesh  state to Tirumala. Transports utilize among Tirumala and Tirupati at regular intervals. Direct transports from Bangalore, Hyderabad and different urban communities are likewise present.

The Dress Code at Tirupati

The Tirupati temple is quite possibly of the most hallowed Hindu site on the planet, and you really must regard the strict opinions of the fans while you are thither. Light tones are liked to dull, splendid ones. Men are encouraged to wear dhotis  and  veshtis that are to the south Indian basics. You can likewise settle on kurta-night robe or long tunics. Try not to wear shorts or capris. Baggy pants and jeans are permitted. Men are not expected to be shirtless inside temple premises.

Ladies are encouraged to wear saris  in the  long tunics. Kurtis is permitted too. Chudidars, suits and wraps are likewise permitted. Sleeveless tops and knee-exposing dresses are not permitted inside the temple.

Customs  in the Tirupati

•  For the best perspectives on the divinity on the tank, make certain to make a spot on the strides of the blessed tank ahead of time, as the locale becomes exceptionally busy over the long haul.

•  The weather conditions is warm, so dress in like manner.

•  Abstain from littering, and watch whereas you step.

•  Discard squander capably, particularly prasadam extras and different contributions.

•  Deal with your resources, particularly wallets, cell phones and adornments.

•  Convey an unfilled utensil to bring the contributions back home, as temple bundling might break or tear. Try not to squander food and prasadam.

•  Make sure to book convenience at Tirumala well ahead of time, as traveler convergence is greatest during  places Teppotsavam season.

•  Smoking, drinking liquor and polishing off non-vegan food are precluded inside temple premises. Regard the strict opinions of the pioneers during your visit.

•  All appointments done on-line are to be finished through the authority site of the Tirumala Tirupati places  Devasthanam site.

•  Electronic gadgets are permitted just negligibly inside the temple. Utilize your telephone negligibly, and partake in the healthy profound involvement with Tirumala.

Things to Remember

Assuming you are hoping to go to the standard supplications and ceremonies, remember that some of them might be dropped by virtue of the Tepidness. The Pournami Hindu deity Vahana Seva to be hung upon the arrival of the full-of-the-moon is additionally dropped.

32. Kodandarama Swamy Temple

Kodandarama Swamy Temple

The Sri Kodandarama Swamy Temple or Kodandarama Temple is a temple in the core of Tirupati, committed to Master Rama. The Varaha Purana recommends that Ruler Rama, Sita Devi of Lakshmana remained here while getting back to Ayodhya from Lanka. Worked by the Cholas in 10th century CE, this temple remembers their visit here. While Ugadi and Smash Navami are praised on a more stupendous scale, Brahmotsav is likewise celebrated here yearly. There is a sub-place of worship devoted to Anjaneya, the climb of Ruler Rama.

33. Akasaganga Teertham

Akasaganga Teertham

Situated at a nearness to the Tirumala temple, Akashganga Theertham is of incredible strict importance to the enthusiasts. It is likewise a beautiful traveler location which is visited commonly darlings from various pieces of the country.

Supporters genuinely think that taking a dunk in the dive pool of this blessed cascade washes one of their wrongdoings. Akashganga Theertham is done it for holding its water consistently. The principal abhishekam (washing) custom of the gods of Tirumala temple is acted in the waters from the Akashganga cascade. As indicated by prevalent thinking the waters from Akash Ganga cascade begins from the lotus feet from Ananda Neelayam.

Best chance to visit: You can call this spot whenever of the yr as water streams down the waterfall at equivalent speed in all seasons.

Value: There is no passage charge.

Timings: Timings from visit are 9m – 6pm consistently.

Area: Akashganga Dam and Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh-517504.

34. Tirumala Temple

Tirumala Temple

The main fascination of Tirupati the travel industry focuses round the Tirumala Tirupati  places Devasthanam which is 1 of the most venerated locales of Hindu journey. Its managing divinity is Master Balaji or Venkateshwara and  Vishnu whose model is embellished with excessive adornments and is conceived as the most extravagant holy place of India.

The temple is situated on the Seshachalam Scope of Seven Slopes in Chittoor locale of Andhra Pradesh. Tirumala temple is thought from as one from the most adored spots to see within Tirupati as Master Venkateshwara awards each wish of his devotees made in this heavenly site. Consequently fans give their hair to the god as a sign of appreciation.

Timing: There is no decent timing for visit. Unique puja timing is 05:30am – 07am.

Best opportunity to visit: September-Feb is the best chance to visit Tirumala Tirupati temple when the environment is charming with irregular showers in Nov and December. Mid year months are scorching with high stickiness which makes voyaging troublesome at daytime.

Area: S. Mada St.’tis Tirupati tourism places  Andhra Pradesh state 517504

Value: Passage charges since Tirumala Tirupati Developed is Rs. 20 for every individual, Rs. 100 plus Rs. 300 because SED (Extraordinary Section Darshan).

35. Tirumala Deer Park Reserve

Spotted deer in Tirumala

The Deer Park is 1 such spot to call in Tirupati which is offers a remunerating venture to nature and untamed life lovers.

The Deer Park lies while heading to Tirumala and you might take a visit here and partake in the upbeat organization of deer right at home. The Deer Park Save is a vacationer accommodating zone which permits cordial exercises with the deer and sensational perspectives on the encompassing scenes.

Timings: The regulatings for the call is of 10 am-5:0 pm.

Area: Nerabailu Town, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh

Value: There is no section charge to visit the Cervid Park Hold.

36. Papavinasanam Dam

Papavinasanam Dam

In the event that you are calling Tirumala, make it a highlight visit the Papavinasanam Dam situated close to Papavinasanam cascade at a short distance from the primary temple. Taking a plunge in the reviving waters of the dam scrubs your body and enhances your spirit. It is ordered that the water from Papavinasanam Dam comes straightforwardly from the feet from The Ruler.

Whoever takes a plunge in this blessed water is purged of their transgressions or “paapa”. Subsequently the spot is named papavinasanam.  This is Papavinasanam Dam is a famous vacationer location because of its intriguing regular setting with thick woodland and flowing cascade.

Best chance to visit: The best opportunity to visit this spot is during storm when the district takes on a verdant appear and the cascade amplifies to its best volume.

Timings: Passage timings are of 6am – 6pm.

Area: Tirumala, Andhra Pradesh-517504

Lodgings in Tirupati

1. Hotel Mount View Comforts

2. FabHotel Aditya Yatri Nivas


4. Taj Tirupati

5. TrueLife Homestays – Royal Nagar – Location – Luxury – Service – Fast WiFi – Kitchen – Fully Furnished AC 2BHK Service Apartments for Families visiting Tirupati Temple – Near Railway Station on the way to Tirumala Temple – Top Service with lots of Love


7. Sri Balaji Residency (AC) 2 BHK Apartment

8. Hotel Mookambika Comforts

9. Taj homes stay

10. Pai Viceroy Hotel Tirupati

Instructions to Arrive at Tirupati

Tirupati is all around associated with significant urban areas of the country by street, rail and air out. The Tirupati air terminal is only 15 km out from the principal city while the rail line station is nearer. Tirupati is likewise connected to different urban communities by means of an organization of very much associated roads.Madras is the major closest interfacing railroad intersection. Extravagance and standard transports associating Tirupati to local areas of interest are regular and agreeable.

Most often looked through courses to Tirupati

Step by step instructions to arrive at Tirupati by flight

Tirupati air terminal is situated in Renigunta, 15 kilometer away from the principal city. Various customary flights are accessible to Tirupati from different urban communities in the country. The closest global air terminal is in Chennai. It requires around 3-4 hrs from Chennai to arrive at Tirupati.

Closest Air terminal: Tirupati Air terminal (TIR)

Provisional return flight costs to Tirupati Air terminal (TIR) from significant urban areas in India.

The most effective method to arrive at Tirupati by street

Tirupati has standard transport and administrations from adjacent urban communities of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka plus Tamil Nadu.

Step by step instructions to arrive at Tirupati By train

Tirupati has 3 rail route stations-Renigunta, Tirupati Primary and Anantarajupet.

Neighborhood transport in Tirupati

A more than adequate number of transports, taxis and hourly based lease vehicles are accessible here.

What is the better opportunity to call Tirupati?

Tirupati is packed consistently; in any case, the best chance to call Tirupati is from Sep to February when the environment is somewhat refreshing with irregular showers. The summertimes with its boiling climate and stickiness make Tirupati without ideal to visit.

Cold weather months are great for touring and furthermore visiting the temple, and the weather conditions is lovely. The town becomes busy by Sept which is the beginning of Brahmotsavam, 1 of the favorable celebration of Tirupati. For temple bouncing, the best temper is again winter attributable to celebrations like Navratri and Dussehra joining October. Abstain from visiting Tirupati throughout April and May because the temperature is sweltering and horrendous

Month to month Climate in Tirupati

More almost Best Opportunity to Go to Tirupati

Tirupati in Summertime (March- June)

The temperatures take off up to 42 levels, which is the motivation behind why you should abstain from visiting the town throughout summers. The group is likewise negligible during the summertimes, which makes it a brilliant chance to intently visit the sanctuaries and watch the places of worship. It is likewise a great time for financial plan voyagers; in any case, there are no huge occasions or celebrations during this season; subsequently, it is prudent to head out to Tirupati post rainstorm.

Tirupati in Rainstorm (July – October)

With the appearance of rainstorm, the temperature begin decreasing. The long periods of June, July, Aug and Sept lend moderate precipitation. The rush during Sept is high a result of the Brahmotsavan celebration celebrated with incredible grandeur. Rainstorm is the ideal opportunity to visit the renowned Kapila Teertham cascades as it looks stunning during these calendar month since the cascade stays pretty much void during summer and pre-spring season. With the lovely climate that Tirupati offers contrasted with different seasons, this is for sure the best opportunity to make an excursion to this temple town.

Tirupati in Winter (Nov – February)

November – Feb is the best chance to visit Tirupati, inferable from a great deal of reasons. The climate, first and foremost, is lovely and reasonable for temple visits. Also, a few significant celebrations fall during this period. Navy and Dussehra are praised in practically every one of the sanctuaries, with extraordinary excitement. Another celebration, Kapileswara Swamy Brahmotsavan is praised in February which is viewed as one of the main occasions in Kapila Teertham, a renowned place of worship in Tirupati. Oct to January is additionally the best chance to visit the Talakona comes down, where there are journey courses for traveler hoping to investigate through traveling.

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